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Never Met A Woman Like Me Before- A Dean Winchester Imagine

Description: hunting at a convention 
Word count: 570

“Let’s get going, baby!” You heard your boyfriend Dean call as you finish adding a little bit more lipstick, making your costume complete.

“Alright, babe, I’m coming!” You shout back at him as you run down the hall.

“Wow.” Dean simply states as you come into view in your Wonder Woman costume.
“I could say the same thing about you, Batman.” You say as you walk closer to him, giving him a slow and sweet kiss.

“Uh hem!” You both here from behind. Turning around you notice it’s Sam in a Superman outfit.

“Well well well, Sammy, you don’t scrub up too bad either.” You tell him as you all make your way out of the bunker.

“So what’s the plan?” You ask as you start to drive away.
“Got some shifters at the nerd convention; we’re gonna find them while we’re there and gank them when they’re looking for their victims after the convention.” Dean confirms.
“Alright, sounds like a plan.” You say back.

“Is this really what a conventions like, Y/N?” Dean asked a little weirded out by the people in costume as characters he doesn’t know and the amount of people in one room.
“Yep! Isn’t it perfect?” You look around like you’re in heaven.
“Yeah, something like that, alright lets look around and see if we can spot the supernatural from the super-weird.” Your boyfriend says as you all split up.

Sam, Dean and you meet up at the spot the killings had been happening at the end of the convention. You all found 2 shifters each, so just like you all thought it was a pack. As more people started to pile out of the room you see your 6 shifters and slowly move in on them.
“Alright lets get going ‘Justice League’.” You say to the boys as you follow the shifters.

Dean and Sam go in and attack first as you come in after, getting the ones who are attacking the boys and trying to protect their friends. The fight was almost over with all of them dead but one; it was a really smart and strong one, ‘probably the alpha’ you thought. It was holding you by the throat against the wall, while the brothers were knocked out.

All of a sudden as you feel like you’re about to pass out you hear a brutish voice sound from behind you and the shifter.

“Hey! Leave the lady alone.” As you both turn around you see its a guy still in costume trying to be the hero but having no idea what he’s getting himself into.

The shifter walks up to the man and transforms into him, right in front of his eyes.
“Hey! Leave the lady alone.” The shifter imitates, mocking the man.
The man looks terrified and slowly backs away, but you know the shifter will go after him, so while it’s distracted by this dope you get out your blade and slice it’s head off.

“This lady can handle herself. Now get out of here kid.” You tell the man as he skitters away.

Before you can turn around to check the boys you hear clapping coming from behind you.

“Now that was awesome!” Dean tells you as he lifts you up and spins you around.

“Well, you really have never met a woman like me before.” You tell him with a cheeky smile as you walk off.

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How do you deal with imperfections in your costumes? If I see a mistake or if something isn't quite right, it drives me crazy. I stress too much trying to make a costume perfect, but I'm not sure how to make myself relax and not sweat the small stuff. Any tips?

Think of every costume like it’s homework.  

Homework isn’t supposed to be a masterpiece. It’s STUDY. It’s completing tasks and projects in order to LEARN about the subject. We don’t do homework to impress our teachers or school, we do it to learn about the field of it’s content. 

Think of your cosplays like homework. Each one is a project to learning more about costuming, prop creation, painting, sewing, fabric and textiles, etc etc. If something starts to go south or doesn’t end up the way you want, it’s fine, because this is just homework for the next project. 

Which will be homework for the next cosplay, and the next and the next.

If you treat your costumes this way, as a stepping stone to the next one, eventually you’ll make a perfect one without realizing you did it. 

Because I guarantee you’ll look back at one of them and go “Wow damn, I was being hard on myself but I think that costume was pretty perfect.” 

Imagine attending a costume party with Chris.

“Why the fuck is your company having a costume party in November?” Chris called from the ensuite while you got ready in the bedroom. “They didn’t do anything for Halloween and they’re doing something right after Thanksgiving? It makes no sense,” he complained. “What is it even for? Do we really have to go?”

“You already know it’s for Marnie’s farewell, Chris.”

“Yeah, which begs the question- do we have to go?” He repeated the latter and you heaved a sigh. “You don’t even like-” He cut himself off when he exited and caught sight of you; his beautiful Belle. “Oh wow,” he breathed. “I think you just out Belle-ed Emma Watson.”

You smiled and twirled in your yellow gown. “You don’t look so bad yourself, Beast.” You grabbed him by his white bow tie and pulled him towards you. “And stop complaining,” you told him after giving him a quick peck on the lips. “You love costume parties, especially Disney themed ones. You finally get to be that Disney Prince you’ve always dreamed of being.”

“Actually,” he corrected, “I finally get to date the Disney Princess I’ve always dreamed of dating.” He grinned and hooked an arm around your waist. “You are a sight for sore eyes, Y/N.” He complimented then pressed his lips to your neck. “I kinda don’t want to go anywhere now that I’ve seen you in that costume.”

“You kinda didn’t want to go anywhere before you saw me in this costume.” You chuckled softly and ran your hands through his unnaturally blond hair; it was still blond from filming which was why you decided on Beauty and The Beast for your couple’s costume. “Oh stop.” You laughed when he groaned loudly. “You’re going to have fun, you always have fun.”

