Melissa glimpsed me at ACen last year when i was cosplaying one of her favorite characters (Tear from ToA), but we never got the chance to talk until after the con on tumblr/twitter. we bonded over video games and Luke/Tear and became really fast friends and as time went on we just got closer and closer and. this weekend we met in person for the first time and roomed together.

i already considered her one of the best friends i’ve ever had before but really physically being with her for those few days ruined my entire life. now she’s back home in jersey and i don’t think i have ever been so distressed. i miss her sO GODDAMn MUCH like everything is Wrong when she’s not around and i just want to live with her forever. 

i just wanted to say this to basically thank ACen for existing because without this event i probably would never have found her and ??? that thought is terrifying to me, like my entire life would be different and definitely not in a good way?  this is my favorite con for a reason.