cotton bras

From earlier today when I was on the way to The Rocky Horror Picture show with slickasafox. 👄

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Okay how about sleepwear headcanons for lizzington?

Sleepover Saturday: Ask me anything you’d like to know :)

- He’s surprisingly shy about his body, so he usually opts for pants and high-thread cotton t-shirts (Liz always ‘rewards’ him for dressing down though, so nowadays he sometimes leaves the shirt off and delights in the sensation of her fingers playing with his chest hair)
- For Liz it’s usually her underwear - a sports bra or cotton top paired with boyshorts (she knows that it drives him wild when she’s sleeping in his dress shirts though, so she slyly uses that to her advantage whenever she needs some leverage over him)

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Ok ok then! Demi-bras and cotton panties. Jeez 😊

Haha sure. I’m about all underwear except those tiny thongs I just can’t get with that life