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Halloween is sure to be a wild ride when you and your closest chums dress up in roller coaster costumes. Once you and a few friends are safely strapped into your costumes, you’ll create the illusion that you’re aboard a thrilling amusement park ride.

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Unexpected Interview

For @magically-strange I hope I did alright with your fantastic prompt:

Marianne turned this way, then that, examining herself in the full-length mirror. She grinned at her reflection. The costume was awesome and cutting her hair short was the best decision she had ever made…that and dumping Roland, that cheating asshole.

She felt alive like she hadn’t been in a long time, able to be herself and not worry about being loved…she had spent far too much time worrying about changing herself in order to be loved by Roland. Now she could love herself and be herself!

She smiled at her reflection again and gave herself a wink.

The costume fit like a glove, highlighting her petite figure. The top of the costume resembled dark flower petals that flowed against her body and the dark purple leggings with the knee high boots made her legs look long and lean. But her favorite part of the costume was the sword!

It looked real, just like the wings which Sunny and Dawn had designed for her. The wings were an amazing feat of engineering! Sunny was a genius. The wings were mechanical and could open and close, rise and fold behind her with the flip of a switch at her hip. She looked bad-ass, if she said so herself. Marianne twirled in another happy spin, then ran her hands through her hair causing it to stick up more; she looked like a punk fairy warrior ready to kill some goblins! It was awesome!

She was excited for tonight! Her first Halloween in years where she could fully enjoy the holiday! And she was finally going to the Dark Forest!! Granted, she was by herself, but that was fine with her—she was getting to go!

The Dark Forest was a real forest with a maze set up that led to a haunted castle at the end. The maze was supposedly full of fae creatures, ghosts, and other mystical monsters….the unseelie type of creatures, perfect for a Halloween night.

The maze itself supposedly was extremely frightening and led to the final “maze” which resembled a crumbling old castle. When you made it to the castle you were supposed to work your way to the end where you  would confront the Bog King in order to leave; the king who supposedly was damned scary.

Marianne had always wanted to go since the attraction opened a while back, but this was the first year she was actually able to go! Her sister, Dawn, was too scared to go. Roland would never take her telling Marianne that her obsession with all things “horror” was not right for a woman to be interested in, that a woman should be scared of such things.

Marianne, like a fool, had let him “control” that aspect of who she was, as she struggled to be more feminine for him. He was so good-looking and he wanted to be with her! She would have done anything for him, but now she realized how stupid she had been, as well as untrue to herself. Well, that was all over now! Now she was going to be herself and if some guy didn’t like it, well too fucking bad!

Marianne picked up the flyer for The Dark Forest, examining it for the hundredth time. She had heard a lot of stories about Alan King. He owned the place and he played the terrifying Bog King, supposedly he was really scary. Oddly, no one had managed to get a picture of the Bog King. She had only heard descriptions and it only fueled her interest.

She grinned. Well, this year Alan King a.k.a., the Bog King, would get a chance to try to scare her. The smile that slowly formed across Marianne’s face was both full of joy and a little feral.


Marianne hopped into her car and pulled out her cell phone hitting the speed dial. The phone picked up after the second ring. “Hey sis!”

“Hey Marianne, you on your way to the Dark Forest?” Dawn’s voice was always bright. Marianne could hear music playing in the background. She thought she heard Dawn’s husband Sunny in the background singing along with the high-spirited voices of Dawn and Sunny’s gaggle of children. They had gotten married right out of high school, went to college together and now they were both teachers at the same elementary school. They also had four children with another on the way. Marianne had no idea how they did it, but they were very happy.

“You guys getting ready to go Trick-or-Treating?” Marianne smiled.

“Oh yeah, the twins look adorable in their matching witch costumes, Danny is running around scaring everyone in his ghost outfit and Daisy looks sweet in her Alice in Wonderland costume. Sunny is dressing up as the Mad Hatter for her.”

Marianne smiled. “Make sure you send me a picture!”

“I’m trying to! No one will stand still!” Dawn laughed. Marianne would never admit how jealous she was of her sister and Sunny. They were so happy. She hoped someday to have the same kind of happiness.

“Well, let me know how the maze is, okay? Danny, leave Daisy alone!”

Marianne laughed. “I will. Love you guys—have fun!”

Dawn laughed. “You too sis!”


As Marianne pulled up, she saw that The Dark Forest was pretty crowded, but it was getting near to closing time so she knew people that were probably on their way out soon. That was exactly how she wanted it—that way she could enjoy the maze without a crowd. She hopped out of her card and headed to the booth to buy her ticket. She was grinning widely, looking around at all the costumed workers and guests. There were dark fey everywhere, Gothic looking fairies, goblins, monsters of all sorts. What she really loved about this place was that it was filled with monsters from stories and lore, not modern lore like slasher movies, but the stuff that people were scared of hundreds of years ago. The whole atmosphere of the place made you feel as if you had been transported to an ancient land, where humans were not supposed to be…she loved it!

As she made her way toward the ticket booth, she saw that there was a short young man dressed as a goblin behind the counter. He looked sort of frog-like, but the creepiness level was low because his smile was huge. “Hi! How many please?”

“One.” Marianne handed over the cash.  The guy gave her a quizzical look. “One? You’re by yourself ma'am?”

“Just me.” She grinned.

The little guy grinned at her in return. “Well good luck! And—beware!!”

Marianne laughed and waved. “Thanks!”


The entrance to the forest was a twisted gate made from the dead branches of the trees. The strange gnarled shapes, the organic quality was very creepy. It sort of reminded her of the thorns that surrounded Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  Standing on either side of the entrance were two costumed goblins with spears. As she approached, they both hissed in eerie voices.

“Turn back down or face the wrath of the Bog King!”

Marianne grinned, her hand on the hilt of her costume sword. “I challenge the Bog King!”

The goblins looked to be two huge guys, their costumes making them look three times their normal size, glanced at each other then back at her.

“You may enter, fairy warrior!” one goblin exclaimed. “And may the spirits of the forest smile on you!”

With that, the two goblins opened the gate and Marianne stepped through into another world.


The forest maze was dark, lit only by the emanations of glow sticks (hidden within the trees) and other eerie lighting. It made her feel like she was truly in a darkly enchanted forest. She walked gingerly, the light casting shadows along the trees in a way that made her skin crawl. She could see “creatures” moving in the distance, scampering from one shadow to another, along with ghostly sounds such as moans, or chattering whispers, the crunching of leaves, the snap of a branch. She would twist around and see nothing there or she would squint into the darkness only to see  movement of a shadow dashing deeper into the woods. A little further in, goblins started to pop out of the darkness trying to scare her.

Marianne would draw her sword and the actors would play along. They would dance back and forth in a play fight until she “defeated” them. The goblins would fall back into the darkness and allow her to move on.  

As she slowly made her way closer and closer to the castle at the end of the maze, strange plants and other plant-like monsters such as Venus fly traps with heads big enough to devour her whole, would lean down, snapping at her, vines reaching for her. Marianne would sense movement more than see it, only to turn and see spiders the size of dogs, skitter swiftly through the trees or across her path causing her skin to crawl, but she kept moving.

When she reached the main part of the attraction, the castle of the Bog King, Marianne stood there with her fists on her hips admiring it. Whoever had built the castle had done a great job making it look real! She was dutifully impressed! The castle resembled a rotting log with a wide skull as the entrance. As she stepped closer, she could smell that unique damp smell of wet stone and rotting leaves.

Marianne gave the castle a vicious grin, her eyes alight with triumph.

When she stepped inside, the decorations were a mix between typical “Gothic” horror and something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on…there was a definite dark fairy tale quality to the place. Stranger yet, even the quality of the air made her skin crawl.

She took another handful of steps further inside when she heard a voice.

“Who dares enter my home?”

Marianne searched around, but she didn’t see anyone at first. “State your name!”

