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Could I request a fic/ficlet/headcannons on if doc was still alive when they went to Thomasville? Like, do you think he would be happy or frustrated? What about meeting smokey again? AGGG SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Oki thx

  • In this case where he’s still alive, Doc was the one to recommend the trip. Smokey was the last person he thought could help.
  • Lightning is absolutely raring to go, but Doc grows ever more hesitant about facing his past. He starts to question if it was a good idea to go or not.
  • When Smokey meets them at the track, he doesn’t see Doc at first. He thinks Lightning and Cruz are the only ones present. Then Doc emerges ever so slowly from fog in the infield. Smokey’s stunned. Doc feels guilty.
  • Smokey instantly forgives Doc for everything and takes him in as an old friend. They all head to the Cotter Pin for drinks and to talk.
  • River, Junior, and Louise never thought they’d see him again, and immediately start to celebrate his arrival (and by celebrate I mean poke fun at him). Doc’s happy to see them, but he starts to silently wonder about what could have been if he’d stayed.
  • They have a good time swapping stories and reminiscing in front of the younger cars, but in the end the focus returns to Lightning’s situation. Smokey takes Lightning and Doc out to his garage to have a talk.
  • Doc sees Smokey’s collection of letters and pictures and realizes that even though he’d just up and left for fifty years, Smokey still considered him a dear friend. Doc swore to never abandon anyone like that ever again.
Disney•Pixar’s “Cars 3” fuels two soundtrack releases!

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Hi! Any totally obscure, doesn't really have to do with anything headcanons about any of our favorites (RS gang, racers, etc.)? Humanized and Canon absolutely adored.

Hmm.. Let’s see…

  • Snot Rod wasn’t originally a Challenger - he’s much younger and from a rich family that paid for body work because he liked the retro drag look
  • Mack is originally from Canada and gets excited around maple syrup
  • Darrell Cartrip has a Piston Cup
  • Before Cars 2, the last time Guido and Luigi visited Italy was in the late seventies
  • Ramone paints himself literally every other day if he’s got nothing better to do
  • Brick is actually quite a bit younger than the rest of his generation of racers - he was able to start at a much younger age
  • Strip’s generation outed the older racers a lot like the next gens outed Lightning’s generation
  • Raoul does parkour 
  • Lewis was dubbed world’s sexiest racer two years in a row, much to Francesco’s disappointment
  • Finn and the Queen of England had… a thing… at one point…
  • Rod Redline had a loving wife and kids back home
  • The entire town of Thomasville still gathers at the Cotter Pin on race days to keep up with the sport
  • Ms. Fritter has been left at the altar
  • Bobby gives inspirational speeches to inner city school kids

dingbatland said: Heyo! Love your blog :) As I was flipping through DIA, I noticed that after Jamie steals the pins from the cannon carriages, he tells Claire her description of a commando raid gave him the idea. We don’t see very much of her telling him about WWII, but this seems to indicate they did talk about it more than we saw. What do you think?

Aww, thanks. This is an awesome catch and I’m going to throw the rest under the cut for the Dragonfly in Amber spoilers. (For anyone wondering, this is kind of in reference to some of the predictions/musings I made about how Season 2 will be adapted in this post here).  There are minor spoilers for The Fiery Cross, An Echo in the Bone and Written in My Own Heart’s Blood towards the end but they’re very minor (they’re spoi rather than real spoilers).

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