“No, I don’t. I never have fun at your company parties,” he grumbled and you chuckled at his childlike attitude. “Do you know what I spend my time doing at your company parties? So called having fun?” He used his fingers to make bunny ears and you chuckled again. “I get looped into taking selfies with your co-workers because they still can’t believe you’re dating Captain America despite the fact that we’ve been together for three years now.”

“And what do you do after taking a few selfies with my co-workers?” You raised a brow and he sighed with the corners of his lips slowly tugging into a smile. “You spend the night with me having one hell of a time because we-” You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled, “always have fun together.”

“You really have me whipped, don’t you?” He poked your side and you shrugged nonchalantly, biting back your smile. “The tables are going to turn when we get home from that awful party.” He whispered into your ear then playfully nipped at your earlobe. “Don’t you worry.”

“You’re a Disney Prince, Christopher.” You pushed him away and slapped his arm playfully, laughing and drawing laughter from him. “Act like it.” You scolded, biting back your smile when he pouted. “Then maybe after…” You leaned in and whispered into his ear, “we see what Belle and The Beast gets up to behind closed doors.”

“Oh, look who’s not acting like a Disney Princess now.” He teased then laughed when you rolled your eyes. “Okay, sounds like I’ve got something to look forward to.” He winked and you chuckled. “Shall we, Belle?” He held out his arm for you and you gracefully took it.

“We shall, Beast.”
• • • • • • • •
You had left Chris about half an hour ago to have some girl time with your best friend and co-worker, Laurel. The two of you loved bitching about other co-workers at office parties, it was like a tradition by now. Chris didn’t like it when you left him alone at your office parties but he also didn’t like joining in the girl talk. Every time you asked, he’d decline with the explanation. “Nothing you two talk about makes any sense to me because I don’t work with them.” He would then retreat to the bar, grumbling. “I gotta be drunk if I’m going to be nice to co-workers when they approach me for yet another selfie.” You’d roll your eyes but smile anyway because despite his constant bitching and moaning, he would never skip out on you.

“He is struggling,” your best friend laughed as the two of you watched Chris from across the room. He was taking yet another selfie with one of your colleagues. You were pretty sure it was the twelfth one in half an hour. “You should probably get back to him,” Laurel suggested and you nodded, chuckling. “You don’t want to have to show up solo next time.”

“God, no.” You chuckled then felt a love sick smile take control of your lips. “But he loves me too much to make me come alone,” you told her and she chuckled, nodding in agreement. “He really is perfect, isn’t he? He’s like a real life Disney Prince,” you said and giggled to yourself.

“Do you ever get sick of rubbing it in my face?” She joked and you laughed. “Go,” she beckoned her head in his direction then gave you a quick hug. “I’ll see you on Monday, Belle. Have fun with The Beast,” she winked and smacked your butt as you walked away.

“Oh thank God,” you heard Chris mutter under his breath when you rejoined his side. “Sorry,” he winced at Raina, who was walking over with her cellphone. “Y/N and I said no photos when we’re together, she doesn’t like it when we circulate on the web.”

“But you’re a famous actor and she’s a famous model, the two of you are always circulating the web.” Raina’s eyes narrowed at Chris’ ridiculous excuse. “Just yesterday-”

“I don’t like it when we circulate on the web, Raina.” You affirmed Chris’ lie and she sighed, walking away and undoubtedly cussing the two of you out. “You need to think of better excuses, babe.” You told him and pressed a kiss to his jaw.

“It’s not really an excuse, I don’t like it when we circulate the web.” He told you what you already knew. “I don’t mind selfies of me and fans but- I don’t like it when we’re unknowingly photographed by people when we’re in public. I don’t even like it when we’re knowingly photographed together, especially when it’s like- not official, you know? I kinda just wanna be with you without having eyes on us, which is difficult considering- you’re you and I’m me.”

“That’s why we have the privacy of our shared home,” you reminded him and he smiled. “You ready to get out of here?”

“I was hoping we’d get one dance in before we do.” He said and took your hand, leading you out onto the dance floor. “There is no way we’re not dancing to Beauty and The Beast when we’re dressed as Beauty and The Beast.” He glanced over at the DJ and nodded; you chuckled but silently agreed to his point. “There we go,” he smiled when the music started and pulled you into a waltzing position. “Now my fun begins.” His smile widened as the two of you glided across the dance floor; everyone watched in awe as the real life Belle and Beast waltz.

“You know by doing this we’re attracting attention, right? People are going to take pictures of us and we’re going to be trending everywhere by midnight.” You said and he nodded in acknowledgement. “And you’re okay with that?”

“I’ll worry about it tomorrow,” he shrugged. “Right now, all I can see is you and how beautiful you are.” He kissed your cheek and you smiled. “How did I get so lucky with you, Y/N? You could’ve had any guy you wanted and you picked me.”

“You say that like you’re some ordinary guy when you’re actually a Disney Prince.”

“Right, I’m a Disney Prince.” He glanced down at his costume and dramatically gasped. “And I keep wondering how I got a Disney Princess,” he said and you laughed. “I love you, Y/N.” He smiled the same love sick smile you had earlier. “I cannot wait till we get our happily ever after.”


