This is definitely not my normal look, but it is amazing!! Snake Goddess; makeup up using a gorgeous @rbfx prosthetic sculpted by the incredible @wayneandersondesigns on badass model @carlottachampagne. Makeup and photography by @nefxdan. Costume help, assistant, and general awesomeness @themissmarquez. #dangilbert #rbfx #prostheticmakeup #snake #goddess #ppi @ppi_premiereproducts #skinillustrator #sfx #makeup #reptile #nefx #necessaryevilfx #carlottachampagne

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Another shot from the shoot we did at AR with

Fun fact: though the fabric for this costume looks awesome it wear down super easy. So in sitting on a mental pole I had to stay perfectly still so the suit wouldn’t shift. NOT SENSIBLE SUPERHERO FABRIC

Chat bodysuit made by EB Costumes

Bungo Stray Dogs - Corruption

“Rest, Chuuya.”

Osamu Dazai -> Majin

Nakahara Chuuya -> Kayleigh

Photo taken and edited by the lovely @rythme  <3 and me! Thank you very much dear! It turned out AWESOME! 

Costumes are selfmade~

Bungo Stray Dogs Cosplay Shooting

Osamu Dazai -> Majin

Nakahara Chuuya -> Kayleigh

Photo taken and edited by the lovely @rythme  <3 Thank you very much dear! It turned out AWESOME!

Costumes are selfmade :D

Dear Jazz Enthusiasts,

It was quite a lovely day for all of us to attend a lawn party together. I would especially like to take a moment to thank all of the generous people who shared their picnic blankets with us. In a moment of dimwittedness, we forgot to bring anything to sit on, which at first seemed tragic, but thanks to the kindness of our neighbors we were able to recline and enjoy the event in style. Though, we did spend a considerable amount of time waiting to get tasty beverages, it was a fantastic event and I was quite impressed with your dance skills, very spiffy. I look forward to next year’s party!



Rainbow Colored Contacts

Take your party getup to new levels of trippy when you head out to the club wearing the rainbow colored contacts. When placed under ultraviolet lights the contacts glow bright and transform your eyes into multicolored kaleidoscopes.

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this is pretty much the only photo i look relatively sane in from saturday

guess who got to go backstage and meet this lovely face again! (as well as some other familiar faces including renee, chris, anthony, and some new faces including sydney, andrew, and thayne)

saturday was truly a blessing, including the halsey concert part of it

Xena: warrior princess

I just started binge watching Xena: warrior princess and omg why hasn’t this show blessed my life before now??? There’s so much diversity in this show it knocked me out of my metaphorical socks. I love this show. And then Gabrielle’s wittiness and I love that she talks fairly fast like how I do. And the costuming is awesome of course.