The Wheel Of The Year

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A Quick Introduction to the 8 Pagan Holidays, or Sabbats, of the Year

  • Dates may Vary due to year, and multiple sources I have found have different dates

Yule (December 20-23): The winter equinox and when days become shorter. People begin to make preparations for the cold months and decorate trees with many cold weather foods to symbolize the continument of life in winter.

Imbolc (Febuary 2nd): “The promise of Spring” this is a time typically when sheep would begin to lactate, meaning they were pregnant. A time of celebration for the coming spring and crops and animals would be blessed. The goddess Bridgid would be honored as she symolizes fertility.

Ostara (March 19-22): The spring equinox and a celebration of the beginning of spring! Some easter traditions come from Ostara.

Beltane (May 1st): The festival of Fire and Mayday, the halfway between spring an summer, the weather is getting warmer for most! A time to be greatful for the gifts of Spring and many celebrate on Beltane Eve with big bonfires and on my first with flower crowns and may poles. Beltane is considered by many to be a holiday where the veil between worlds is very thin.

Litha (June 19-23): The summer solstice! Days are long enough for work and play and many announce engagements during this time and many continue for a full Harvest.

Lughnasadh(August 1st): Symolizing the first harvest and the midway point between summer and autumn. When many get married and celebrate this time with breads and fruits made available by the harvest. A time for gratitude.

Mabon (September 21-24): The autumn Equinox and the holiday we are enjoying right now! A celebration of the harvest and preparations for the winter soon to come. Celebrates abundance and the good reaped from labor.

Samhain (Oct 31- Nov 1): ITS HALLOWEEN! Annnd the witches new year. One of the most important holidays where the veil between worlds is thin. A time to honor loved ones, friends, familiars, and pets who have passed on. A very powerful time where one may focus on guidance, clearance of negative energy, and the beginning of a positive new year.

These are short and simple explanations and I hope I didn’t get anything wrong! Feel free to add info or correct me on any points.

Happy Witching!

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