You look amazing (Damian Wayne smut)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Hi 👋 Can I request one with an older Damian Wayne where the reader loses a bet and is forced to wear a “sexy robin” costume for a day but they don’t know that Damian is robin. And Damian get weirdly turned on by seeing his significant other in a sexy version of his costume. Maybe some smut Summary: After spending the day with you in a sexy robin costume, Damian needs to show you how he feels about it.
Word count: 862
Warning(s): SMUT

It had been a silly bet. You had bet your best friend that your other friend didn’t have the balls to talk to her crush at a party. Boy were you wrong! Twenty minutes into the party she was hanging off his neck, making out. You couldn’t believe your eyes.

So there you were, the next morning, wearing a very revealing version of the robin costume. The only thing properly covered was your head because of the hood and your back, because of the cape. “Come on y/n, even Damian’s here to see,” your friend loudly laughs, trying to coax you out of your bedroom. ‘When did Dami have time to get here’ You thought to yourself, trying to fix up the bottom of the costume which is going to places it shouldn’t be. You could hear your best friend talking to your wonderful boyfriend, probably telling him what’s going on, he kept his replies short as always.

Opening the door, two pairs of eyes land on you, and you swear Damian blinked multiple times trying to make sure you were real. Damian hadn’t yet told you about being robin, so this was a bigger surprise than he expected.

“Wow,” Your best friend says, skipping closer to you to give your outfit a small inspection. You can’t help but cringe, which makes her smirk at you, “You’re stuck wearing this for a day, y/n, no funny business.” A small groan sounds from you, “But I look ridiculous.”

“That’s why you have to wear it.” She giggles, grabbing her jacket and bag, “anyway, I have to go, but rest assured, I’ll know if you take it off, so don’t try anything.” the door slams loudly, a breath you were holding joining the air outside of you.

You realize that Damian hasn’t said anything, nor even really moved. “Earth to Damian, are you alright?” You ask in front of his face, causing him to snap out of his trance. “Yes beloved, I’m quite alright. Not going to lie, you look amazing.” He says sincerely, “ You really think so ?” you ask for confirmation, “TT, of course.”

The rest of the day he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, but to be honest, no one else could either. Men and women alike would stare at you on the street, even the server at the ice cream parlor was shamelessly staring at your revealed chest.

Damian had his arm secured around your waist at all times, holding you closer than usual, and glared at anyone that dared to look at you in a wanting manor, which was everyone and anyone.

The cashier at the corner store decided to make a lethal mistake of flirting with you, initiating the Damian intimidation protocol, aka the scariest and most brutal threats you’ve ever heard come out from his mouth, lots worse than the things you’ve heard him say to his brothers.

“What was that about?” You question, making Damian stop walking. “I can’t stand others flirting with someone that is obviously taken, I know what was going through his head beloved, “ He answers, making you walk towards your apartment building. “And how do you know that?” I push.  

“Because the same thing has been going through my head all day,” He answers bluntly. Now you knew, not only was he jealous, but he wanted you, that’s why he had been unusually near.

As soon as you entered your apartment, you were pushed up on the door, his lips roughly on yours, his hands grabbing your ass, making your legs wrap around his waist. Damian was obviously feeling the need to tear off your clothes, the bedroom proving to be too far away. He carried you to the huge kitchen counter, sitting you down on it, before pressing rough kisses on your neck,standing between your legs, while removing as much clothing as possible. You do the same, removing his shirt and pants in record time.

Looking in your eyes for conformation he slowly pushes himself into you, giving you a moment to get used to his size. His first thrust are slow and soft, but with every thrust he gets rougher, the cold tabletop causing the pleasure to feel more intense.

With every thrust the ecstasy comes closer, close enough to grasp, Damian definitely knew, his thrust becoming less uniform but harder and deeper, your name leaving his lips along with low groans and light moans, same from you, the high pitched moans bringing Damian closer by the second.

You come undone first, “Damian,” you moan, grabbing his hair. His cock twitches, signaling his sweet release, he rides out you highs, a thin layer of sweat on his chest, after all, this was as good as a work out.

When he finally comes to a halt, he pulls himself out as gently as possible. Picking you up he finally takes you to the bedroom, gently laying you on the bed before joining you, wrapping his arms around your frame as you head lays on his broad chest.

He knew he had to tell you some time soon, because he’d love to see you wear that more often.  


With love,

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They didn't make Viv pink, Marvel is now drawing Vision pinker in his civies and red while wearing a costume. Not sure how it works, but there you go.

So I checked and Anon’s right? At least in Champions #1, he is actually really pink compared to the deep red of his costume (though surely that wouldn’t also apply to his face? unless he puts on makeup idk) but yeah I can see that argument.

So @vivvision it turns out it’s not his skin I guess? Wow this entire time we were debating if he fought crime half naked in the Emma Frost tradition but this seems much easier not that I would say no to a half naked vizh bc honestly daddy

However, I also want to argue against making Viv pink at all bc despite that it really feels like they went ‘she’s a girl robot, so obviously she’s pink’ and ugh please don’t especially when Vision’s in costume 99% of the time which highlights the contrast.

Although hey, what a good reason to GIVE VIV A COSTUME WAID.

