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Love your art :) Had a terrible day, so... Really think I could use some DanRor! Would you draw them like... Uhm... Fluffy, cosy and happy? Maybe hugging? I so much want Walter to be happy that it almost hurts me. Keep up with your awesome job ^^

So I started dawin, and I sketched out dis:

but then I was like, hey vic that’s not very fluffy OR cosy! So here’s later, post makeout freakout, when Daniel plies him with full sugar coke and a rerun of Maltese Falcon <3

The White Flag to his Raging Bull.

Prompt 65 - “I have a secret.” filled for @novemberhush , sorry I went a bit dark.  Hope you like it.

As soon as he saw Tanner walking toward them, he knew.  The shit was about to hit the fan.  Harvey had been on a knife’s edge since he took the case.

They’re arguing back and forth now about the case, and all he can think is, why the hell didn’t I stop this.  He knew Harvey wasn’t over the panic attacks; he was aware that going up against Tanner always got Brutal and he knew how much Donna’s absence was affecting Harvey.  He cursed himself internally.

It’s become personal now, their arguing.  Travis mentions Donna, and in an instant, he is in-between them, but he is no match for the dick-swinging contest that is taking place.  Of course, Tanner then mentions Harvey’s mum, and even the firm hand against Harvey’s chest and the one-metre gap between them doesn’t help Tanner as Harvey’s fist connects with him, blind rage vibrating out of every pore.

“Harvey, Harvey Stop!” He commands, turning to Tanner and telling him to get out of there.

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That explains why you’re so reluctant to leave.

Team Chilbong

Group hug. Massive, tight, cosy group hug. We’ve gone through so much. From laughter to heartbreak to more heartbreak to perseverance to heartbreak to hard work and strength and heartbreak (yeah you get the picture). Here’s a BIG hug from shipmate to shipmate.