Summary: Being at the heart of a Mafia gang was scary, but when family gets involved, it’s a whole other level of terrifying…

Series 1

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: You asked for more…so here it is! BIGBANG MAFIA AU is back! With a whole lot more blood, danger, and sex for you to dig your fingers into! What will happen this time? Who knows! The only thing we do know is that the mafia will go to any lengths to protect you, and in some cases that means choosing between the two things they need the most…

Part 3

Youngbae paces nervously in and out of the doorway as you rummage around your’s and Jiyong’s room, grabbing the emergency bag, but then frowning when you figure there was no actual emergency and moseying through your closet to look for any clothes you might want to take with you, sighing when you look at your cosy outfit you were in at that moment and you decide it wouldn’t do.

‘Uh…what are you doing?’ Youngbae asks in a strained tone when you pull your t-shirt over your head, his voice making you turn to look at him to see him looking at you with an expression like you were crazy.

'I’m getting changed.’ you explain, shrugging and beginning to hum as you step into your closet properly, reaching up to the top shelf to bring down your favourite blue baggy jumper, before catching sight of something out of the corner of your eye.

You dont hear anything from Youngbae for the next minute, allowing you to change in peace. But just as you’re doing up the clasps on your top, you hear an angry huff echo around the bedroom outside the closet.

'Y/N, I know you dont know whats going on, but I seriously need you to not piss about right now and just-’

Jiyong stops ranting as soon as you enter the door frame, leaning against it casually as you smirk at him, seeing his shocked expression. His gaze was roaming over the outfit you’d found like he’d never seen something like it in his life. It was a black, skin-tight two piece, the bottoms being simple skinny jeans that clung to your legs like laminate, whilst the top was a short crop-top which was only really attached to you by straps that criss-crossed across your back and chest.

He cant say anything as he stands there staring, his face showing no sign of emotion other than the way his eyes were practically bugging out of his head, and you almost feel proud of yourself as you walk over to the bed slowly, brushing past him smugly so that you could put the combat boots on that you’d picked out to go with the outfit.

'You are aware you’re not going to a fashion show and that this is a serious life or death situation…yes?’

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First semester is over and how. It’s been a great start to college and I’m excited for continuing my education. But for now, I look forward to the holidays. Black and white with just a hint of blue at the tips. Remember to wear coats when out in the cold and long stockings to keep your legs toasty. Also, if you’ve never painted your nails, definitely try it. It’s a lovely accent to any outfit. :)
Stay cosy everyone. ^_^

anonymous asked:

Hi next year I gonna be a senior in high school and I don't know if should dress really doll up when I say that I mean wear makeup everyday and with my clothes I mean wear dresses wear nice outfits besides wearing jeans and basic shirt but this might sound weird to say it but I kinda shy to dress cute

I think it’s easy for someone to say they aspire to wear makeup every day and to get properly ‘dolled up’ every single day. However, you’ll probably find yourself not being able to keep up with the ‘dolled up’ image you want. Honestly, I’d mix the two. When you don’t feel comfortable getting dressed up, and not in the mood to do your makeup (we all have those days) I’d go in jeans, white tee, a leather or denim jacket on top and converse. That’s my idea of a cosy, effortless outfit for high school and you’ll still look cute even when not wearing makeup because your outfit will make up for it, even if you are shy. 

Inktober 2016 👽

Inktober prompts!

31 days of spooky and Autumn related prompts!!!

Rules- not to many rules but still..
1. Do every day!
2. Prompts are open for interpretation of course e.g witchsona could be yourself, a friend an oc whoever. Entire scenes/illustrations can be drawn or just the prompt.
4. Pencil and colours allowed to but ink is the important part!!

Day one-Witchsona!
Day two-Spider webs
Day three-Magic!
Day four-Pumpkins!
Day five-skull/bones
Day six-your Halloween costume(draw yourself/oc whoever wearing your outfit)
Day seven-Zombies
Day eight-Your familiar(crow, toad cat etc.)
Day nine-Autumn leaves
Day ten-Stars!
Day eleven-Gemsona!(they’re magical and halloweeny right? XD
Day twelve-Zombifed!(you, oc etc.)
Day thirteen-Sweets and other goodies!
Day fourteen-Vampires!
Day fifteen- Elements!
Day sixteen-Cats!
Day seventeen-Owls!
Day eighteen-Your Hogwarts house!
Day nineteen-something scary..
Day twenty-The moon!
Day twenty-one-spell book! / casting spells!
Day twenty two-Ghostifed!
Day twenty three-A nightmare!
Day twenty four- plants!
Day twenty five- your cosy outfit!
Day twenty six- candles! Flames! FIRE!! ;D
Day twenty seven- Haunted..?!?!
Day twenty eight- Skeletons!!
Day twenty nine- In the dark! Nighttime!
Day thirty-Piratesona!
Day thirty one- Trick o treating!

Good luck and have fun!

-edit- To anyone who is using my prompts you should totally tag me ! I would love to see what people draw with my prompts!! :D

The aim of the game is very simple. Log in every day, and then throw some snowballs at your friends’ profiles to win gifts in return!!!

>> How do I get snowballs?

To get more snowballs, complete the objectives for each day!
(It’s also possible to buy additional snowballs to be able to throw as many as you wish to get more gifts.)

  >> The Gifts

  • 1 piece of an illustration (Lysander) among 8 pieces.

  • 1 clothing item among the 4 outfits (25 clothing items):

  1.   Golden Glitter Outfit (6 clothing items).
Cosy Christmas Outfit (6 clothing items).
Christmas Tree Outfit (5 clothing items).

  4.   Party Outfit (8 clothing items).

>> It’s Christmas for everyone!

You can buy gifts (in dollars) to offer to your friends. Each gift will have an item from the outfit “Christmas Angel”. (8 clothing items + 2 facial accessories)

Attention: You can’t offer a gift to a person with the same IP address (living in the same house and using the same internet).

>> Bonus Gift

A Christmas garland will symbolize your advancement in the event. Once fully completed, the exclusive outfit “Christmas Soldier” (6 clothing items) will be given to you for free.

>> Advent Calendar

Don’t panic if you weren’t able to open all the windows of the advent calendar. You can buy the remaining missing pieces. ~

Happy Holidays Everyone!