cosy knit


Just wanted to share the start of my recent project!

I was finally able to arm knit this beautiful merino blanket and I love how it turned out! For my first time arm knitting I think it’s great, It’s incredibly soft and thick. I’m wanting to make more of these to go into a project I’ve been thinking of starting. I’ll keep updating on it so stick around because I really think people will love it. ❤

Little Steps

So this is my first contribution to TXF fandom and my first foray into ff for an extremely long time. I never thought I would write ff again, but you simply incredible writers have inspired me so much and… this little piece is kind of the result of that. So, if it’s read or not, I’d like to thank you all for doing what you do and getting this little one writing again. 

Pre-revival, Post-IWTB. MSR angst. 


He comes to her in the dead of night and the thought prods at the back of his mind that this never used to be something to be anxious about.

In the early days, Mulder had never really worried if Scully would be happy to see him. His wild and reckless young mind had never entertained the idea that she wouldn’t let him in, be perfectly willing to hear his next mad-cap idea.

And then, as the years passed, Mulder has always known that Scully may sigh and roll her eyes, say “ Mulder, it’s late ” in that exhausted way of hers, but the smile at the edge of those lips would say otherwise and he’d slip past her into her living room and down onto her sofa before she could change her mind. (He knew that she wouldn’t.)

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