cote short


Ziva: McGee was in the subbasement, Tony. They had lunch every week.
Tony: It’s not the same. You get used to seeing someone every day, talking to them, relying on them, and suddenly they’re not there. 
Ziva: But it’s all apart of the job.
Tony: Doesn’t make it any easier…for McGee.

Elemental Disney 2 am thoughts

yknow with Moana coming out and it being revealed her magical relationship to the Ocean and water and stuff, I’m kinda really digging this trend of Disney protagonists having fantastical/magical relationships to elements from some magical source

Rapunzel is a child of the element Light and the Sun’s Magic because of the magical flower her mother ate

Elsa is a child of Ice and Snow from birth

Moana is a child of the Ocean and Water because <currently unknown>

and if you stretch it just a tad into Alternate Universe territory, you can get some other interesting ones as well, like:

Anna being a child of Earth because she was affected by the Troll’s Stone/Earth magic as a child

Merida a child of Fire because of her being chosen by the magic of the fiery Will o Wisps

Hiro from Big Hero 6 being possibly Metal or Electricity because of the time spent lost and floating inside the pocket dimension portal affecting him in some magical way

and then you throw in some Dreamworks for fun like Rise of the Guardians and How to Train your Dragon

Jack Frost being changed into a Child of Ice by the Moon’s powers

Hiccup and Astrid both being affected by Dragon Magic in different ways

Hiccup into a Child of Air through a magical soul bond with Toothless, allowing him the power of wind and flight

Astrid into a Child of Fire also through a magical soul bond with Stormfly, allowing her multicolored fire power that exudes from within her as if from her soul itself


I’ve decided to tag this as Children of the Elements or COTE for short because the only other tag or idea thats like this is the Big Four or Rise of the Brave Tangled dragons, which only accounts for, well, four of them really

and naming it something neutral like this allows the potential for members of the group to be added to without further need for a tag change to encompass them all

like for instance Pixar’s far off “Untitled Shadows Project” movie that (crossing my fingers) will feature a potential “Child of Shadow” to counter Rapunzel’s Child of Light, because all I know about that movie is that it will involve someone interacting with their shadow in a magical way so why not

(and what if Disney makes a Little Red Riding Hood movie? famous for wandering in woods and gathering flowers, she could be Child of the Forest)

I think my biggest issue right now is that I miss Ziva and desperately want to see her on my tv every week but it doesn’t even have to be with the team…can’t we just have a show that’s about what Ziva’s doing…I’d watch that every week…long story short..Cote needs to come back on a show about Ziva and when NCIS finally ends we just see it morphing into this new obviously Tony and her are together…and maybe the rest of them make guest appearances (maybe) but mostly about Tony and Ziva and their private investigation business…solving crime and taking names…and preferably this is picked up on a network that can show the occasional sexy times and butt shots…