cosy balcony

Btw these are the things i find unbearable about the BBC teaser:

  • Harry and Nick in a car, Nick driving, Harry being driven by Nick (take it as you will), they have seat belts on, they are talking while the car is in motion, like… we are not worthy
  • the jumpers (cause I will never get over these jumpers) - you’ve heard of being cosy on the balcony, now get ready for being cosy in the car (I still wasn’t ready)
  • they look at each other, like really LOOK, stare at each other, the eye contact is overwhelming (i am not condoning this fully cause Nick was driving after all, but what a man can do, I understand you Nicholas)
  • their faces, gorgeous, happy, eyes sparkling and full of mutual adoration
  • the image of Nick googling things like “Harry Styles worst outfit”
  • “I liked that”

Thank you for your attention.

Brazilian manifestations

So everyone, BEFORE someone uploads a picture of our streets covered by people wearing the colours of our flag and you come to the conclusion that this is a positive popular mobilization and start spreading this throught the internet, let me show you some shocking facts:

1. This mobilization is asking for the deposition (impeachment) of the recently reelected president Dilma Rouseff, representative of the (most) popular party of the two in the final run.

2. Last weekend, during the president’s national speech regarding the Women’s Day (!), these same people on the streets today started a very cosy protest from their balconies, thrashing pans and yelling very political critiques like “Dilma’s a bitch!”, “Dilma’s a whore!”, “naughty Dilma!”. Remember, it was Women’s day.

3. Let’s analyse some pictures of today’s (15/mar/15) protests:

Uh, what is that up there? A swastika? And that under there? “Military intervention”? Like in a dictatorship?

“Christian march against the comunism and in favour of the constitutional (?) military intervention”. Here we have again, the very democratic request for military intervention. Do these shitsacks even know what they are talking about? Brazil suffered twenty fucking one years of military dictatorship between 1964 and 1985, in which we had strong restraint of manifestations (like this one, hah), segregation the population against any kind of group interaction, and the torture and murder of people who fought for the return of the democratic model. Let’s remember that Dilma, yes, our very current president, was one of the many people linked to the resistance movement. She was locked up and tortured by the military for information on her colleagues. She never gave any information away, despite everything.

I find this picture interesting. These two eldery white women above, protesting today, are citizens of Bahia, a brazilian state with 77% of its population being black, known for it’s serious poverty and inequality problems. In the last 12 years (the years in which the party of Dilma Rouseff finally won the elections and ruled Brazil), Bahia was one of the states with major development statistics, almost erradicating hunger from it’s data and evolving economically like few other states. Do you see any poor, black person in the picture? Me neither. 

Do I really need to say anything?! For God’s sake, people are stupid. They are asking for the US intervention here. This is just 50 shades of ignorance in one single picture. Again, do you see any POC, poor person in this picture? Yeah, me neither. 

This is so stupid, it’s almost funny. The sign reads “Yes to femicide! No to “hunger”cide! #OffwithPT”. Just what the hell? PT is Dilma’s party. The very same party that established a national program called “Fome Zero”, or “Zero Hunger”, that removed more than 44 million people from the hunger map of this damn country in the last 12 years. Oh, and this is a woman holding the sign. Yes to femicide? What the fuck? Just what?

And of course, I would like to point out that this “nationwide protest” is having fulltime coverage by our media. Do you know, like, how the US media is handling the Ferguson deal lately? That’s how our media handle political issues here. Yeah.

I could just go on and on and on about our contry issues right now, but I would have to write a bible. I think this little rant will make people aware of the situation here and prevent lies being spread.