I loved the recent Steven Universe episodes! Gotta love that development! And how could I not draw Cotton Candy Lars? I don’t know about you guys but part of me wants him to stick to his normal fashion and rock the pink look and another part of me wants him to embrace his new cotton candy aesthetic and wear cosy jumpers… that last part might just be me though.
I’ll probably post a quick speed drawing of this later.

sherlock characters as hot drinks

sherlock - black tea w/ lemon n honey

  • balanced and complex
  • is actually very comforting
  • many flavour components amalgamating nicely as a whole

john - builders tea

  • warm and honest; a filler-upper
  • universally liked
  • is always sort of there but people really feel its absence when it isn’t

mycroft - earl grey

  • light, delicate
  • floral (lol)
  • unique and doesn’t need messing around with (no sugar, i’m sweet enough)

molly - chai latte

  • SO sweet
  • like a big cosy woolly jumper
  • disregarded in its field as a person drink

greg - hot chocolate

  • add a dash of rum or baileys go on
  • rich, yet soothing
  • what people want when they’re tired of nonsense

jim - barraquito coffee

  • extremely particular - don’t get it right and you’ll be skinned
  • cloyingly sweet yet bitter af
  • sexily elaborate

irene - espresso

  • dark and indulgent
  • adds a certain kick of vivacity to one’s imagination
  • knock it back in one if you dare

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Remus with a chubby girlfriend please? Headcanons or a fic, I don't mind ❤❤

Remus loves having a chubby girlfriend omg.

He’s the most cuddly person you’ll ever meet, and he absolutely adores how soft and warm your body is to cuddle.

If you don’t think he lies on the sofa in the evening and rests his head on your belly with his arms around your waist, you’re not just wrong, you’re stupid.


Remus is a pretty skinny guy, and he loves wearing your big cosy jumpers and he looks adorable in them.

And Merlin have mercy on anyone who tries to make you feel bad for your weight.

I’m not talking about what Remus will do. I’m just pointing out that he probably won’t try and hold you back, and that person will end up dead.

Remus knows the power of a boss ass witch, and isn’t up for defending anyone who provokes your wrath.


Please give Remus a chubby girlfriend

For me



English revision in full swing! Annotating every text within my Paris Anthology for Paper 1 - not all today god no over the next couple of months. 

I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour the other day and they opened Privet Drive!!! I was so happy! and I shared a butterbeer ice cream with my friend as I nearly threw up drinking the butterbeer ahaha its so bad… also I think my most important purchases from that day was my ever so cosy and warm Slytherin jumper and my quibbler because I love Luna so much~

Top 10 one direction fics that you might not have read but I feel like you should.

Nice long title for you there, but a pretty simple concept. Ten fics that I love and that I don’t think got the love they deserved. I think all of these have a hits under 5k. I’ve also linked to peoples Tumblr’s where I have them =) So if you read the fics and want to hit them with some praise, GO FOR IT. (Or comment on Ao3, that’d be a lovely thing to do.) 

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I consumed half a jar of nutella while writing this rip

This fic uses two prompts (thanks!); social media from @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​ is the main focus, while @queermiraculous​‘ prompt discovery rounds it all off ~

The formatting should be pretty clear? but bold represents a screen name. I’ve also used some emojis because it’s social media and I dig that, so hopefully that shows up?

This fic is shameless tbh and so is my self-promotion (head to ao3)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words- a Chlonette fic (1347 words)

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Henry paced nervously outside her door. Two weeks. If had taken him two weeks to do this.

Would she even care anymore? It had taken him two weeks to just pluck up the courage to decide. Even now he wasn’t fully sure. But he knew he couldn’t live without her. He couldn’t do this anymore. He needed her.

Henry tapped his knuckles against the door, listening nervously as footsteps approached the wood.

Could he really do this?

Could he honestly look this girl in the eye and tell her his decision?

“Henry” she frowned, tilting her head to the side “what are you doing here?”

“Violet, we need to talk”


(Y/n) sat at her windowsill, drumming her fingers gently on the hard wood. She had tried to stay away from it but she just couldn’t.

He would come, wouldn’t he?

The question had been running through her mind for two weeks. And for at least an hour a day she would sit on that windowsill and think about him.

Had she over reacted?




She didn’t know anymore.

She pulled back her messy (Y/hc) hair, tucking it behind her ears as she turned away from the window.

She couldn’t spend her whole life just waiting. It was time to let go.

He had made his choice.

She didn’t hear the crunching of footsteps as she chances out of her pyjamas, slipping on a cosy jumper, leggings and fuzzy socks.

She trudged down her stairs, jumping the last one. She used to always do it when she was little, it used to make her feel so proud of herself. Like she could accomplish anything. It was such a silly thing to be proud of, she saw that now.

Her feet barely brushed against the ground before the doorbell rang. Her body froze, ridged with fear. Her parents weren’t due home for hours. No one said they were coming over.

She played with the sleeve of her sweatshirt, walking quietly so whoever was behind the door wouldn’t know she was coming. She waited a few seconds, trying to decide whether to open it or not.

What if it was him?

Without a second thought the door flung open. Henry stared up at her hopefully, his hands buried deep in his jeans pockets.

For a few moments neither of them spoke, both trying to decide what they wanted to say. (Y/n) had been thinking about him and what she wanted to tell him for weeks now. But as she stared back at the pained look on his face, all of her thoughts vanished, as if they had never existed at all.

She had missed him.

He took a few tentative steps toward her, moving his hands out to run them through her messy hair. He captured her lips in a quick kiss, moving his cold hands to cup her cheeks, running his thumb over the sensitive skin.

“I see you’ve made your choice” she whispered quietly as they drew back. Her lips rose into a small smile, moving forward to rest her head on his shoulder “I’m still kinda pissed though”

“I understand” he sighed, glad to have her in his arms again.

“Why don’t you come in for a hot chocolate?” she suggested, pulling back slightly “We have lots to talk about”

“Only if you still have those little marshmallows your mum bought in” he grinned.

“I make no promises” she laughed lightly, grabbing his hand and leading him indoors.

knitted jumpers and cosy fireplaces.
electric fingertips, heart like lightning, a thunderstorm inside. tapestries of
rich colours. women wielding swords.
a firework display. sparks flying.
kalon unparalleled. myths and legends,
earthly gods, trickster demons. running
away to the woods. sly and elusive.
ripples in still ponds. foxes running
and hunting in the dark.
—  name aesthetics: keara // L.H

Chestnut, hamsterback, bark-but-not-bite, beige, chocolate, earth, mousebrown, thrush-down, senior common room, engine problems, russet, rental carpet, unassuming snake, that creek that is even now closing over your paddle, cocoa, chair, skin, sand, bad banana, sepia, 70s flashback, amber, burnt umber, burnt dinner, migratory stones, tea, coffee, peril trousers, sackcloth, flapjack, cardboard box, chipmunk-almond chunky mix, mud bricks, surprise bear, taupe, old rope, the speckled freckles of an old book, night falling on dystopias, cosy jumpers, hazelnuts, hay-nestled eggs.