Oof, here’s a birthday gift for @6agentgg9 !!

I drew your smol boi cotton, hope you like it ;v



Oof, here’s bonus art of my own bunny boi vanilla with his bunny blaster and your boi cotton…they’re bunnies so I wanted to draw them together :v I guess they can be friends uwu

Tho he’ll leave cotton alone if his brother doom doesn’t like it lmao :“V rip


Here is one of my favourite Schemata series design, the ‘The Triple Slit Experiment’. Its patterns suggest symbols and diagrams of abstract concepts. Despite their simplicity they can be seen as linear representations of complex theories. These theories however are characterised -as the geometric shapes suggest- by notions existing in balance. This particular cushion cover was inspired by Richard Feynman’s diagrams, quantum physics and the double slit experiment.