Halloween Party (Teen Wolf preference)

Scott - Lydia was having her usual Halloween party at her house and she invited a bunch of people/friends, including you. When you told Scott about the party he was more than excited to go.
“Scott, you ready?” you shouted from the bathroom so he could hear you downstairs. "Yeah babe, are you?“ "Yeah give me a sec" You headed downstairs and Scott was looking you from head to toe. His mouth slightly agape at how hot you looked in your Superwoman costume. “You like?” you asked, waiting patiently for an answer. “I..I..umm…I-I…mmhmm” was all he could say. You blushed at his stuttering. “Come on, let’s go to the party!!”. After about 10 minutes you arrived at Lydia’s house.
You entered and were greeted by Lydia, Stiles, Allison, Isaac, Kira and Liam. “Wow you guys look great!” they all said in sync while looking at yours and Scott’s Superman costume.

Stiles - You guys were invited to Lydia’s Halloween party and of course you would go! While shopping for costumes, Stiles stopped in front of a specific one. “Of course!” you said dragging the ‘o’ “I just found my Halloween costume!” Stiles said, smiling like an idiot in front of the Batman costume. “Ok, then let’s find mine.” you said. After looking for your costume, you just thought you’d take the one that matches with Stiles’. “Oh yeah babe! You’ll definitely take this one.” Let’s just say that when you arrived at the party, every guy was drooling over you causing Stiles to have his arm around your waist the whole night and kissing you passionately every now and then, showing them that you belong to him.

Derek - When Derek found out about the Halloween party Lydia was throwing at her house, he said “Absolutely no!” “But whyyyyyy Dereeeeek? We’ll have so much fun and everyone is gonna be there including Stiles, Scott, Allison, Kira, Isaac and Liam! Come on!! For meeeee!” you whined doing the puppy eyes to him, knowing he couldn’t say no to them. “Oh no, not the puppy eyes” Derek said, covering his eyes and turning around, eventually he gave in “Ugh! Ok we’ll go to the party.. But I’m picking the costumes!” “Oh, I have a baaaad feeling for this.” you said and he just smirked. After a couple hours he came with the costumes in his hand. “Oh my gosh, what did you pick?” you asked, afraid of seeing what the costumes looked like. “Well I thought it would be a great idea if we dressed as…KICKBOXERS!” you almost fainted at what he just said. “Are you serious?” “Yeah i am! Now go wear this! You don’t want to be late!” he winked and you just rolled your eyes. You got dressed to the costume and when you went back downstairs, you saw Derek in his own costume. He looked hot to be honest. “Wow you look great!” you said looking at him, he gave you a smile. “Well, you’re not too bad yourself.” “You’re kidding me right? This red skirt doesn’t even cover my ass! So, don’t get mad if any guy hits on me, because it will be your fault!” “Not making any promises!” he said and you got in the car, heading to Lydia’s place.

Isaac - Isaac was really excited to go to a Halloween party after so long. You were busy with your homework and you told Isaac to go get your costumes for tonight’s party Lydia was throwing. When he came back you were really curious about the costumes. “Y/N i’m here” you heard Isaac yell from the living room. “Coming” you yelled back. You surprisingly loved them when you saw your costume, which was a police officer’s costume, and Isaac’s, which was a prisoner’s costume. “Do you like them?” “Oh my god they’re perfect ! People are gonna be so jealous of our costumes” you smiled up at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Did you finish your homework?” “Yeah, I did” “Ok, then go get ready cause we’re leaving in half an hour” “Kk” When you arrived at Lydia’s place, every guy was hitting on you and every girl was hitting on Isaac, but you turned them all down. Let’s just say that when the party was over and you arrived at your guys’ house, things got a little heated.

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BTS Reaction to your couples costume

Jin (Seokjin): *you both are dressed up as Mario and Princess Peach* ah Jagi your mario mustache is scratchy when we kiss.. but doesn’t this dress look amazing on me? *twirls around*

Suga (Yoongi):  *you both dress up as Morticia and Gomez Addams* Now I have an excuse to kiss you all the time in public *_*

J-Hope (Hoseok): *dressed as Caesar and you’re Cleopatra* wow Jagi you look fantastic! I can’t wait to get back home and be alone with you *smirks*

Rap Monster (Namjoon): *you’re dressed as Frankenstein and his bride* JAGI BEAUTIFUUUUUUL.. RAPMON NEEDS KISS *staggers over to you*

Jimin: *wearing his Mickey Mouse costume* OMG Jagi you are the cutest Minnie Mouse I’ve ever seen *showers you in kisses because he loves the couple’s costumes and how cute you are*

V (Taehyung): *you two go as the Joker and Harley Quinn* WHY SO SERIOUS? AAAAAAAAAH Jagi I love our costumes, and you did my make up so well! I’m gonna have to reward you later ;)

Jungkook: *he has his pikachu onesie on and you’re dressed as Ash* JAGI WE LOOK AMAZING! Now let’s go make everyone jealous with how cute we are *runs to show his hyungs*

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today’s warmup comes to you from my old macbeth costumes. we closed last night and i’m devastated

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theater kid AU's (if you can find a way to make this work lol) for closing night bets you slipped me tongue during our stage kiss what the fuck do I do

Okay, this took me aproximatley 2.5 million years to write, but I think it was worth it (also this is sort of “I may have learned your romantic lead’s part and then attempted to take them out the night of the show” but minus the last part). Enjoy!


I really don’t want to do the show tonight. I’m sitting in the back of my step-mom’s minivan, listening to emo music that I still have on my phone from when I was 13. It’s that kind of day.

It’s closing night, so, as per Watford tradition, the cast had closing night bets. It’s mainly stuff, like jumping from the stage to the second row of seats or turning on all the lights at once or eating a prop (I still have no idea why Dev agreed to do that). But, when we were coming up with bets last night, no one could decide what to do with me. I’m the main character, and have a reputation for being a hardass, so there was some serious debate.

