Namjoon invited to a Latin American wedding

It’s your “solterona” cousin’s wedding, so basically everybody in the family is thrilled. Your parents force you to invite Namjoon so your relatives will finally meet him. Things go a little bit like:

Namjoon breaking 1 or 2 things at the wedding reception even before you’ve introduced him to your family. 

He introduces himself in flawless Spanish as your boyfriend, but then he’s awkward af and he doesn’t know what else to say. 

La abuela eyes him up and down and then blurts “Esta muy flaco, do you even feed your boyfriend?” or something along the lines. (Afterwards she’ll always ask if he’s eating properly and she’ll even share her recipes with you so you can cook for him)

Your primos ask him to rap out of the blue, ofc he’s a little bit flustered but he wants to cause an impression so he puts a lot of effort and in the end your cousins are left super impressed by his skills. Instead of calling him “Namjoon” they go for “Rapmon”, as an informal way to refer to him,

But el abuelo is a little bit deaf, so calls him “Ramón”. Everybody laughs at that new nickname, but Namjoon believes they’re making fun of him, so he gets way too self-conscious (Even though you explain him why everybody is laughing)

That of course until your tío hands him some “cocktails” and he starts to loosen up. He jokes with your distant relatives, and your uncle introduces him to every guest in the wedding as his “future nephew or Y/N’s future husband” 

Everybody asks  Namjoon when are you guys getting married. Namjoon is confused, but since he’s a little it tipsy he says “Soon, soon” and smiles brightly. 

That makes your father raise brows at him and jokingly (not really) remind you that he keeps a machete close by for quick use if Namjoon tries to steal “his baby” away from him, so “soon”. 

Namjoon’s dance skills will worsen with the alcohol, but yet he’ll throw some serious moves here and there before you can stop him. He’ll totally jam to reggaeton. 

When the mariachi times finally comes, he’ll come to your side and wrap an arm around your waist, but eventually he’ll be snatched away by your grandmom, mom, tía and prima. He’ll be delighted to dance with them because he’s still tipsy but once he’s sobered up he’ll keep asking you if he made a fool of himself. (No, baby, you didn’t. Yes, you totally did)

But that sober state won’t last long because your primos will drag him with them and by the time the cotillon starts, Namjoon will be drunk enough to dance the Macarena without any inhibition.

You won’t even be surprised that he keeps repeating random words/phrases in Spanish like “mami, te quiero; eres muy sexy, me vuelves loco”, etc. Of course your primos will get an earful for teaching your bf that kind of stuff (but you’re thankful, anyhow)

By the end of the night, Namjoon knows by heart the lyrics of Enrique Iglesias “Bailando” and some reggaeton songs like “Despacito” or “Chantaje”.

Overall your family approves of Namjoon and ask you why didn’t you introduce him earlier and that’s when Namjoon stumbles with a table, makes a major mess at the wedding reception and everybody turns to look at him… “Were you guys saying…?” 

La finestra aperta a mezzanotte e ventotto.
È tornata.
Ne sentivamo la mancanza.
Che ogni tanto passa una macchina. Oppure qualche ragazzotto che si sente figo per quell'alito più pesante del solito e ci tiene a farcelo sapere. A tutti noi del condominio. E anche al comune vicino, direi.
Che poi a me piace un sacco fare l'amore con la finestra aperta. Di notte. Il fresco che entra e armonizza i movimenti. Il mondo lì fuori che scorre indifferente mentre qua si vincono gemiti, risate, orgasmi, premi e cotillons. E poi alzarsi, andare in cucina, recuperare qualcosa e ributtarsi a letto, sempre con la finestra aperta.
E poi le sirene in lontananza e il flusso di macchine che aumenta.
Forse è finito qualcosa. Un cinema. Uno spettacolo e la gente rientra.
Magari va a casa a fare l'amore.
Anche la centrifuga è finita.
Vado a stendere i panni.
Però bello.
Bravi voi che siete andati al cinema e adesso andate a fare l'amore con la finestra aperta.
Bravi davvero, cazzo.

Quand mon responsable me propose de changer de bureau pour un bureau où je me retrouverais seul avec mon collègue direct “afin de favoriser le dialogue et mieux travailler”.

(Avec ce fameux collègue on se parle peu car nous n’avons pas grand chose à nous dire d’une part et d’autre part car suivant les périodes au mieux il m’ignore au pire il me méprise)

(voilà voilà, bonne ambiance en perspective…)

(Cotillons paillettes et prozac !!!)

