cote project

Rise and Shine Cote de Pablo fandom! A new project has born and we want every one of you be part of this.

What is this about?

Well, we want Cote to have a happy beginning of 2016, and what a better way to demonstrate our deep love and best wishes to her.

First, we will make a magazine, but it’s not just a magazine. Here is when we need your participation. The magazine will have a full page for each of you, where you can write a message, attached with a photograph of you so she can know us by face, and you are totally free to display your artistic ability, because if you have some fanart, you can show it too! In between, we will make sort of a timeline showing her all her career from the beginning, showing her success, with some other quotes she has said during interviews she was done through the years.

The second gift is more emotional, and yes, we require your help as well because you are the important piece of this. A jar of wishes will be done for her; You wonder what we mean by this, well I’ll explain. We will make her get a jar, which will have 365 wishes for her, one for each day. It require short phrases, wishes made by you and will be something like those Tumblr posts that say “page 1 of 365” so she can read it daily the whole year .

So go ahead, put your creativity to the fullest and make Cote feel surrounded with good wishes and love from her fans

Send your wishes and what is required for the magazine to:

Deadline: DECEMBER 5, 11:59pm, PST.

If you have any question, you can message Niki, Kelly,Ash and Me.




To all Cote fans,
This is a project for everyone to participate in for her upcoming birthday in November. And what better way to celebrate her birthday than giving her something she enjoys?! Since Cote loves to cook and has said during multiple interviews, we thought it would be a great idea to not only give to her passion, but make this an opportunity for fan interaction as well. Even if you do not cook, you can send in a family or friends recipe, as long as you have an HQ, professional photo of the dish. If you do not wish to send a recipe, send a picture of yourself to make for the collage that will be going along with it.

-x- The cookbook will be professionally published and printed (which is why the deadline is quick). We will be giving Cote the gift at the U.S. premiere of The 33 since it will be the upcoming week of her birthday. Due to us getting her cookbook professionally published, it will be costing us money which is why we included Step 5. Any contribution whether it be $1, $5, $10 will help us in some way to making this be a very special gift for her. The book will be hardcover with a pearl, satin gloss covering the cover and back cover (we’re stepping up our game for her).

-x- If you are a fluent Spanish speaker, feel free to keep your recipe in Spanish. We will be providing a Spanish section for Cote within the book.

-x- Since the measurements in other countries are not like those in the U.S, please try to translate the measurements of your recipe in order for us to ensure your recipe is correct and for publishing/copyright purposes. (if your recipe is in Spanish, ignore this)

-x- The HQ photo is to make the cookbook look as professional as possible. This means, we want pictures with good lighting, no clutter on your countertops, table or in the background, and the best quality you can get on your phone, camera or tablet. They will be going into the cookbook next to your recipe so, you will want to make it look neat as possible. There may be some situations where we may not use your photo due to the quality, if so, please do not be offended :) And please do not send us photos off Google or other websites. We will know if you do and that right away causes copyright problems.

-x- The 100 word note with your recipe is optional. That is if you would like to say a special greeting or message to Cote. If not, please make sure to include your name, username (optional) and state or country.

-x- Once we have created the book and sent it in for publishing, we’ll make sure to take pictures of what it looks like with everyone’s recipes.

DEADLINE : September 27th 2015

If you have any questions, contact us on Twitter, through our email at or on our Tumblr Asks. We will always be using the hashtag, #CotesBirthday , so if you do have a concern or question, also check the hashtag to see if it may have already been answered.

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