“He should strip to his pants and go into the lobby!”

“He should go up on the catwalk for an hour!”

Then, finally, Trixie ended the discussion.

“He should slip Agatha tongue during their stage kiss.”

The room went silent, and the cast looked at her with awe. She’s always the best at pranks and dares, but this was on another level.

There are a million reasons that I don’t want to do this thing. First and foremost, I’m very, very, very gay. I haven’t told anyone at Watford, but, to be fair, the topic has never come up. I’m polite to everyone, but I keep to myself. Secondly, I really don’t want to kiss Agatha. She’s my co-star, and we’re friends, but a kiss would complicate everything. Honestly, I think she might already be in love with me which is… awkward, to say the least.

But, I’m no chicken, and you simply do not back out of a closing night dare. So, now I have to snog a girl. The car comes to a slow stop, and I grab my back. My step-mom, Daphne, turns back to me.

“Have fun dear!”

I give her a half-hearted smile.

“I will.”

I hop out of the car and walk over to the theater. As soon as I walk through the door, I am surrounded by complete and utter chaos.

People are yelling at each other, yelling their phones, throwing their phones. Rhys is sat under a chair crying. I look over at Penny, our stage manager.

“Pen, what the-”

“Agatha isn’t coming.”

Suddenly, it all makes sense. Agatha has never missed a show in her life. She’s the lead, and this is a high school theater program; we don’t have understudies.


“Fucking pneumonia.”

It’s closing night and we don’t have a lead.

“Does anyone know the part?”

I look around, trying to see who we have. There are only 3 other girls in the cast, and I don’t think any of them have Agatha’s lines memorized. For a moment, a small part of me is relieved. At least I won’t have to kiss her. But, I’ve been working on this play for weeks and this is the final show and now it’s ruined.

Then, I feel a light tapping at my shoulder. I turn around, angry at the world.

“What the fuck is it now?”

Standing there is our assistant stage manager Simon, looking up at me meekly. He’s a quiet guy, shorter than me by a few inches, and probably terrified of me.

“Baz… I know the part.”


I must have heard him wrong. He straightens his spine and clears his throat, gaining confidence.

“I said: I know the part.”


Baz is looking at me like I’ve grown another head. I’ve been getting up the courage to talk to someone (preferably him) ever since we got the call from Agatha, and the look on his face isn’t helping anything.

Our stage manager Penny materializes behind him and stares me down.

“Are you for real Simon?”

I nod. The room is almost silent now, with everyone looking at us. I look at Baz. His eyes are on fire, and it’s terrifying (and more than a little sexy)

“Prove it.”

He’s staring at me with indignation and pride and so many other things. He jumps up on the stage, turning to the empty audience, and starts talking.

“Reverend Brown inquired on the health of your mother today.”

It’s a line from the play, the beginning of a scene between Mary (Agatha’s character) and Robert (Baz’s character). It’s a good choice to test my knowledge. It’s not iconic; not the closing or opening scene.

I jump up on the stage, taking Mary’s position. If he thinks he’s going to make a fool of me, he has another thing coming.

“Why, just as she was the last time he saw her.” I say. I choose not to use any falsetto or feminine voice. It would just make things silly.

“Dead as a doornail.”

He stares at me with surprise. What was he expecting me to do, quake in my boots? Sure, he is hot and scary and talented, but that doesn’t mean he can tell me shit. He gets back into the scene.

“And how are you, my Mary?”

I turn to him indignantly.

“Your Mary? Your Mary? I am many people’s Mary: my sister’s Mary, my father’s Mary, maybe even Lord Bingham’s Mary, but never, ever your Mary.”

All the cast and crew are watching us now, some in seats and some sitting on the ground. I would be nervous, but I’m too busy being Mary.

“Well I meant no offense…” he said, backtracking.

“And yet, you offended. Intent has no effect on outcome, Robert, I’d hoped you learned that long ago.”

“Well… I haven’t. And I still would like you to be my Mary.”

“I’m sorry, but I shan’t. Not till the day I tea with my mother, and not after that either.”

I turn in a huff and exit up stage right. From the wings, I hear the cast and crew erupt with applause. I breathe heavily, in and out and in and out. That was the first time I’ve ever performed in front of an audience. I peek my head through the door. Baz is looking at me like he’s trying to hide how impressed he is. I smile, and walk out onto the stage.

Penny runs up to me with wide eyes.

“That was amazing. How the fuck do you know all that?”

I choke up. I know that this question was inevitable, but I still don’t feel comfortable answering it.

The blocking I do have an explanation for. As an ASM, it was my job to transcribe the blocking for the show as the director was staging it. That first day, I left my computer at home, and had to write it down in a notebook. Then, I copied it onto my laptop. Then, my laptop crashed and I copied it from the paper again. The various exits and entrances and hand-drawn stage maps are burned forever into my mind. Really, stage managers are not given enough credit. Or money.

When it comes to the lines it gets a bit more… complicated.

At the beginning of this year, I had signed up for theater club because I needed an extracurricular. I came into rehearsal the first day and was handed a beat up journal, a bic pen and a copy of the script. I had flipped through it mindlessly, grimacing at the language. It was so formal and wordy. I prepared myself to be thoroughly bored.

