Liliya Hudyakova’s photo series ‘Fashion & Nature’ links designer fashion with the natural beauty found in nature.

1. Alexander McQueen S/S 2012 | first snowfall in Minnesota, USA

2. Gosia Baczynska S/S 2014 | rolling lush fields from birds eye view

3. Elie Saab S/S 2012 | sunlight through tropical waters

4. Bottega Venta S/S 2010 | electrical storm clouds

5. Monique Lhuillier S/S 2014 | red sunset over the ocean (photography by Aydin Palabiykoglu ‘Fire In The Sky’)

6. Jason Wu S/S 2013 | stars through the tree tops (photography by Harry Finde ‘Silhouettes’)

7. Emilio Pucci F/W 2011 | sunset through rain over mountains

8. Stephane Rolland S/S | satellite image taken by NASA of the valley glaciers in Patagonia, Chile

9. Blanka Matragi S/S 2012 | ocean whirlpool between cliffs

10. Elie Saab F/W 2014/15 | pink lake from algae bloom in Australia


Hello everyone! I’m proud and excited to show you all one of my shoots from DragonCon! TifalA Cosplay rocked this shoot! I couldn’t be happier when I was finally able to edit these! During this shoot we were actually not suppose to be in this part of the building. However because her craftsmanship was so impressive and because we weren’t really causing a fuss, we were allowed to shoot for  little bit. Long enough for me to get my shots and to get out at least. 

Now that DragonCon is over it’s now time to get caught up on editing AND prepare for GMX Nashville!  If you are needing a photographer and wanting your cosplay photograph during the con feel free to message me at!