cosy nook

Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote:

‘If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s don’t scoff at her veggie stroganoff. Once I scoffed and she threw a left hook. When I got back my sight, the eye on the right was blacker than night.’

Bruce is still shook from that hook. It took several hours and a cosy nook to calm him down. I was a crook to throw that hook, but don’t worry, I’ve bought a self help book to look at. It’s called 'Cage the Rage’ and next time my cooking is scoffed, as it is oft, I shan’t be a schnook, my hook shall be much more soft.

I’ve lived in my uni accommodation for 3 years in 3 different bedrooms (1 each year) and the layout is always the same in each. However I make it my own each year. The posters change, (youtubers in first year, Star Wars and films in second year and 80s movies now in third year), where I put things move, what I bring changes, more pictures and Polaroids from uni accumulate the walls and doors. One thing I’m glad that never changes: my bed. It’s the cosiest nook. I’m going to gutted when I have to leave it for the last time in June.

When many Hogwarts students think of Ravenclaw Tower without ever actually having visited, they think it’s cold and dreary. However, it is quite the opposite; there’s plenty of natural sunlight and cheerful blues, but there’s also melancholy and cosy nooks. And whenever a Ravenclaw is feeling cold and run down, they walk over to a little circular pool (pictured) full of warm salt water from the Mediterranean Sea. It helps them refocus, relax, and feel warmed.