Then, the cast had come on stage, sitting down for a table read. They joked around for a bit, obviously all best friends. I sighed. I really was an outsider. Then, all of a sudden, they started.

I immediately knew that the script was very different on the stage then on the page. The words flew around, witty and quick and fun. They were just words, but the words were enough. The supporting cast was great, but the play was really focused on the main characters, and so was I.

The first time I saw Baz act was there at that table, and it took my breath away. His voice commanded all of my attention, and I stared at him, entranced. The words made so much sense and I could feel the raw emotion behind them. I looked down at my script and back at him, checking to see that we were reading the same thing. He brought the words to life.

Because of him, I fell in love with the play. I went over the lines in my head in my classes, imagining them falling effortlessly from his mouth. I imagined his mouth quite a bit. I also read the play constantly. My copy of the script became so annotated and dog-eared and over-used that I had to fix it up with duct tape.

Every night, at the time before you go to sleep when your most shameful thoughts are allowed to come out, I would imagine the same scenario:

I would come into the theater, and Penny would get a call.

“Oh my God” she would say “Agatha can’t make it to the show.”

I would step boldly forward, glowing and tall, and announce, “I know the part!”

I would do the play, with Baz staring at me like he did Agatha, with Baz talking to me like he did Agatha, with Baz kissing me like he did Agatha (even though I knew it was a stage kiss and didn’t really count).

So, today, there was a lot of pinching myself to make sure I was awake. But, I was, and I was doing this, and Penny was asking me how the fuck I knew the part.

“I just – I really love the play. A lot.”

She looks me up and down, obviously not believing a word, and then shrugs. She probably doesn’t really care. The show must go on.


Well, that was unexpected. I hadn’t expected a random crewmember that I barely know the name of to have memorized every line of my co-star’s dialogue and blocking, but, more than that, I hadn’t expected him to be so good.

His connection to the text was phenomenal; the pure, visceral emotion behind his words. I was stunned. I had never noticed him before, hidden behind his customary crew blacks and beat up script, but now he was in front of me and he was very… there, very alive, very golden.

I walk over to where he’s standing, talking to Penny. I tap him on the shoulder.

“Uhhh, you, you, that was…”

He looks up at me with his big, unbelievably blue eyes. Wow, I am having some feelings right now.

“Are you going to wear a dress?”

Nice one Basilton.

“It’s a period piece, we can’t just put you in a tee shirt and jeans, can we?”

He goes red and looks at the floor. Why am I such an asshole?

Sandra, the costume designer, hops up from the seat.

“Well, I was actually thinking we could dress him up in Agatha’s clothes. Of course, we’d have to make alterations, but it’s the last night, so whatever.”

He blushes deeper. This is gonna be a fun night.

He’s getting rushed off to costuming and Penny is yelling at people.

“Get into costume, run light and sound check, and someone print out those little yellow slips. Just have them say: ‘The role of Mary will be played tonight by Simon Snow’ And please, God, make it presentable. No comic fucking sans.”

But, before we can scurry off to our respective duties, Trixie motions for the cast to huddle up.

“Ok guys, just to be clear, all closing night bets are still on. Especially yours, Basilton.”

There are a couple “Ooo”s around the group. This really is some next level shit. I swallow. But, before I can protest or stammer or say anything, Penny is yelling at us to get into costume. I run to my dressing room, pulling on my ruffled shirt and black trousers, and running lines in my head, trying to act like it’s a normal night.

All too soon, Phillipa, another ASM, is coming by my door.

“Places, Baz.”

“Thank you places.”

I walk over to my position backstage, listening to the audience chatter. It’s louder than usual; I suppose the whole Agatha thing has caused quite a stir. Then, the room goes silent, and I can only assume Penny has come out to make her final pre-show speech.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the final performance of “Under the Sycamore” at the Watford Academy Theater.”

There is polite applause. She goes on for a bit about sponsors and cell phones, and then cuts to the chase.

“Now, as you can see on that little yellow slip in your programs, there has been a change in the cast tonight. Sadly, Agatha Wellbelove is ill tonight and couldn’t make it to the show, so the role of Mary will be played by our very own Simon Snow. Now, for all of you that are terribly scandalized by the idea of a bloke in a dress playing the part of a girl: get over it. Thank you and enjoy the show.”

I hear the cast backstage applaud violently along with the audience. Penny really is the best.

The opening violin music comes through the speakers, and the cast enters in the dark. I still haven’t seen Simon since…

The lights come up on the party scene. I see him across the stage, and my heart stops. He’s in the blue dress with the ruffly sleeves and he doesn’t look embarrassed or stupid or even like a girl, he just looks really, really pretty. I swallow, and start to dance.

I dance my way across the stage. Okay, I understand how he could know the script, but the moves to the dance? Who is this boy? This beautiful golden boy?


The lights of the stage blind me. I’m already red enough from Penny’s speech and the fact that all those people are staring at me, but it’s also very warm. I link arms with Dev, starting to dance. Back when we were still blocking, the director used me to demonstrate the dance moves (what with her being in a wheelchair and all) and, after rehearsal that day, I may or may not have gone home and practiced.

My dad is rarely ever home; so I have a lot of time to myself, time to dance around the lounge and practice lines in the mirror. While other boys would watch porn or drink beer, I wrote in-depth character studies and went over blocking. Dad would probably be happier with the underage drinking.

