we deserved better.
i know everyones saying to go out and make our own adaptations and yes, do so, but i just. i cant look past what this show is to me. this was my sherlock. this is the sherlock i grew up with and fell in love with and cared so much about for so many years. its the sherlock i made my friends with and met my boyfriend with and dedicated myself to. its just..hard to accept this will never be what i thought and to let that go.
this was our sherlock. and we deserved better.

im never writing another analysis post again cause this pic is fuckin perfect

“how is senpai suppose to be a nice guy when he turns into a fedora wearing neckbeard if he gets rejected?”

“is akdemi high is suppose to be for wealthy kids how can kokona get in if her father isn’t wealthy?”

“why does osana call taro senpai if they known each other since childhood?”

“what the fuck is up with asihi bloodline?”

“how is it possible that ayano is suppose to be emotionless vessel for the player but has a sanity meter and gets blushy around senpai?”


yo megs imma let u finish but wheeljack had the sexiest backside of all time

seriously tho Wheeljack has the best ass in TFP bar none, and sits Top 5 in both the “Legs” and “I Wanna Run My Hands Down Your Back” categories