cote de pablo 4

Cote is touchy feely AF 😍

Cote literally grabbed both of us so forcefully after she realized who were. And she gave us each a hug and a kiss on the fucking cheek. And then she told us…

she loves us.


And Michael Weatherly was right. She smells like coconuts and vanilla. You could bottle her scent up and each and every one of us would buy it.

Then she started to say how she uses the jewelry box everyday, but she stopped mid sentence at “every” and clapped, interrupting herself and saying “I actually got these out of the box today!” She then proceeded to show us the rings on her fingers.

So then I hold the “happy birthday” gift bag up and said “This year, we stepped up our game.” And Cote squealed, grabbing the bag from me. She tried to peek in the bag and look through the tissue paper. Exactly like a three year old on Christmas morning, she kept moving the bag around to see if she could guess what was inside. She looked up at us and goes “YOU GUYSSSSSS!” And she seriously melted. She continued, “I really want to open this right now, but I can’t. I promise I will open it as soon as I get home!” And we nodded.

Security was starting to try and usher her away to the after party along with Diego and Catherine. Cote kept staring at us and grabbing our hands, so we asked if she would mind getting a picture with us before she goes and she says “OF COURSEEE!” And tells security “no” she’s not going anywhere at the moment because she wants to see her fans.

She takes off her black leather jacket (definitely the same one she’s been wearing for all the 33 press this past week) before we get in place to try and take a good picture. We’re getting ready to take a picture with her and she goes “Sorry, my dress is so wrinkly from sitting down.” And she smoothes her dress out, trying to fix herself. It was adorable. Elizabeth and I looked at each other like …

Is she serious?

She was worried how she looked, so me saying what’s on everyone’s minds, I go “Shush, you’re gorgeous.” And Cote giggles. Like the actual sound of an giggling angel from heaven echoed through our ears. I swear Elizabeth and I almost fell on the ground for the 9172722 time that night because of it. And it totally was the giggle like we’ve heard in videos of her and Michael. Absolutely fucking adorable.

So, we’re getting ready to take the picture and she grabs my shoulder and I’m shaking because holy shit this is HAPPENING?!¿! And she starts giggling again and rubbing my shoulder… Elizabeth is shaking again like she was when she first found Cote because she literally moved herself tight against us to take the picture. My friend Angela was taking the pictures. We have like 5 of them.
And when we were done, Cote was like “oh my god, I lahve it” in her voice she always does for “I laaaahve yous.” Cue us dying again.

And she thanked us for coming to her premiere and she seemed really excited we were there. But then security finally had to make her go and she said goodbye to us. Diego took the gift and we finally found Dina and Alex, who we shoved after her and waited for them to get their pictures with her outside before she had to head off to the after party. And I’m pretty sure she saw Elizabeth and I freaking the fuck out, outside the theater while she was taking pictures with Dina and Alex😂

I still cannot believe this happened.