Well that was a treat! Cast and crew premiere of BEAUTY & THE BEAST It was so great, really faithful to the original with a few added bits. Awesome costumes, sets and obviously music. Very proud of hubby @joe_steel and the rest of the camera crew for an amazing looking film. Felix loved it too 💕 BRILLIANT! 🎀


Next Grand Prix Final.

Yurio gets jealous of a fangirl who wants to take a picture with Otabek and erm…he forgets that they didn’t kiss before.


“Okay, I’ve seen some seriously disturbing stuff recently but you…are adorable.” ~Kelly



“I’m supposed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but I think I look more like the Chrysler Building!”

The “Chrysler” dress worn by the Roger de Bris in the musical “The Producers”


I finally wore her! I’m so happy! Totally gonna wear her more because I love her too much! Witch was my true love in Harvest Moon Animal Parade but they don’t allow female player to marry her T^T.  I will post part two soon!

Witch - moi
photographer - Palm-Grizzie