But, all that late-night practice has paid off, and now I’m waltzing along to the music. I turn, and I see Baz seeing me. His face is flushed, and he looks me up and down. I’m sure it’s just the sight of a guy in a dress, but I let myself think there’s more behind his eyes.

As I dance, I have short conversations with people around the room, doling out exposition. The words and actions fly so quickly that I have no time to process them. Then, all of a sudden, Baz is there in front of my face and we’re centimeters apart and I feel myself blushing. This is the part I practiced the most at home, imagined in my head. Dancing with Baz. We move slowly together and say our lines.

“Hello madam.”

“Hello my good sir.”

“I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of making your acquaintance.”

“Is it a pleasure? I honestly can’t tell.”

We continue on like that, with all the trademark Edwardian sass of Gemma T. Leslie. It doesn’t feel like we’re saying lines, though, it just feels like we’re talking. Yes, the stage lights are making me sweat and I’m wearing a dress, but it feels like we’re talking about nothing and everything and we’re the only two people in the world.

“Oh, Lord Bingham, I didn’t see you there!” I say, calling across the room to the tall ginger boy (I think his name is Andrew) who plays Lord Bingham.

I cross over to him, looking at Baz over my shoulder. His tan skin is red and his eyes are full of want. His character is supposed to be jealous, but… I guess he’s just a good actor.


Tonight is going insanely well. The whole cast’s chemistry is amazing, and I’ve never been more present onstage. I can feel it, and I can feel the audience feeling it. They’re on the edge of their seats, laughing and clapping at all the right times. And, it’s all because of him. As he walks away, I look at him, star struck. He just cares so much. I’ve never seen anyone care about anything like he cares about this play and it’s exhilarating.

We move on, exiting and entering and furthering the plot. A set piece gets left onstage – probably because we’re down one stage hand – but the crew handles it beautifully and no one in the audience is the wiser. In all the drama of that situation, I almost forget what scene is coming up next. Almost.

The stage goes dark, signaling my entrance, and I swallow. I go onstage and sit in the chair. The lights come up on me, chin in my hands, looking forlornly into the distance. The girl that Robert is desperately in love with has run off to Hampshire before he could confess his feelings.

I stand up, sighing, and cross the stage. It’s an especially poignant moment, because Robert is never silent. Even when he’s alone, he’s thinking out loud and monologuing. But, now, this deep sorrow has rendered him speechless.

I hear a thwump, and turn around. It’s Simon, bags dropped on the floor and eyes full of apologies.


“Robert. I…”

I rush across the stage to him, and he meets me halfway.

“Mary? Is it really you?”

“Yes, Robert, and I’m sorry, I’ve been such a fool.”

“No… It's… You…”

We’re facing each other now, making eye contact.




This is it. I look down at his face, with its freckles and moles and creases. He deserves more than sloppy tongue forced into a dry-lipped stage kiss. He deserves better. He deserves… everything.

I bring my hand to his cheek, running my thumb over his freckles. Then, I lean down and kiss him gently and deliberately, trying to let him know that he’s the most important person in the world. I expect him to pull back or slap me or scream in my face, but he doesn’t. He melts into me and his lips part slightly and it’s now or never. His mouth is warm and tastes like sugar and cherry and cinnamon Altoids.

We break apart, both breathing erratically. Then, and only then, do I remember the audience, and realize that they’re clapping. Several people are whistling and everyone is applauding wildly. They’ve never done that before, never at this part, and never like this. Simon looks up with me with his unfairly blue eyes and I can’t read his expression. I probably just ruined everything, but at least the crowd likes it. The lights fall and we exit down stage right.

The rest of the play passes in a blur, with all the subplots being wrapped up and everything coming together. The whole time, I can’t stop thinking about Simon, about that kiss.  Finally, it’s time for the curtain call.

First, the ensemble runs out and bows, all holding hands. Then go the supporting characters in groups of threes. The applause it growing, and the final group goes out. Then, it’s my turn. I walk out onstage, and see Simon doing the same. The audience is already cheering, some on their feet. We meet in the middle. We’re supposed to hold hands, but I don’t know if I should. He decides for me, grabbing my hand and taking a bow. The whole cast comes together, taking a final bow, and I’ve never felt prouder or scareder and I can barely breathe.

The curtain falls, and we file through the upstage exits. People are clapping me on the back and making whooping noises because good God that was the best performance of any of our lives. I look around for Simon, but I can’t find him anywhere.


Why can’t I do this? I’m sitting backstage in my blue dress, staring at nothing and trying my best to wake up.

I’ve done all the tricks: looking at words, looking away, and looking back, counting my fingers, telling time. For some reason, none of them work and everything stays the same and I don’t know why because I’ve had this dream dozens of times and it’s always over by now. Even though I don’t want to wake up (God, I don’t want to wake up) I have to because I have school in the morning.

Before, when I was putting on my dress and doing the first scenes, I let myself believe that it was real. But then, the kiss happened, and it was so good, too good to be real. Baz’s lips were soft and sweet and he smelt like cedar and tasted like mint and I knew for sure that I was dreaming.

So, now I’m just waiting for my alarm to come and replaying it in my head over and over. I rub my hands together. It’s cold back here, and my fingers are like ice. Then, it hits me. You can’t be cold in a dream. I’ve never been cold in a dream before. So that means it must be real and if it’s real then that means that it –


I jump up from my seat, turning towards the sudden voice. It’s Baz, and he’s looking down at me worriedly. I look back up at him.

