hey hey hey! look hurr, I was  there! I’m that mousse at 17:20!

i kinda rushed i was so nervous, i really have to learn to take my time on stage. :{

Instagram got a cosplay update and idek why being that I’m not all that active there, so y'all get it too.
If anyone remembers, last year I bought the fabric for Daiya then sat on it til about two weeks ago. Ill update again when I’m finished, which will prolly be in another 10 years.

i was tempted to buy green contacts today because honeycolor has a free shipping dealio goin on. But with this christmas thing coming up and all, i think it best i hold on to my money at least til it’s closer to a con.

And then that got me thinkin about cosplays and the fact that ive yet to try my jade wig and glasses on together, which resulted in horrible glare-y photos. :<