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OOTD 07-06-2014

Another exam block, another semester done and dusted. I’ve been hauling this beautiful Justo Gimeno reversible round for many months, in the vain hope that it would one day be genuinely cool enough to wear. Naturally, just as the busiest assessment period rolled around it became dreary enough that wearing this was warranted. Regardless, Jeffrey (he’s a modest sort but check his work out here) and I took time out of our respective schedules to head into Brisbane’s diminutive CBD and snap a couple shots. 

When it comes to my appearance there is an ongoing criticism - oft benign sometimes malicious - that I too often associate with the ‘suit’ crowd. Being neither admitted (to the bar) nor a full time employee in the legal profession, there is little necessity for me to wear a tie and jacket for any reason other than enjoyment. While many (including myself) would argue that this is sufficient pretext to adopt the tailoring uniform it did propel me toward trying out less regimented looks. This outfit, still heavily grounded by the use of a tailored top layer, is the natural result.

The Justo Gimeno reversible has made a number of welcome cameos on the blog but I was very eager to get it into an outfit post so as to highlight its versatility. While visiting HK last year, Jake at thearmoury emphasized the coat’s casual appeal, and with a generous sleeve length and beautifully padded collar the garment takes on a totally different appeal when worn on the weekends. In future I will endeavor to work it into a more traditional tailored look but for now I wanted to go out of my way to show just how #cosyboy this rig can be when deployed correctly.

The rest of the gear on display is standard if extremely well made fare. Todd Snyder’s x CHAMPION sweatshirt gets deserved love from the menswear set and has an unusually wide collar opening. This makes it ideal to wear with a traditional oxford, an essential modification that I feel many fashion orientated sweatshirts lack.

I was also lucky enough (with a little help from multiple discount coupons) to snag an interesting blackwatch style shirt from MP di Massimo Piombo at a student worthy price. While it does err on the slim side - a continuing reminder of my expanding paunch - the construction is excellent, with a delicately fused collar and MoP buttons. The pattern too is interesting, a traditional tartan varied with flecks of midnight blue. As always if you want slightly trend forward tailoring in interesting colors, go via Italy. 

While I am still most comfortable in the typical menswear peon kit (knit tie/houndstooth sportcoat/hardbottoms) I am definitely finding joy in translating that style into more progressive combinations. With 'Christmas in July’ in full effect, I look forward to adding logic defying layers and eleventy billion accessories to the mix. 

Perhaps I’ll save that for Sydney, where people are not judged according to the 'reason’ they have been mandated in order to dress up.

Justo Gimeno reversible coat (from The Armoury HK)

Todd Snyder x CHAMPION pocket sweatshirt 

MP di Massimo Piombo 'blackwatch’ sportshirt 

Our Legacy 'First Cut’ raw black selvedge

Adidas Stan Smith OG re-release (from Bodega USA)
All images by Jeffrey Hamilton 30-06-2014 


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Just you, Jefferson, Grace and your two year old baby boy. All cosy in your cottage, the snow is falling lightly. You and Jefferson sat curled up on the couch as Grace plays with her baby brother in front of the fire, Jefferson smiles at his children thinking how lucky his is to have his little family happy and safe.

this almost made me cry 


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