Sorry for the personal posts

But all joking aside, I genuinely want to thank all of you for being here and tell you that I appreciate you all so much.

The support and kindness you’ve all shown me and those of you that have to walk me through simple things, and listen to my insecurities and fears and frustrations.

When I first started posting fics here I was so nervous and thought I’d be poorly received, but the first chapter of COTI is where at least half of you came from.

About 6 months ago I said my dream was to have people make fan art of my writing and since then there’s been several beautiful works of art inspired by the stories.

The boost of confidence you’ve all given me was what I needed to actually start reworking the stories to *while petrified* actually try to publish .

Thank you, I love you all.

anonymous asked:

what's a good drugstore translucent setting powder?

Here’s my recommendations:
• Coty Airspun Loose Powder $5-7
• Elf HD Undereye Setting Powder $3
• NYX Loose Studio Finish Powder $9.99

Hope this helps!
- Tara

I need advice

Talking about the fics, if you don’t care, keep scrolling.

I hadn’t thought into it much until today actually while making a terrible joke, but about two weeks ago I spent some time talking to someone from kindle worlds that I submitted to about 5 months ago, just out of curiosity to see if I’d hear back. I left part one of COTI and linked to the rest of the stories I had at the time, as my submission and actually heard back.

They asked if I want to publish the stories as a novel of short stories.

Obviously the big part of it was I’d have to change the characters names and all that… It seems like an impossible thing and if it actually got to a point where it’d get a bit of interest, the only realistic thing would be to self publish (because, quite frankly, I don’t much trust anything) which would require a gofundme or Kickstarter which is REMARKABLY unrealistic.

I have a hard time thinking about it because I don’t like to get my own hopes up because that had been my dream for over a decade, and it’s pretty much been squashed since then, sadly.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and the even small amount of interest my stories have gotten is HUGE to me.

I know some of you would write me a good review, which would be necessary.

What do I do? Do I try? Is that just wasting my time and effort? Or tainting what I’m doing here?

vomitgrudge  asked:

I have extremely oily skin and I want to wear foundation but don't want to look cakey or have it melt off either. any advice ? 💞💞

MUFE Mattifying primer, Loreal Infallible Pro Matte foundation (applied with a damp sponge), and Coty Airspun powder applied with the same damp sponge. Then finish off with a setting spray of your choice!

So some of you know that I have spent most of my time getting ready for my table at Coti-con so I havnt been posting much art. However the con is around the corner so I will start posting bits here and there! I will be setting up an online shop soon as well!

This is Jasper, I saw the episode and I just had to dedicate something to her. I hope she will be back soon <3

It’s nerve wracking and genuinely horrifying, but I think I’m going to give it a shot.

Please don’t hate me for this -

The fics (COTI, DBK, and now always you, as well as many of the one shots are stories I’m relatively proud of and would love to use them for original characters, despite the fact that I feel like I’m plagiarizing myself.

I would need to make 4 unique characters.

While many of us have agreed that I’ve strayed far enough from what we know, i almost have that already.

Name suggestions would be amazingly helpful and I will love you forever.

One day you’ll be lovingly mentioned in the prologue of a god damned novel.

I kind of want to be talked out of this.

youaretheonlyplaceicallhome  asked:

Any makeup setting sprays or mattifying powders that you recommend for oily skin? Please and thank you!

NYX Matte Setting Spray is my absolute favorite, and I love the Coty Airspun powder or the MAC Studio Fix Powder, depending on how much extra coverage I want my powder to give me, but both are wonderful!

Click image for 831 x 1160 size.

“Coty perfumes are more intensely alive in the new micronized face powder

Air Spun

Yet another advantage of the ‘Air Spun’ process, a Coty privillege the world over: it makes it possible to preserve in all its purity the most delicate, intense and fragrant perfumes. And Coty presents 'Air Spun’ face powder in the perfumes that please the most:

L'Aimant - the soft and fresh perfume. The magnet fragrance.

L'Origan - the perfume for great moments. Always in fashion.

Emeraude - insinuating and persistent. The fragrance-jewel.

Ask for an 'Air Spun’ sample, indicating if you wish for light, medium or dark make-up”

Selecções do Reader’s Digest, Nº 81, October 1948.