cotton 24 hour runway show


“I Feel Sexiest in a Little Black Dress”

Lauren to host Cotton's 24 Hour Runway show.

Lauren Conrad announced to People magazine today that she will be achieving history by hosting Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show in Miami on March 1st.

For those who cannot make it to Miami, Cotton will have a live webcast starting at 8 p.m. EDT on March 1st going until 8 p.m. EDT Saturday, March 2nd.

Cotton says it will have 1,440 looks starting with nighttime chic going back to daytime glamour inspired by the United States of America with tons of DJ’s and lots of celebrities.

Lauren says she is very excited to be a part of this huge event happening in South Beach, and that Lauren can’t wait to see all 1,440 looks.

Not only does Lauren Conrad start another year of success in her career and entities, Lauren gets to make history with her love for fashion.