Cotillon urbain 🎉 ⠀


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Burger Records - Now That’s What I call Burger! Vol 8

  1. Michael Rault - Nothing Means Nothing
  2. Tomorrows Tulips - Papers By The TV
  3. Melody’s Echo Chamber - I Follow You
  4. Cotillon - Before
  5. La Femme - Si un Jour
  6. Curtis Harding - Heaven’s On The Other Side
  7. Avengers - We Are The One
  8. Outrageous Cherry - Energy
  9. The Memories - Labour Of Love
  10. Nirvana - Lonely Boy
  11. Habibi - Sunsets
  12. Cherry Glazerr - Cry Baby
  13. Western Plaza - Thrift Store Girl
  14. LABRYYYNtH - Traveling Strange
  15. David Vandervelde - Where Are You
  16. The Rubinoos - Hurts Too Much
  17. Empty Cellar Records - Cool Ghouls - What A Dream I Had
  18. Marvelous Mark - I Don’t Mind
  19. Townes Van Zandt - Waiting Around To Die
  20. Juniper Rising - All Apart
  21. In The Red Records - Meatbodies - Tremmors
  22. K Records - The Shivas- You Make Me Wanna Die
  23. Cretin Stompers - The Only One
  24. The Adolescents - Wrecking Crew (Demo)
  25. The Golden Dawn - Starvation
  26. The Sufis - All Of The Time
  27. Natural Child - White People (Live)
  28. Jonah Ray AST - Contemplating the Inevitable
  29. LA Takedown - Cold Snap
  30. Gap Dream - Shine Your Love
  31. Pastilla - Amantes De Friccion
  32. The Three O'Clock - Lucifer Sam
  33. John Wesley Coleman - Love Drinks
  34. Natural Child - Blind Owl Speaks
  35. Denney and the Jets - Hooked
  36. Mozes And The Firstborn - Peter Jr.
  37. The Aquadolls - So High
  38. Davila 666 - Primero Muerta
  39. X - Los Angeles
  40. Dils - Mr. Big
  41. The Courtneys - Mars Attacks (feat Young Braised)
  42. King Tuff - Dancing On You
  43. AJ Davila Y Terror Amor - Borderline
  44. Tha Club House Click - Helloween
  45. Black Randy and the Metrosquad - I Slept In An Arcade
  46. The Abigails - Calm Before The Storm
  47. Step-Panther - Nowhere
  48. FROTH - Patterns
  49. Spindrift - Exotic Detonation
  50. Methadone Kitty And The Daily Dose - Metaxis
  51. Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye - sThecrets
  52. Adult Books - Bedsit Infamies
  53. Michael Rey And The Woebegones - You Devil You
  54. The Felines - Want
  55. Twin Peaks - Making Breakfast
  56. Vision - Shock Of The Lightning (Oasis Cover)
  57. rosecoomers - The Fly
  58. Michael Rault - Still Not Sad
  59. WIENER RECORDS - MENS CLUB - Take Me Home(Again)
  60. The Dwarves - Fun To Try
  61. King Tuff - Black Moon Spell
  62. AUSTIN PSYCH FEST - Christian Bland & The Revelators - CB160
  63. The Lees of Memory - Little Fallen Star
  64. Cherry Glazerr - Femme Fatale (Live)
  65. Slothrust - Cubicle
  66. Wax Witches - Headshave
  67. Cutty Flam - Sugga
  68. Lucern Raze (feat. The Hanged Man) - Yours To Keep
  69. Cosmonauts - Waiting on the Man (Live)
  70. WackyWacko - Until The End by Saba Lou
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Round Up July 12th - 18th

Hi and welcome back to this weeks Round Up of new music (audio & video only) posted here on Jungle Indie Rock, by Mar and Reb. Please take a look, there could be something great that you have missed on your dashboard, that we have posted for you. You can see previous Round Up’s Here.

Will would pick my highlight as Frog Eyes - Joe with the Jam, mainly because i love the animated video. But i am sure you will have your own favourites from our posts. So if your bored this Sunday, why not work your way through the many posts of new stuff below.

Hope you enjoy Reb!!!

Julia Holter - Feel You

The Libertines - Don’t Look Back Into The Sun (T in The Park 2015)

George Ezra - Budapest (T in the Park 2015)

James Bay - Hold Back the River (T in the Park 2015)

Kodaline - High Hopes (T in the Park 2015)

Cotillon - Convenience

Leon Bridges - River (A Take Away Show)

Alan Jackson - Angels & Alcohol - Album Stream

Stereophonics - C'Est La Vie (T in the Park 2015)

Palma Violets - Girl, You Couldn’t Do Much Better on the Beach

Best Coast - Feeling Ok

Le Pie - Josephine

Mourn - Gertrudis, Get Through This!

Gang Of Youths - Restraint & Release

Twin Atlantic - Heart and Soul (T in the Park 2015)

Delorean - Crystal

Paper Days - Kind Guidance

Bully - Trying

The Bohicas - Swarm

FIDLAR - West Coast

Cloves - Frail Love

Mew - Witness

Arcade Fire - Porno (from The Reflektor Tapes)

Hey Rosetta! - Sirius-XM Live At The Verge

Nolita View - Departed

City Calm Down - Rabbit Run

Delorentos - Home Again (Sofar Barcelona)

Big Black Delta - It’s Ok

Frog Eyes - Joe with the Jam

Chvrches - Leave A Trace

Marina and The Diamonds - Blue

Best Coast - Feeling OK (Guitar Center Sessions)

Best Coast - California Nights (Guitar Center Sessions)

Alice Glass - Stillbirth


Cotillon - Convenience

The title track from Cotillon’s album “Convenience” (Burger Records, US. Super Fan 99, UK) . Cotillon is the music project by singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, Jordan Corso. Video directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick.