costumes that make you go wow

a quick analysis of @cassandrajp’s TEC drawing:
- Alec has his hand around Magnus’ waist, and they’re holding hands.
- Helen and Aline are layered up and they look like lil puff balls
- Aline has 👀👀 spotted something in the distance
- Magnus’ beautiful costume look at the flowers on the side of his head and his sparkling suit wow
- Helen is making a 😏😏 face towards Magnus and Alec
- Magnus and Alec are gAZING INTO EACH OTHERS EYES
- do they even know Heline are there or
- is this one of heline’s first dates???
- a very gay picture

Those Magic Changes

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He blames Ford for this.

Well not just Ford. Ford, combined with his inability to say no to people especially when it comes to fixing things.

It started at the end of sophomore year when Ford was shadowing Lardo to learn the ins and outs of managing the Samwell Men’s Hockey team. She was with the team in the cafeteria one morning when her phone goes off. No one paid it any attention until she was slamming her head on the table.

“Please don’t tell me we broke her already…” Nursey murmured to Chowder as they watched the petite woman look like she was about to break the table with her forehead.

Bitty slid closer to her and patted her back tentatively before she sat up and found everyone staring at her.

“Sorry, sorry, it’s just that we’re two weeks from opening and it feels like everything is going wrong. We had one main drop due to what he says in laryngitis, but is probably an STI, the first proof of the playbill had the name of the play misspelled, and now I just saw in our chat that a piece of the set broke…again!”

“What broke?” Dex asked out of sheer habit.

“One of the dual sceneries. It has a bunch of rotating pieces so depending on the scene we can just turn something and it’ll be something different.”

“Oh. Well that’s easy enough to fix. I’m sure you have someone who can take care of that no problem,” he shrugs and goes back to eating, not expecting Ford to bound over the table and grab him by his collar.

“Seriously? Our prop manager is the one who got the main sick so no one is talking to him right now. Could you fix it? Please, I’ll owe you,” she smiled, and Dex knew he was stuck.

This is how Dex became the emergency fix-it guy for the Samwell theatre department, because somehow having to be handy on a budget caused him to exceed the skills of the theatre kids. That spring, between practices and class, he was constantly called to the auditorium to handle anything from a loose washer to erecting scaffolding. He should have found it annoying, but honestly it was nice to be fixing something that wasn’t the same house problem for the millionth time. Plus, he enjoyed the confidence boost he got from being ogled at by a bunch of actors and actresses, since hockey equaled hockey butt.

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So I always see these costume aus where Adrien and Marinette have to dress up as either Chat or Ladybug for whatever reason and Marinette goes as Chat Noir and Adrien as Ladybug to supposedly avoid people thinking they look too much like Ladybug and Chat Noir respectively.

But like, honestly, you can’t tell me that if Adrien had a chance to dress up as Chat that he wouldn’t be all over it.

That dork would 100% be showing off how cool he looks as Chat and how much he resembles him.


“Wow Adrien, that’s a great costume! You look so much like Chat Noir!”

“I know, don’t I pull him off pretty well?” *flexes and does other Chat-y things*

No one can convince me that this boy wouldn’t be trying to impress his classmates (cough and Marinette cough) with his puns and otherwise Chat-like demeanor.

And Marinette? She would go as Ladybug. Or at least her own hand-sewn adaptation of Ladybug. She’d probably make a cute Ladybug inspired dress, or maybe a traditional Ladybug costume with a twist. And, if she was afraid of attracting suspicion, she’d just wear her hair differently!

I just, I really think that both Marinette and Adrien have this pride in their superhero identities and they’d definitely show it off if they could get away with it aka in a costume party au.

Flufflet #7 for @lifeinahole27 as a reward for writing her CSBB!

Last flufflet (for now)! Hope you’ve been enjoying them!

Going off of “sack of potatoes,” inspired by a convo with @clockadile, featuring Captain Cobra Swan and the CS baby–

It had been Henry’s fault.

Thanks to him, Emma had gotten addicted playing video games during her pregnancy, and her favorite had been Portal. So when Halloween rolled around, and the invitation to Regina’s costume-mandatory party came in the mail, she excitedly began putting together her Chel costume.

It had required Henry’s replica portal gun, which she’d gotten him for his birthday after he’d begged for one. So when she went upstairs to ask him if she could borrow it, she had to explain why, and he got really excited.

“We should come up with a theme!” he’d said.

“What, video game characters? But you were Link last year.”

“No, not video game characters. Potatoes.”

“Potatoes?” The hell?

“Yeah, you’re doing Portal 2 for your costume, right?” She’d nodded. “So, stick a potato on the portal gun!”

“Well, what are you going to be?” she’d asked. “And what’s Killian gonna do?”

“I’ll help him.”

“Kid, you remember what happened last time you helped Killian dress up for Halloween.” There had been a misinterpretation the one and only time Killian had ever attempted to dress up for the holiday. He’d gone with the other meaning of “dress up,” which had resulted in him wearing a three piece suit.

And Henry had been the one to help him; he’d insisted up and down that it had totally been a mistake, but Emma didn’t buy it. It had been pretty embarrassing, too, although Henry didn’t know that Emma had been under the impression that Killian was planning to dress up as Han Solo, so she’d shown up in the gold Leia bikini under a trench coat.

“I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen this time, I promise.”

“Good, because he was embarrassed about that, and you know how much he hates messing up when it comes to fitting in here.”

“I said I promise.”

She shouldn’t have believed him.

On the afternoon of the party, she was all set to go. She had on her costume, complete with homemade long-fall boots (okay, so she used a tiny bit of magic to make those). Hazel had on her cute little Space Core helmet, which August helped make. She was in the process of trying to keep the potato from falling off the portal gun when Henry scampered down the stairs in his Samwise Gamgee costume.

“Wow, Mom, you look great!”

“Thanks, kid. Have you been practicing your potato rant?”

“‘Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew,’“ he said proudly. He went up to Hazel and gave her a big kiss. “Do you wanna go to space?” he asked. “Gonna go to space? Space?”

“Aiming for that to be her first word?”

He laughed. “Nah.”

“Where’s Killian?”

“He’s in the garage.”


“He won’t be able to walk down the stairs in his costume, so I’m gonna help him get it on there.”

“The hell is he dressing up as?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” Henry said, slightly evilly, before scampering out the door. Uh-oh.

But Hazel was starting to fuss. She gave up on the potato for the time being, pulled off the Space Core helmet, and brought Hazel over to the couch. She was still in the middle of breastfeeding when she heard a bit of a commotion outside. Through the door, she could hear Henry almost coaxing Killian along, probably trying to help him up the front steps.

And then the door opened, and Killian awkwardly stepped through.

Emma burst out laughing, and his face immediately went dark. “I knew it,” he said angrily. “I knew this was another one of his pranks. Bloody hell, Emma, tell me it’s not so bad.”

“Oh my god,” she said. She had to calm down; she was laughing so hard, Hazel was having trouble latching. “Oh god, there’s an episode of Friends we haven’t gotten to yet, and that’s Ross’ costume.”

“No.” Ross was his least favorite character. “Please tell me you’re lying.”

“And he shows up at a Halloween party wearing that, and it’s like … this big potato pun–you wouldn’t get it.” She was ruining her eyeliner from laughing so hard. “Henry, get in here!”

“He’s already gone,” he said miserably. “He said he’d meet us at Regina’s.”

“I have an idea,” she said. “I just need to put Hazel down so I can get you out of that abomination.”

When they arrived at Regina’s, Henry was visibly disappointed that they’d found a way out of his prank, and then mildly confused. “I don’t get it,” he said, staring at Killian, whose costume now consisted of a beret, an apron, and a the little egg frying pan Zelena had gotten them as a housewarming gift back in the day (it was small enough to fit into the pocket of the apron, so Killian could free up his hand when he needed to).

“I’m a French fry,” Killian said proudly. “And you should beware.”

“Why’s that?”

Killian leaned in and whispered, almost too quietly for Emma to overhear: “I’ve been known to be rather single-minded about getting revenge.”

anonymous asked:

How do you deal with imperfections in your costumes? If I see a mistake or if something isn't quite right, it drives me crazy. I stress too much trying to make a costume perfect, but I'm not sure how to make myself relax and not sweat the small stuff. Any tips?

Think of every costume like it’s homework.  

Homework isn’t supposed to be a masterpiece. It’s STUDY. It’s completing tasks and projects in order to LEARN about the subject. We don’t do homework to impress our teachers or school, we do it to learn about the field of it’s content. 

Think of your cosplays like homework. Each one is a project to learning more about costuming, prop creation, painting, sewing, fabric and textiles, etc etc. If something starts to go south or doesn’t end up the way you want, it’s fine, because this is just homework for the next project. 

Which will be homework for the next cosplay, and the next and the next.

If you treat your costumes this way, as a stepping stone to the next one, eventually you’ll make a perfect one without realizing you did it. 

Because I guarantee you’ll look back at one of them and go “Wow damn, I was being hard on myself but I think that costume was pretty perfect.” 

High School Band AU: Chapter Two

There you go, fellas! Time to meet the band buddies! I’li be back with some scenarios a little later! See ya ;)

Okay, if anybody ever asked you how you would imagine spending your Saturday afternoon, the last thing you could ever think would be having a sack over your head on this very hot room. Where are you? In a basement?

“Fellow members, we are assembled here today to confer the honor of initiation upon MC. May her voice guide us through a victory without precedents in Daykey High School’s history. May her talent and charisma lead us to a journey of paying gigs, whether in money or in coupons from the donut store.”

“Or in tepid beer.”

“Thank you, fellow member Zen. Let your wishes be granted as well. Now, may the chosen one step forward.”

Oh… is he… is he talking about you? You step on what you think it’s forward.

“Oh, chosen one, let your voice be heard!”

“I… don’t really know what you want me to say.” Your voice is muffled.

“Saeyoung, I think we got it. Just take this out of her face before she asphyxiates.” The only female voice besides yours speaks.

“But… she didn’t even drink the blood!” Saeyoung whines.

Now you know this initiation ritual apparently was Saeyoung’s idea, you’re worried about having to drink actual blood. Who knows? That guy felt a little crazy, finding you behind the curtains like a sniffer dog looking for drugs, and talking about biting you… yeah, you know it was a joke, but… who knows? The guy is weird…

“B-blood?” you take the sack out of your head.

“No! You can’t take it off before Jumin makes your welcoming official.” Saeyoung whines dramatically.

“She’s welcome, just get rid of the sack.”

“Ah, you’re no fun! Here, just drink the blood. Don’t worry, it’s wine. Actually, don’t worry, it’s grape juice. Yoosung couldn’t buy the wine.”

“I told you to send Zen.”

“Yeah, yeah, lesson learned… so hey! Welcome, MC! Are you excited to be joining us?”

“I was excited when you texted me, then you put this sack over my head and basically kidnapped me, and I’m not excited anymore.” You hear some chuckles from Zen and… Jumin? The intimidating brunette just laughed of your little joke?

“Too bad, you should be excited about joining the jewel in the crown of Daykey High School! The amazing band Mystic Messenger!” yeah, you didn’t get used to the name yet…

“It’s pretty cool, indeed. I hope you can forgive Saeyoung’s methods and enjoy where you find yourself right now, MC.” Zen says, it’s the first time he sounds serious and not like trying to desperately say something flirty… it’s pretty comforting.

“Thank you… I… honestly thought you would never want to see my face after the way I behaved. It was childish…”

“Don’t forget foolish.” Jumin adds.

“And kinda of overdramatic.” That coming from the guy who was talking about drinking blood for a initiation ritual a minute ago?

“Yes… it was a bitchy behavior. And I apologize to you all, but mainly to you, Jumin and…” you look around trying to find the other twin, but he isn’t here.

“I’ll forgive you when we win the festival.” Jumin says bluntly. Uhm… he is still pretty mad, isn’t he? So why did he even agree on you joining the band?

“The festival?” you ask curiously.

“Yes, the winter festival for high school bands! It’s so cool!” What’s the blonde’s name again? It was a pretty name… Y-Yoosung, right? Yoosung seems to be the type who gets super excited easily, usually people like this annoy you, but he also seems so sweet, totally the boy next door, and definitely not annoying at all.

“We participated last year and placed second, but things were a little different, we had a different vocalist and a different bass player.” Jaehee explains. Oh yes… V was the bass player and created the band. Which one here plays the bass now? If you had to guess… Jumin?

“And you’re counting on me to win this year?”

“Basically, yes.”

Wow, it hits you like a rock. This group of people is really betting on you to get for them something they let slip away before… they… trust you. And they don’t even know you that well… when was the last time somebody hand you something so important and meaningful? No, actually, did this ever happen before?

“But no need to feel pressured, sweetheart. We still have time to rehearse and get you ready. If you ever feel burdened, come to me, okay?” hum, the Zen’s flirty tone is back again… or maybe he’s just like this and doesn’t even notice some people can really take him seriously… are you taking him seriously?

“Yes, if she’s burdened, the first thing she would need is your constant urge to make a move on freshman girls.” A-ha! Jumin is thinking the same as you, he just puts it on a more intellectual way. By the way… why does he talk so formal? It’s funny…

“Ahem. Anyway, MC, just know we’re not waiting for you to just get up on that stage and slay, you’re talented, but you also need practice, we all do. And we will practice and walk through this together. “ Ah… Jaehee, you thought she was one of those really mean ice lady like girls, but… she’s super nice. What instrument does she play?

“Well, I’m not worried.” Yes, you are. “Progress, not perfection.”

“This sounds like an AA mantra…” Saeyoung teases you.

“Well, Saeyoung, the first step is admitting you have a problem, yours is making nonsense jokes about alcoholism.” He widens his eyes, uh oh… is a comeback coming? Wait for it…

“Yes, you’re right. Alcoholism isn’t funny.” He scratches the back of his head, visibly considering what you said. Uhm… maybe he isn’t as impossible as you thought.

“Alright then. She’s officially in…”

“She’s not, she didn’t drink the blood.” Saeyoung says, going back to what you know him for.

“I don’t give a damn about the blood. Anyways, welcome, MC. We’re glad to have you here, well, not exactly here in Yoosung’s basement, but we’re happy to have a new and promising vocalist.” Jumin says and smiles softly. Oh… he knows how to smile! Would you look at that!

“Thank you. I’ll do my best, I mean it.” Yes, you do.

“Oh, no sarcasm this time? That’s a good start… progress, not perfection, right?” what’s with Jumin and his sudden change to a nice guy? “Okay, late introductions, I’m Jumin Han, the current bass player.” You knew it!

“You already know me, right?” Yes, Zen… we all do… “I’m Hyun, call me Zen, I play the electric guitar, but I can also sing. I hope I get to do all the duets I couldn’t do with you in the musical theater club.” Don’t blush! Don’t blush! Don’t blush! Shit, you’re blushing.

“Yoosung, keyboards.” It suits him… so that means he also plays piano? How cute… you woul like to watch him playing piano one day…

“Saeyoung, your DJ, costume designer, make-up artist, lighting guy and roadie at your service, my lady.” Wow, he surely does a lot! Wait… costume designer? Shit! Your mind doesn’t even want to go to the places where you could think what kind of outfit this guys is thinking for you… lord protect you.

“You’re pretty versatile, that’s cool.” But he’s nice, and he seemed uncomfortable about that alcoholism thing, enough fighting with these people… so you compliment him, giving your most genuine smile, and now he’s the one to blush… cute.

“Yes, the only thing he doesn’t do is actually play an instrument.” Oh, this voice… Saeran comes down the basement’s stairs. He decided to join you, after all. Was he waiting for a good cue to make an entrance? You giggle with this possibility.

“Well, you know what they say, bro, one brother has the musical talent, the other one has the looks, and the brains, and the mojo with the ladies.” Saeyoung grabs your hand and plants a kiss on it. Okay… you weren’t expecting that, that felt more like a Zen’s move.

Saeran scoffs. “Then you’re wasting your mojo, she’s not a lady.” He glares at you and grins. Jerk!

“And you probably don’t have the musical talent.” You answer. Yeah, remember that thing about stop fighting with these people? Forget it, this guy really gets to your nerves!

“Wanna bet? I’ll make you a fan for my drum solos before you even notice.” Okay, so he’s the drummer.

“I’ll be too busy in the spotlight, but it will be fun to watch you try.” He scoffs and grins, did you two just set a challenge?

“Ohohoho, so much tension!This is starting to feel like a real band! I can’t wait for our E! documentary.” You laugh at Saeyoung’s joke. It’s good that he’s trying to light the mood between his brother and you.

“Wait, what about you, Jaehee?” you remember her, she’s been so quiet…

“I… I don’t play anything. I’m the manager.” Oh… interesting, and kinda disappointing, you were rooting for her to be the drummer… she looks so cool and easy-going, so it made sense in your head. But the drummer is the little prick called Saeran… ugh. “So I hope I get to manage you in the best way possible, MC.”

“Thank you. I look forward for it too.” Again, you try to be genuine and not sarcastic, she doesn’t deserve it.

“So everybody is formally introduced. Can we please get out of the basement now?” Jaehee asks, and they all oblige. Forget Jumin, she’s the real leader, she probably didn’t realize that yet…

You get out of Yooung’s basement, he wanted you all to say for dinner, but everybody has to go. Well, you would really like to stay, the food smells good, what are you having for dinner? Maybe your father bought some takeout? Yes, probably… like he does on every Saturdays.

You’re saying goodbye to Yoosung and the twins (just to Saeyoung, you’re basically ignoring Saeran’s presence)

“Are you sure you don’t want us to walk you home?” Saeyoung asks.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“Okay, but text me when you get home, okay? It’s dangerous for a girl to be walking around by herself…” he sounds adorably serious.

“I’m sure a thug would be more in trouble if he met her on a dark alley.” Saeran says, without looking at you.

“I see you’re still not getting laid, Saeran. I hope you find some comfort on a dark alley one day.”

No comeback? Okay. The twins aren’t really inspired today, apparently.

“Anyway. Bye guys!” you turn your back on them and start walking. You know this neighborhood, your uncle’s girlfriend lives a few streets near. You can take a bus in the end of the street, or maybe you can just walk. It’s a peaceful neighborhood.

That’s what you were thinking before this guy in a motorcycle made a u turn and stopped in front of you. You couldn’t see his face, but you knew he was looking at you… SHIT!

Think, can you run? Can you scream for help? Where is your phone? Maybe you can discreetly dial the police number? They wouldn’t get here in time… screaming seems stupid, so… run?

You back away, run! Why aren’t you running, stupid? Is this what being paralyzed in fear looks like? Shit! Your legs feel weak…

“Hop on. We’re going for a ride!” that’s what he probably says as his voice is muffled due to the helmet, also, it sounds creepy enough to his image right now.

“I- I have pepper spray!” Here… somewhere… ugh! You hate to admit your father was right about letting the pepper spray accessible at any situation.

“Pepper spray? Oh, wait… MC, don’t…”

“How do you know my name?” a stalker? How did you even get one?

“MC! It’s me!” he takes his helmet off. Oh… it’s just Zen. And he looks… pretty sexy. Hold on! Weren’t you shitting yourself in fear a minute ago?

“Shit, Zen! You scared the shit out of me!” Stop saying shit!

“Sorry, MC. I didn’t mean to. Come on… I’ll give you a ride to your house.”

“Do you know where I live?” okay, so maybe you do have a stalker.

“Uhm… no? I was hoping you would tell me?” Of course, stupid! Now he thinks you’re a paranoid little crazyhead.

“I… do you have a license?”

“You don’t have to be scared, I’ll go slow if you want to.” He didn’t answer the question… but hey, you got lucky once, will you really risk yourself walking alone again?

“Fine.” You go to him, and he hands you a pink helmet. You’re definitely not the first girl taking a ride, huh? “But you don’t really need to be slow, I… I’m not scared.”

He smiles widely. “I was hoping you would say that.”

Again, this was not what you expected for your Saturday afternoon, it ended up a little better than you could ever imagine.

Chapter One | Chapter Three 

Sparks Chapter 8

Originally posted by kelsyryannisalion

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from avengers team

Word Count: 3.6K

Summary: Bucky and y/n have a almost moment at the Tower’s Halloween party. But, they are interrupted with news of a potential bio-attack in Time Square. It’s up to y/n to disable the bomb and save the city.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Never Met A Woman Like Me Before- A Dean Winchester Imagine

Description: hunting at a convention 
Word count: 570

“Let’s get going, baby!” You heard your boyfriend Dean call as you finish adding a little bit more lipstick, making your costume complete.

“Alright, babe, I’m coming!” You shout back at him as you run down the hall.

“Wow.” Dean simply states as you come into view in your Wonder Woman costume.
“I could say the same thing about you, Batman.” You say as you walk closer to him, giving him a slow and sweet kiss.

“Uh hem!” You both here from behind. Turning around you notice it’s Sam in a Superman outfit.

“Well well well, Sammy, you don’t scrub up too bad either.” You tell him as you all make your way out of the bunker.

“So what’s the plan?” You ask as you start to drive away.
“Got some shifters at the nerd convention; we’re gonna find them while we’re there and gank them when they’re looking for their victims after the convention.” Dean confirms.
“Alright, sounds like a plan.” You say back.

“Is this really what a conventions like, Y/N?” Dean asked a little weirded out by the people in costume as characters he doesn’t know and the amount of people in one room.
“Yep! Isn’t it perfect?” You look around like you’re in heaven.
“Yeah, something like that, alright lets look around and see if we can spot the supernatural from the super-weird.” Your boyfriend says as you all split up.

Sam, Dean and you meet up at the spot the killings had been happening at the end of the convention. You all found 2 shifters each, so just like you all thought it was a pack. As more people started to pile out of the room you see your 6 shifters and slowly move in on them.
“Alright lets get going ‘Justice League’.” You say to the boys as you follow the shifters.

Dean and Sam go in and attack first as you come in after, getting the ones who are attacking the boys and trying to protect their friends. The fight was almost over with all of them dead but one; it was a really smart and strong one, ‘probably the alpha’ you thought. It was holding you by the throat against the wall, while the brothers were knocked out.

All of a sudden as you feel like you’re about to pass out you hear a brutish voice sound from behind you and the shifter.

“Hey! Leave the lady alone.” As you both turn around you see its a guy still in costume trying to be the hero but having no idea what he’s getting himself into.

The shifter walks up to the man and transforms into him, right in front of his eyes.
“Hey! Leave the lady alone.” The shifter imitates, mocking the man.
The man looks terrified and slowly backs away, but you know the shifter will go after him, so while it’s distracted by this dope you get out your blade and slice it’s head off.

“This lady can handle herself. Now get out of here kid.” You tell the man as he skitters away.

Before you can turn around to check the boys you hear clapping coming from behind you.

“Now that was awesome!” Dean tells you as he lifts you up and spins you around.

“Well, you really have never met a woman like me before.” You tell him with a cheeky smile as you walk off.

anonymous asked:

Can I have headcanons of Varia like what do they do with the lover at a free day

//Three characters or less per ask please! I’ll do the Varia Top 3 for now//


  • Xanxus is the type to openly show his affections towards you unless he’s not in the mood or it’s not the right time. So safe to say, a free day won’t change much - he is the boss of the Varia after all
  • Xanxus isn’t lazy but he doesn’t like to expend energy on frivolous activities so stay-at-homes dates occur quite often. However, if you want to go out, he’s fine with it unless he just came back from some assassination that went south
  • But don’t get discouraged! His home is a fucking mansion and anything you want to do is there right at your beck and call. Hungry? He’ll have the head chef cook you anything your heart desires. Want some entertainment? Well, watching you making fun of bad movies always put a genuine smile on his face. Want some fun? Oh, he has a bottle tequila and he’ll show you a good time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • If it’s one of your lazy days, the two of you will just stay in bed all day, talking (though it’s you who initiates and he who listens), complaining about a mutual enemy or that one suck-up who won’t shut up about the Vongola, sleeping, cuddling (again, it’s mostly you who initiates), and a lot of sex if you’re up to it
  • A free day with Xanxus is like any other day (except during missions). He revels in physical contact and if you’re already his lover he won’t mind you tracing your delicate little fingers over his scars.


  • Free day? What is this “”free day” you speak of? Honestly even when Squalo’s off duty he’ll be forced to do something. Good luck trying to get anything done when your significant other is constantly off trying to resolve mafia wars or taking care of the Varia runts Bel and Fran
  • On the off chance he actually gets a break, his relaxation comes in three steps. First he’ll want to stay home and just relax with you. Maybe a good cup of coffee and if you’re the cuddling type, although he won’t ever initiate, he’ll appreciate your touches
  • Then once he’s gotten a full eight hours of sleep (a luxury) he’ll spar with you whether you’re good at fighting or not. If you’re a fighter, the frustration building up in both of you will be released, making this a nice bonding moment. If not, he’ll won’t have any mercy but it’s a good way to appeal to his pride a bit (kiss him when your pinned down and he’ll switch into his tsundere mode real fast)
  • Finally it’s a nice, calming home-cooked dinner between the both of you. Yes, he can cook. He may be one of the greatest swordsman and mafioso but Xanxus is his boss and Varia grunts are too incompetent for his liking. It’ll be nice for once to cook for someone who can appreciate food, isn’t going to slam a vase over his head, yell at him to go faster, or throw food in his hair.
  • Overall, just help him wind down and ease his stress. If you’re already dating then it means he trusts you enough to see his vulnerable side so just your presence and touch is enough to warrant a “free day”


  • This little shit. Ask him and he’ll say everyday is a day off (unless the boss orders him to do something)
  • Sadistic in nature, if your his lover you must either be a masochist or as equally sadistic so prepare yourself for some good ol’ hitman hunting! The person who kills the least amount of mafiosos has to play maid for the winner. He even has a dress prepared and everything but it’s one of those sexy Halloween costumes so be prepared to clean just more than rooms ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Games in general are his go-to pleasures. Though preferably multiplayer (only to flaunt his giant ego) he’s willing to play anything that shows off his skills. Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, Origin, Nexon, LoL, WoW, Overwatch, Mortal Combat, doesn’t matter he’ll kick your virtual ass anyways
  • If you manage to beat though, well, be prepared for a pouty and irritable brat on your hands. it’s not the maid costume, fuck no he’ll rock that outfit, it’s the fact that he lost in general
  • One way or another either Fran or Mammon will be involved at one point. Whether it be annoying them, making them play multiplayer games, or just pissing them off in general, he’ll drag you into his antics

Imagine attending a costume party with Chris.

“Why the fuck is your company having a costume party in November?” Chris called from the ensuite while you got ready in the bedroom. “They didn’t do anything for Halloween and they’re doing something right after Thanksgiving? It makes no sense,” he complained. “What is it even for? Do we really have to go?”

“You already know it’s for Marnie’s farewell, Chris.”

“Yeah, which begs the question- do we have to go?” He repeated the latter and you heaved a sigh. “You don’t even like-” He cut himself off when he exited and caught sight of you; his beautiful Belle. “Oh wow,” he breathed. “I think you just out Belle-ed Emma Watson.”

You smiled and twirled in your yellow gown. “You don’t look so bad yourself, Beast.” You grabbed him by his white bow tie and pulled him towards you. “And stop complaining,” you told him after giving him a quick peck on the lips. “You love costume parties, especially Disney themed ones. You finally get to be that Disney Prince you’ve always dreamed of being.”

“Actually,” he corrected, “I finally get to date the Disney Princess I’ve always dreamed of dating.” He grinned and hooked an arm around your waist. “You are a sight for sore eyes, Y/N.” He complimented then pressed his lips to your neck. “I kinda don’t want to go anywhere now that I’ve seen you in that costume.”

“You kinda didn’t want to go anywhere before you saw me in this costume.” You chuckled softly and ran your hands through his unnaturally blond hair; it was still blond from filming which was why you decided on Beauty and The Beast for your couple’s costume. “Oh stop.” You laughed when he groaned loudly. “You’re going to have fun, you always have fun.”

“No, I don’t. I never have fun at your company parties,” he grumbled and you chuckled at his childlike attitude. “Do you know what I spend my time doing at your company parties? So called having fun?” He used his fingers to make bunny ears and you chuckled again. “I get looped into taking selfies with your co-workers because they still can’t believe you’re dating Captain America despite the fact that we’ve been together for three years now.”

“And what do you do after taking a few selfies with my co-workers?” You raised a brow and he sighed with the corners of his lips slowly tugging into a smile. “You spend the night with me having one hell of a time because we-” You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled, “always have fun together.”

“You really have me whipped, don’t you?” He poked your side and you shrugged nonchalantly, biting back your smile. “The tables are going to turn when we get home from that awful party.” He whispered into your ear then playfully nipped at your earlobe. “Don’t you worry.”

“You’re a Disney Prince, Christopher.” You pushed him away and slapped his arm playfully, laughing and drawing laughter from him. “Act like it.” You scolded, biting back your smile when he pouted. “Then maybe after…” You leaned in and whispered into his ear, “we see what Belle and The Beast gets up to behind closed doors.”

“Oh, look who’s not acting like a Disney Princess now.” He teased then laughed when you rolled your eyes. “Okay, sounds like I’ve got something to look forward to.” He winked and you chuckled. “Shall we, Belle?” He held out his arm for you and you gracefully took it.

“We shall, Beast.”
• • • • • • • •
You had left Chris about half an hour ago to have some girl time with your best friend and co-worker, Laurel. The two of you loved bitching about other co-workers at office parties, it was like a tradition by now. Chris didn’t like it when you left him alone at your office parties but he also didn’t like joining in the girl talk. Every time you asked, he’d decline with the explanation. “Nothing you two talk about makes any sense to me because I don’t work with them.” He would then retreat to the bar, grumbling. “I gotta be drunk if I’m going to be nice to co-workers when they approach me for yet another selfie.” You’d roll your eyes but smile anyway because despite his constant bitching and moaning, he would never skip out on you.

“He is struggling,” your best friend laughed as the two of you watched Chris from across the room. He was taking yet another selfie with one of your colleagues. You were pretty sure it was the twelfth one in half an hour. “You should probably get back to him,” Laurel suggested and you nodded, chuckling. “You don’t want to have to show up solo next time.”

“God, no.” You chuckled then felt a love sick smile take control of your lips. “But he loves me too much to make me come alone,” you told her and she chuckled, nodding in agreement. “He really is perfect, isn’t he? He’s like a real life Disney Prince,” you said and giggled to yourself.

“Do you ever get sick of rubbing it in my face?” She joked and you laughed. “Go,” she beckoned her head in his direction then gave you a quick hug. “I’ll see you on Monday, Belle. Have fun with The Beast,” she winked and smacked your butt as you walked away.

“Oh thank God,” you heard Chris mutter under his breath when you rejoined his side. “Sorry,” he winced at Raina, who was walking over with her cellphone. “Y/N and I said no photos when we’re together, she doesn’t like it when we circulate on the web.”

“But you’re a famous actor and she’s a famous model, the two of you are always circulating the web.” Raina’s eyes narrowed at Chris’ ridiculous excuse. “Just yesterday-”

“I don’t like it when we circulate on the web, Raina.” You affirmed Chris’ lie and she sighed, walking away and undoubtedly cussing the two of you out. “You need to think of better excuses, babe.” You told him and pressed a kiss to his jaw.

“It’s not really an excuse, I don’t like it when we circulate the web.” He told you what you already knew. “I don’t mind selfies of me and fans but- I don’t like it when we’re unknowingly photographed by people when we’re in public. I don’t even like it when we’re knowingly photographed together, especially when it’s like- not official, you know? I kinda just wanna be with you without having eyes on us, which is difficult considering- you’re you and I’m me.”

“That’s why we have the privacy of our shared home,” you reminded him and he smiled. “You ready to get out of here?”

“I was hoping we’d get one dance in before we do.” He said and took your hand, leading you out onto the dance floor. “There is no way we’re not dancing to Beauty and The Beast when we’re dressed as Beauty and The Beast.” He glanced over at the DJ and nodded; you chuckled but silently agreed to his point. “There we go,” he smiled when the music started and pulled you into a waltzing position. “Now my fun begins.” His smile widened as the two of you glided across the dance floor; everyone watched in awe as the real life Belle and Beast waltz.

“You know by doing this we’re attracting attention, right? People are going to take pictures of us and we’re going to be trending everywhere by midnight.” You said and he nodded in acknowledgement. “And you’re okay with that?”

“I’ll worry about it tomorrow,” he shrugged. “Right now, all I can see is you and how beautiful you are.” He kissed your cheek and you smiled. “How did I get so lucky with you, Y/N? You could’ve had any guy you wanted and you picked me.”

“You say that like you’re some ordinary guy when you’re actually a Disney Prince.”

“Right, I’m a Disney Prince.” He glanced down at his costume and dramatically gasped. “And I keep wondering how I got a Disney Princess,” he said and you laughed. “I love you, Y/N.” He smiled the same love sick smile you had earlier. “I cannot wait till we get our happily ever after.”


You look amazing (Damian Wayne smut)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Hi 👋 Can I request one with an older Damian Wayne where the reader loses a bet and is forced to wear a “sexy robin” costume for a day but they don’t know that Damian is robin. And Damian get weirdly turned on by seeing his significant other in a sexy version of his costume. Maybe some smut Summary: After spending the day with you in a sexy robin costume, Damian needs to show you how he feels about it.
Word count: 862
Warning(s): SMUT

It had been a silly bet. You had bet your best friend that your other friend didn’t have the balls to talk to her crush at a party. Boy were you wrong! Twenty minutes into the party she was hanging off his neck, making out. You couldn’t believe your eyes.

So there you were, the next morning, wearing a very revealing version of the robin costume. The only thing properly covered was your head because of the hood and your back, because of the cape. “Come on y/n, even Damian’s here to see,” your friend loudly laughs, trying to coax you out of your bedroom. ‘When did Dami have time to get here’ You thought to yourself, trying to fix up the bottom of the costume which is going to places it shouldn’t be. You could hear your best friend talking to your wonderful boyfriend, probably telling him what’s going on, he kept his replies short as always.

Opening the door, two pairs of eyes land on you, and you swear Damian blinked multiple times trying to make sure you were real. Damian hadn’t yet told you about being robin, so this was a bigger surprise than he expected.

“Wow,” Your best friend says, skipping closer to you to give your outfit a small inspection. You can’t help but cringe, which makes her smirk at you, “You’re stuck wearing this for a day, y/n, no funny business.” A small groan sounds from you, “But I look ridiculous.”

“That’s why you have to wear it.” She giggles, grabbing her jacket and bag, “anyway, I have to go, but rest assured, I’ll know if you take it off, so don’t try anything.” the door slams loudly, a breath you were holding joining the air outside of you.

You realize that Damian hasn’t said anything, nor even really moved. “Earth to Damian, are you alright?” You ask in front of his face, causing him to snap out of his trance. “Yes beloved, I’m quite alright. Not going to lie, you look amazing.” He says sincerely, “ You really think so ?” you ask for confirmation, “TT, of course.”

The rest of the day he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, but to be honest, no one else could either. Men and women alike would stare at you on the street, even the server at the ice cream parlor was shamelessly staring at your revealed chest.

Damian had his arm secured around your waist at all times, holding you closer than usual, and glared at anyone that dared to look at you in a wanting manor, which was everyone and anyone.

The cashier at the corner store decided to make a lethal mistake of flirting with you, initiating the Damian intimidation protocol, aka the scariest and most brutal threats you’ve ever heard come out from his mouth, lots worse than the things you’ve heard him say to his brothers.

“What was that about?” You question, making Damian stop walking. “I can’t stand others flirting with someone that is obviously taken, I know what was going through his head beloved, “ He answers, making you walk towards your apartment building. “And how do you know that?” I push.  

“Because the same thing has been going through my head all day,” He answers bluntly. Now you knew, not only was he jealous, but he wanted you, that’s why he had been unusually near.

As soon as you entered your apartment, you were pushed up on the door, his lips roughly on yours, his hands grabbing your ass, making your legs wrap around his waist. Damian was obviously feeling the need to tear off your clothes, the bedroom proving to be too far away. He carried you to the huge kitchen counter, sitting you down on it, before pressing rough kisses on your neck,standing between your legs, while removing as much clothing as possible. You do the same, removing his shirt and pants in record time.

Looking in your eyes for conformation he slowly pushes himself into you, giving you a moment to get used to his size. His first thrust are slow and soft, but with every thrust he gets rougher, the cold tabletop causing the pleasure to feel more intense.

With every thrust the ecstasy comes closer, close enough to grasp, Damian definitely knew, his thrust becoming less uniform but harder and deeper, your name leaving his lips along with low groans and light moans, same from you, the high pitched moans bringing Damian closer by the second.

You come undone first, “Damian,” you moan, grabbing his hair. His cock twitches, signaling his sweet release, he rides out you highs, a thin layer of sweat on his chest, after all, this was as good as a work out.

When he finally comes to a halt, he pulls himself out as gently as possible. Picking you up he finally takes you to the bedroom, gently laying you on the bed before joining you, wrapping his arms around your frame as you head lays on his broad chest.

He knew he had to tell you some time soon, because he’d love to see you wear that more often.  


With love,

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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 1

BACK IN IT, TO WIN IT: Deep Space Nine Season 7!!!!!

7x01 ‘Image in the Sand’
- Majel Barrett’s voice, omg, I’m home
- COLONEL. Colonel Anastasia Komananov. naahh I’m just teasing — COLONEL KIRA :D

new hair too

- Kira: “I remember when the cult of the Pah-Wraiths used to be a joke. Now those red armbands are appearing all over Bajor. It’s like everyone’s gone crazy.”
  Odo: “A lot of people feel abandoned by the Prophets.”
  Kira: “Believe me I know how they feel. But that’s no excuse to turn to hate and fear.”
  anyway it’s 2017 in America and I’m struck
- whattup I missed Miles and Julian like my own friends
- life’s ambition tbh: serving on a starship alongside Career NCO Chief O’Brien
- turns out Ben can play the piano, and it very figures. he’s currently trying to jazz out his feelings.
- I love this show like a childhood I didn’t have. how is this like, retrograde formative. I’m emosh.
- Admiral Ross: “You still think he’s coming back?”
  Kira: “Don’t you?”
  Admiral Ross: “—I’ll be in touch.” ho hoho
- Deep Space Nine is straightforward but not simple. maybe that’s the phrase I’ve been trying to put my finger on for months. because I love a lot of…kinda ornate shows? with a lot of heady stuff going on, all sorts of stylistic experimentation, blah blah blah, and Star Trek…isn’t that. but it’s STRONG. the themes and emotional resonance might be purer for being uncluttered.

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What the pilot has to do to serve a series is hard! You have to introduce all the characters, you have to introduce all the relationships, and then somehow weave all of that information into enough of a story to keep people interested for 44 minutes, and end with a big enough bang that they go ‘Oh, I think I’ll come back next week.’ That’s a lot. As you get into the episodic aspect, then you can spend an episode and think about one character, but you have to get all of it enough in the mix to keep us going, 'Wow! Who’s that guy with the bumps in the background?’ or 'What’s that?’ or 'What’s she about?’
—  Robert Blackman, on what makes a pilot script work. (Posted here instead of the costume blog because it’s not about costumes. I just think it’s a smart commentary on pilots.)
Reaction to S.O Wearing a Sexy Halloween Costume

(Hey Hey!)


“Wow you even made it into Tigger form, this makes this moment even better”


“Don’t ever take it off”




“Well now I know the reason why they say ‘freaky’ on Halloween”


“You have released the inner Uppie!”


“Mmm sexy bunny…I mean nice costume hehe”

(Not my gifs)


Send me a prompt xx

  1. I did my patriotic duty
  2. Remember that time when we turned a can of Axe into a flame thrower?
  3. I woke up next to a veteran this morning
  4. So I had a dream last night that involved you
  5. And I didn’t hate it
  6. If anyone could figure out how to pee on someone’s soul, it would be you
  7. Thank you for extending my knowledge on the effects of vodka
  8. You always know what to say to make me feel better
  9. Speak of what happened and I will kill you
  10. I’m not above blackmail
  11. I found them in the bathroom trying to wrap an American flag around Steve
  12. It’s really sad I had to specify this but…
  13. I didn’t ask questions
  14. Why can’t I come over and snuggle?
  15. I am taking my rightful place as ruler of the undead appearance wise
  16. You’re doing that ‘overestimating how much I care’ thing again
  17. Good lord you suck at this wake up call
  18. Son of a bitch took my liquid eyeliner
  19. If I can, after drinking enough vodka to knock out a Russian soldier, muster up enough motivation to call you the next morning the least you can do is pick up and listen.
  20. I’m like Cupid
  21. The fact you thought licking it would fix it boggles my mind.
  22. I don’t understand it.
  23. You’re a whore with a bow and arrow
  24. It worked
  25. Not the point here, guys
  26. Woke up with chlamydia and a bruised rib
  27. Don’t call the police the police about the strange man passed out in his car.
  28. I’ll collect him later
  29. I love you
  30. Sorry I punched you in the throat. You got in my way. You understand.
  31. It’s like autocorrect knew you weren’t well endowed
  32. Let’s play a game called ‘Chill the hell out’. You’re the first contestant
  33. I am NOT getting arrested in a wig!
  34. I think I’m at that stage in my life where I subconsciously purposefully mess everything up just to see if I can find a way out of it.
  35. That doesn’t involve shooting people. Or stabbing them.
  36. I don’t understand how I managed to fuck up so much in an hour and a half
  37. I cried for thirty minutes at the bar before the bartender helped me and gave me free drinks for the rest of the night
  38. I’m confused why you asked me to buy you a life alert at 3:28 this morning
  39. Have a merry Christmas
  40. I’ve been here twenty minutes and a sweaty half naked man has kissed me
  41. What happened?
  42. I thought I told you to wait.
  43. And apparently I tried to pay for a drink with a tampon
  44. I think I fucked up my elbow when I tried to fight off the paramedics
  45. .Shut up
  46. I wear heals bigger than your dick
  47. Are you sighing and judging me through the phone right now?
  49. I felt like I didn’t get that across well enough
  50. Is it a bad thing that I’ve made out with everyone I work with?
  51. … well anything sounds bad if you say it like that
  52. Her voice kills me.
  53. Are you just sitting in your room drinking popsicle vodka?
  54. It’s the perfect pitch to fuck with my hangover
  55. Fries before guys, foods before dudes, shakes before dates, chips before dicks, lemon bars before football stars, macaroni before screwing’ Tony.
  56. What I’m trying to say I’d can we just have a girls night?
  57. Wanna tell me why vodka seeped out of my mattress when I got into my bed?
  58. How do we have all these hot friends we never do body shots off of?
  59. Not really
  60. Babe
  61. Can we just?
  62. makes grabby hands
  63. What the fuck?
  64. What happened?
  65. I think it is a scientific achievement that I can make jelly that is 95% vodka so suck it up.
  66. I don’t know if you’re aware of this but…
  67. Wow. Damn. Okay.
  68. We’re plotting your demise
  69. We could have the the best hate sex… ever
  70. I’m bonding with your girlfriend
  71. But he’s like a baby bird with his wing broken that I want to FUCK
  72. They pay me to be heterosexual or helpful. I’m going to need a hell of a raise to be both.
  73. I think I pulled a muscle in my tongue
  74. You’ve never felt ridiculous until you’ve walked through downtown in a Viking costume
  75. So you threw a knife at me last night
  76. I honestly wish I could say I was surprised
  77. Well since you’re literally falling for me, it’s hard to say no.
  78. Oh, wait, let me get some popcorn
  79. When he pulled his dick out I told him he brought a knife to a sword fight
  80. I am so sorry
  81. Watching you make your own decisions should be quite the shitshow
  82. I’m about two and a half drinks away from being gay
  83. I’m coming over
  84. Don’t let go
  85. You’re everything I’ve wanted in a friend
  86. You have questionable morals
  87. Do I look like a person who has full control of their limbs on this plane of reality?
  88. You drink too much
  89. If you don’t want me in your apartment you should get better locks
  90. I just felt emotion and I am not okay with it
  91. My move of emasculating men with my superior intellect isn’t as charming when they can’t see my huge rack.
  92. Why do I feel like I really don’t want to know the end of this?
  93. Go big or go home, am I right?
  94. You’ll never guess whose blood is on my shirt
  95. It was just a casual affair
  96. My apologies
  97. I’ll try not to let my dick interfere with official work duties in the future
  98. That’s what you get for having butt ass naked roof top sex at night in the middle of December
  99. Worth it
  100. Fuck you!
  101. I’m the Pilot!
  102. Please and thank you
  103. Just come back with most of you limbs… and that mouth of yours
  104. I hate it when she philosophises on my counter drunkenly
  105. He has the ass of a Greek god, honey
  106. He made me break fast
  107. Not even sober to I understand Latin
  108. Drunk is not a location
  109. I waxed the left side of it and was in too much pain to do to right side so now my crotch looks like Cruella Devil
  110. We kind of broke a table while making out
  111. I hate cats
  112. So yes, I’d say it was successful
  113. Pants are for mortals
  114. People like you and me aren’t meant to go for this long without sex
  115. Well, personally I like to keep my blackmail in organised folders
  116. You forgot the part where I played slip and slide in my own puke and messed up my knee
  117. I was trying to save face
  118. He just got home drunk
  119. My apartment looks like the apocalypse of sobriety
  120. It may be a clusterfuck, but I’ll be looking classy as shit as I watch the nightmare unfold
  121. Why do I like him?
  122. He literally has no redeeming qualities
  123. Drunk me is basically the Oprah of nudes
  124. I’m going to have a badass scar
  125. Yo! Human Dorito, get your ass out here!
  126. We all know that badassery is carried of the xx chromosome
  127. 90% threatening to punch him in the dick and 10% actually punching him in the dick.
  128. This is like the walk of shame down memory lane
  129. FYI, At my funeral it’s your job to dramatically throw yourself on my casket
  130. Text me if you’re not dead and wanna have a drink later
  131. I’m confused
  132. I’m constantly crying
  133. Do you know anyone else who comes home with as many unexplainable injuries as we do every night?
  134. You keep asking me questions like I have a magic thing called a memory
  135. I want to kill someone right now but at the same time I just really need cuddles
  136. How do you get the ‘hangs out with drunk assholes’ insurance?
  137. I’m still trying to decide whether it’s a compliment or not
  138. It’s the never ending clusterfuck that is my love life
  139. I can say with absolute certainty the only time we’ve had a civil conversation was when we both liked pizza
  140. I’d like to subscribe to your Daddy issues
  141. I’m like, not good at living
  142. I did tell you I spoke over 30 languages
  143. I’m sorry I couldn’t bail you out, apparently they don’t take credit cards over the phone.
  144. Listen, I will certainly take anything I can get my little gay fingers on
  145. I don’t know where I am
  146. I make bad decisions on probably a regular basis
  147. I think this guy is dead
  148. We make up for it in dry humour
  149. What fucking idiot decided to make an entire stupid state where you can’t take a damn right turn. Fuck New Jersey
  150. She is so graceful and swan like
  151. Just calling to say thank you for not dying
  152. I’m still not sure how to feel about the fact that we had a threesome with a guy older than my grandpa
  153. It’s what god put me on earth for
  154. Sorry I wasn’t really responsible earlier. I was really high on adrenaline and very into that car chase
  156. I am pretty great at coffee and mistakes
  157. How did I get here?
  158. It’s my life mission
  159. It took too long for people to come up with things for 'Never have I ever’ so we changed it to 'Don’t judge me but…’
  160. You ever feel like an organ is just failing you?
  161. If you with any of them tell them I apologise for (insert whatever I did wrong here)
  162. All you did was repeatedly scream 'GET IT IN’
  163. Hold on I’ll be right there; I can’t find my arm
  164. Just because I’m a woman and I’m cranky and irritable right now does not mean I’m on my period.
  165. Babe? It’s shark week.
  166. People are talking politics and I have had 9 mimosas
  167. Did you at least make friends in jail?
  168. Help me?
  169. You just can’t follow orders, can you?
  170. What the hell is Code C?
  171. Between the Marvin Gaye and the candlelit dinner, I’d say you’re trying to woo me baby
  172. What made it obvious?
  173. Hell no! I went out this morning to buy those so you better put them right back down
  174. You’re interrupting date night!
  175. you predictable little shit
  176. You can pay me back in chocolate and cuddles
  177. Will you marry me?
  178. I love you and that scares me.
  179. When I told you to tell the cops, I meant federal agents not the local PD, idiot
  180. Why did you run out the room when I arrived?
  181. I feel like I should know you and I’m really sorry that I don’t
  182. I really really like you
  183. I hate you too. The feeling is mutual.
  184. Happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas
  185. I told you not to get into trouble.
  186. I would tell you it’s a pleasure to see you again but I’d be lying
  187. All I ask is….
  188. Boo! I scared you! I didn’t scare you did I?
  189. I knew you
  190. What did I tell you about touching stuff?
  191. I trusted you
  192. I asked you to stay safe for one mission. For one bloody mission and now look at you.
  193. We should get awards just for turning up when disaster strikes
  194. We haven’t been getting paid for years yet we have potentially the most dangerous job on the planet.
  195. We are so bloody stupid
  196. I need a doctor.
  197. Avengers Assemble. Team bonding session is mandatory. Everybody meet in the common room
  198. You’re such a dork
  199. Do you have any idea how many people are dead because I wasn’t clever enough, wasn’t quick enough, wasn’t strong enough, wasn’t good enough?
Halloween Party (Teen Wolf preference)

Scott - Lydia was having her usual Halloween party at her house and she invited a bunch of people/friends, including you. When you told Scott about the party he was more than excited to go.
“Scott, you ready?” you shouted from the bathroom so he could hear you downstairs. "Yeah babe, are you?“ "Yeah give me a sec" You headed downstairs and Scott was looking you from head to toe. His mouth slightly agape at how hot you looked in your Superwoman costume. “You like?” you asked, waiting patiently for an answer. “I..I..umm…I-I…mmhmm” was all he could say. You blushed at his stuttering. “Come on, let’s go to the party!!”. After about 10 minutes you arrived at Lydia’s house.
You entered and were greeted by Lydia, Stiles, Allison, Isaac, Kira and Liam. “Wow you guys look great!” they all said in sync while looking at yours and Scott’s Superman costume.

Stiles - You guys were invited to Lydia’s Halloween party and of course you would go! While shopping for costumes, Stiles stopped in front of a specific one. “Of course!” you said dragging the ‘o’ “I just found my Halloween costume!” Stiles said, smiling like an idiot in front of the Batman costume. “Ok, then let’s find mine.” you said. After looking for your costume, you just thought you’d take the one that matches with Stiles’. “Oh yeah babe! You’ll definitely take this one.” Let’s just say that when you arrived at the party, every guy was drooling over you causing Stiles to have his arm around your waist the whole night and kissing you passionately every now and then, showing them that you belong to him.

Derek - When Derek found out about the Halloween party Lydia was throwing at her house, he said “Absolutely no!” “But whyyyyyy Dereeeeek? We’ll have so much fun and everyone is gonna be there including Stiles, Scott, Allison, Kira, Isaac and Liam! Come on!! For meeeee!” you whined doing the puppy eyes to him, knowing he couldn’t say no to them. “Oh no, not the puppy eyes” Derek said, covering his eyes and turning around, eventually he gave in “Ugh! Ok we’ll go to the party.. But I’m picking the costumes!” “Oh, I have a baaaad feeling for this.” you said and he just smirked. After a couple hours he came with the costumes in his hand. “Oh my gosh, what did you pick?” you asked, afraid of seeing what the costumes looked like. “Well I thought it would be a great idea if we dressed as…KICKBOXERS!” you almost fainted at what he just said. “Are you serious?” “Yeah i am! Now go wear this! You don’t want to be late!” he winked and you just rolled your eyes. You got dressed to the costume and when you went back downstairs, you saw Derek in his own costume. He looked hot to be honest. “Wow you look great!” you said looking at him, he gave you a smile. “Well, you’re not too bad yourself.” “You’re kidding me right? This red skirt doesn’t even cover my ass! So, don’t get mad if any guy hits on me, because it will be your fault!” “Not making any promises!” he said and you got in the car, heading to Lydia’s place.

Isaac - Isaac was really excited to go to a Halloween party after so long. You were busy with your homework and you told Isaac to go get your costumes for tonight’s party Lydia was throwing. When he came back you were really curious about the costumes. “Y/N i’m here” you heard Isaac yell from the living room. “Coming” you yelled back. You surprisingly loved them when you saw your costume, which was a police officer’s costume, and Isaac’s, which was a prisoner’s costume. “Do you like them?” “Oh my god they’re perfect ! People are gonna be so jealous of our costumes” you smiled up at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Did you finish your homework?” “Yeah, I did” “Ok, then go get ready cause we’re leaving in half an hour” “Kk” When you arrived at Lydia’s place, every guy was hitting on you and every girl was hitting on Isaac, but you turned them all down. Let’s just say that when the party was over and you arrived at your guys’ house, things got a little heated.

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today’s warmup comes to you from my old macbeth costumes. we closed last night and i’m devastated

annieleonhardt  asked:

Armin and Annie make an annual tradition of going to the Renaissance faire and it is exactly as ridiculous as you'd think. Also Armin has a hard time not staring at the totters in a corset. When he's not critiquing the historical accuracy of course, which Annie gets a kick out of like "tiger it is essentially a theme park. Next you'll be critiquing Disney world on its portrayal of the mouse species." "BABE I CAN'T HELP IT"

WOW OKAY so armin is a stickler for accuracy and the first time they go, armin gets so mad that none of the costume stores have anything REMOTELY accurate and he straight up goes “FUCK IT ILL MAKE THEM MYSELF” and he enlists Historia’s help bc while he is a gigantic nerd who for some reason is already really skilled at leather and metal work, he has no fuckn idea where to even start with annies costume and Historia is just thinks its so adorable

And annie is like “ar you cant get crazy obsessive about this” and armins just like “if i cant be crazy obsessive about accuracy whats even the damn point” and annies just like

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh why do i love this nerd

BONUS historia puts annie in the corset and armin is torn between “no self respecting renaissance woman would wear a corset like that” and “but boobs”