“I am the Bog King and you have trespassed on my home!” The voice growled, sending shivers down her spine.

There was a suddenly burst of fog that rolled in around her ankles, bringing Marianne’s attention to the inner workings of the main room. The lighting was green and frightening, highlighting an archway. Stepping into view, like a rock star on a stage, Marianne saw the Bog King.

Alan King/the Bog King was tall, much taller than even the big goblins who guarded the maze entrance, and rail thin, but it didn’t make him look skeletal. Instead, he looked lean, powerful, dramatic, and damn sexy.  He had four thin, dragonfly-like wings that moved with him, giving off an eerie, dry, rattling sound. The light caught the wings illuminating them with a translucent iridescence. As he continued to walk toward her, Marianne shivered with anticipation. She saw that his mask covered the top part of his face, making his nose long and sharp while his eyes flared bright blue through the dark circles of the mask, electric blue, almost inhuman.  The sharp scales of the mask flowed back from his eyes over his head. The lower half of his face was painted a grey brown, with spikes along his chin and jaw, but the mouth…god, the man had a beautiful mouth.

Marianne could see a tall staff set with an amber stone in one hand was his only weapon. He was graceful, elegant, a mix of David Bowie and the rough punkness of  Billy Idol.

The mask and costume he wore gave him the appearance of bark or scales, as if he were made from sharp edges and thorns, all meant to harm his enemies.

“Do you challenge me, fairy?” he hissed, the lighting made him look scary and the way he moved would be terrifying for someone who wasn’t Marianne Summerfield. She found it damn sexy.

She noticed the slight accent…Scottish maybe, she couldn’t be sure. But she liked it, the way his sonorous voice rolled over the words.

Marianne grinned, pulling her sword out, and took her own stance. “I challenge you, Bog King. I have fought my way here, through your cunning maze, through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle…”

Alan King smiled. She was using quotes from the movie “Labyrinth…” Who was this woman? He wondered. “For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great…You have no power over me!” Marianne finished with a flash of her sword and a big grin.

For just a moment, his expression faltered. He was caught between trying to stay in character and being thrilled by this woman’s reaction. This was usually the part where the patrons ran screaming out the exit, but here she was quoting movies lines and brandishing a sword. His heart did a little skip of joy. This was going to be fun!

He smiled at her, stepping closer. He snapped his staff around to grab it with both hands taking a defensive posture. “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave…if not? Then fight me fairy. Let us see if you are as brave and as skilled as you think you are…let us see if you are as great as thou claim to be!”

Marianne’s smiled widened as her mechanical wings snapped open. Whoever this guy Alan King was, he was a genius at playing The Bog King! He didn’t break character and he was playing right along with her! Plus he had seen “Labyrinth” and was quoting too! Right then and there, she fell a little bit in love with him.

They rushed at each other, their weapons coming up at the same moment to block.  He twirled around the fairy, who matched him move for move.

She danced to the right, her sword blocked his staff from taking her feet out from under her. Marianne swung around, her sword coming in  low, but he slid through her guard with a spin, his staff blocking her blow and driving her sword upward, almost knocking it from her hand.

They were dancing with each other. A waltz that had them coming in close then grinning at each other, their expressions teasing, seductive, then they would both dance away, showing off by doing some fancy work with their weapons.

“Ooo…impressive for a fairy.” The Bog King grinned down at her.

She laughed, her brown eyes twinkling. “Is that all you got?”

Alan looked affronted. “What do you mean?”

“Oh, I don’t know…I was expecting…more…” Marianne laughed.


In the security room, Alan’s mother, Griselda, watched the dance. The way they smiled and teased each other—it was as if they were having a mating dance instead of a “fight.” She grinned. Oh yes, this was perfect. She rubbed her hands together with glee.


Alan laughed rolling along the fairy’s back avoiding one of her attacks before he came around and slammed his staff up against her sword.

