hello lovelies

so i just got back from a season two commentary rewatch and my biffle had this asoiaf calendar that she was gonna put up as posters but instead she gave them to me. ofc i’m too selfish to give away the ones i want myself (dany with purple eyes and oberyn vs. the mountain and mel with red eyes and arya and jon and all that good stuff) 

i am gonna give away a ned one, a robbone, a sansan one, and a bran perched on a gargoyle type thing one

i’m going to put up pictures later so you can see what you’re getting, but i just wanted to let you know. and if we’re mates on  here i might make it a little package thingy, not just the poster (with like a letter from me and idk some candy type stuff, we’ll see)

and i’m not tagging cause i kinda just want to keep it to my followers, but if you’re interested and can trust me with your address let me know.