Looking down at her, Alan felt his heart do a flip and not from the exercise of the last few moments of play fighting. The fairy gave him a wicked grin that caused Alan to feel a shudder that ran straight to his groin. He was so focused on the fact that his groin was on fire that he didn’t move in time when the fairy flipped her sword, broke through his guard and pressed the point of her sword to his chest.

“I win Bog King.”

They stared at each other then Alan started laughing. Marianne dropped her sword frowning.

“No, no, I’m not laughing at you! I promise! I haven’t had this much fun in a long time!” The Bog King grinned at her.

Marianne blushed and the Bog King put his hand out to her.

“I’m Alan, by the way.”

She took his hand. “Marianne.”

He reached up pulling off the top part of his mask and Marianne nearly weaved with astonishment. He was so damn handsome, not classically handsome to be sure, but there was definitely something about him that had butterflies dashing to and fro in her stomach. And his eyes! The nearly electric blue eyes were his natural peepers!

He smiled.“I’m serious though, I have not had this much fun in a long time! You wouldn’t happen to looking for a job would you?”

Marianne blushed. “Seriously?”

Alan nodded. “Yes, yer perfect!” Alan flushed. “I mean…you’re perfect for our…ah…this…” He motioned with his staff.

“Are you offering me a job?” Marianne put a fist on her cocked hip, her sword pointed to the floor. Alan swallowed. She was just becoming more beautiful by the moment.

He swallowed again before he trusted himself to speak. “Ah yeah. If you want to, my mom is either at the ticket booth or in the security closet watching the camera.”

“Your mom?”

Alan looked down at his feet then took a breath. “Yeah, my mother.”

Marianne grinned. “Yes, I would love to! Where is the security closet? There was a little guy at the ticket booth when I came in.”

Alan smiled again looking a little awkward…which she found attractive. “Sorry it’s actually a trailer, but we call it the closet ‘cause it’s a little small. Anyway just go out this way…” He pointed behind him to the way he had come into the room. “And if you turn to the left, it will be the first door you see that will take you outside, the trailer will be right in front of you if you keep going straight.”

Marianne put her hand out again. “Thank you Alan.”

He smiled and Marianne blinked staring at him for a long moment. Damn he had a nice smile, nice face, nice eyes, those lips…she shook herself.

He nodded. “Thank you Marianne. I had a great time.”

She grinned. “Me too.”


Watching in the security closet, Griselda smiled letting out a breath. “Finally. The perfect girl for my boy.”

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I just wanted to go off because im super happy my datemates coming to town on saturday and im just super excited to cuddle them and kiss them and shit and were gonna dress up as morticia and gonez addams for halloween which is lowkey the dream costume and im just super excited to cuddle them bc i rly need it??? And i cant wait to sleep next to them again and idk im just happy and gushing a ton tbh

Aww that’s so sweet! Also the Addams couple are #goals tbh so yes, awesome costume idea! -Mod D.


When John Rossi‘a 3-year-old daughter Nellee wanted to dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween, he spent $1,500 for a highly detailed hand-crafted leather costume based on director Patty Jenkins’ upcoming film. Giving Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman her own ‘mini-me’

Source: YouTube, Full Time Photographer, CBR and Heroic Hollywood


And now it’s time for Big Shot! The show that tells all about fugitives!

so the new brawl are a team consist of two old veterans (our lovely Ana and sourpuss Jack) chaperoning McHanzo on their halloween date (god bless). three out of four has their own halloween skin.

motherfuckers better make van mchelsing skin be the goddamn prize oR I SWEAR TO GOD–

Can we please...

Can we please appreciate the Court of Nightmares scene in acomaf. Because I like re-read that shit like five times over and still find it to be my favorite. Like not just the FeySand (though that was great) but I just love when all the characters were grumpy and all “high power-y”. But I’m just a sucker for stuff like that.


TFCON Chicago 2016 Costume Contest!

Let me tell ya what a riot this was!

So many great costumes! All so full of personality and In character shinanigans!

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s contest AND congratulations to EVERYONE who participated! You all were fantastic and should be proud!