“Hi Baz.”

“Okay, um, I need to talk to you… about the kiss.”

Wow, if this isn’t perfect fucking timing. Before I could even process that what happened was real or what it meant, Baz wants to talk it over with me. I swallow.


He sighs.

“So, for closing night bets, I was dared to slip Agatha tongue during our stage kiss, and so when she didn’t come it transferred over to you, and I’m so sorry it wasn’t fair and you must have been so uncomfortable I –“

“I wasn’t.”

It’s barely a whisper, and I didn’t even mean to say it out loud, but Baz hears it.


I look up at him.

“I was actually… very… comfortable.”

Now that I know it was just for a bet and he didn’t mean it, this is the last thing I should be saying, but maybe the dream logic hasn’t worn off.


Baz’s voice breaks on that little word, and I laugh.

“Baz, can I ask you a question?”

It’s hard to tell in the dim backstage lighting, but I think he’s blushing.


“Is this real?”

He looks surprised.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s just – I’ve had this exact dream before.”

He’s definitely blushing now.

“I’m sorry, that probably sounds super creepy.”

“No, It’s, I’m…”

It’s so funny to see Baz stutter. Usually he’s overflowing with all the right words, but now he can’t even form a simple sentence.

“I was also comfortable.”

I inhale sharply.

“And I’m pretty sure this is real.”



I want to kiss him again, just to make sure he’s telling the truth, but I can’t. I sigh.

“We should probably get out of costume.”

Baz looks down at his suit coat and ruffled sleeves.

“Yeah, I suppose.”

Neither of us moves. He talks again.

“I just wanted to say that you were brilliant out there. That was one of – that was the best performance of my life, in no small part thanks to you.”

I blush.

“Me? Baz, you are the most amazing actor, the most amazing artist I have ever met and it was an honor to act with you and work with you over the course of the whole run.”

I’m staring at the ground because I’m blushing and I’m telling the truth and I’m afraid that I’ll kiss him if I’m not careful.


I look up at him, and he seems terrified.

“Um, Simon, can – can I kiss you?”

I almost faint.

“You can say no and I would completely understand because that thing earlier was super uncalled for and gross and if you don’t want to that would be –“

I put my hand on his chest, looking up at him.

“It’s okay. And, um, to answer your question…”

I grab his chin gently, going up on my toes and reaching for his mouth. He wraps his arm around my waist and leans down, closing the distance.

He seems, surprisingly, more tentative than before. I push harder, trying to show him that yes, I want this. And God, do I want this. He tilts his head, and I let his tongue into my mouth. I don’t even care if it’s a dream at this point. Then, I start to move my hand-

“Baz, where the fuck have you been? That kiss was…”

All of a sudden, Trixie appears in the doorway. We hastily break apart, but the damage is done. I adjust the now-tousled petticoats of my dress, and try to look unassuming.

“Oooo, who is that, Basilton?”

She must not be able to see my face in the dark, just that I’m wearing a dress. She probably assumes I’m some girl. She takes a step towards me, and I can see the realization spread across her face. She laughs.

“Tyrannus Basilton fucking Grimm-Pitch.”

She steps towards him.

“You absolute goddamned legend.”

She claps him on the back, then turns to me.

“You’re welcome, both of you, for getting the ball rolling. I’ll leave you to it.”

As she walks out of the room, I can hear her saying.

“Who woulda thought my ultimate daring skills would promote the Gay Agenda. God bless.”

We stand there in silence, not knowing what to do next. I look down at myself, and sigh.

“We should probably get out of costume.”


“But like…” I say, taking a step closer to him, grabbing his tie and pulling him down to eye-level.

“Later… right?”

He blushes, but doesn’t avert his eyes.


I lean in for one last kiss, short and sweet, and then go out the door.

I’m down to my undershirt now, taking off the rest of my costume. I hear a knock at the door.

I go over to open it, but I see a piece of paper that has been slipped under the door. On it is a phone number, and a little smiley face. I grin like an idiot.

As I get into bed, I sigh. Baz promised me that this wasn’t a dream, but I still don’t believe him. This day has been too good to be true. I know that, if this is a dream, if I go to sleep I’ll wake up. But, at least I’ll have this. I look at my phone, remembering everything worth remembering. Then, I drift off, letting the darkness take me.

The sun filters through my window, and I can hear my neighbor starting his lawn mower across the street. I flip over in bed, staring at my nightstand. I sigh, and pick up my phone. I almost jump out of my skin when I see a notification.

Baz: Morning ; )

I collapse in bed, smiling at the ceiling. This is going to be great.

bts; happy halloween ‘16!

❝a little something for halloween ; w ;
►2203 words // mini scenarios, all members


“i don’t get hyung, really. his costume isn’t all that great this year,”

“shut the fuck up, you cabbage!”

jimin has a hand on his (what seems to be) chest, head peeking up from his costume, “well damn,”

chuckling, you shake your head and reach out to fix his hat before shifting back on the sofa, “i’ll be fine here on my own, jimin. you could go join the guys,”

“nah, i’ll be-”the soft creaking of the door sounds jungkook’s arrival after wearing his costume to the tip and-”holy shit!” 

jimin spares a shy heh before he leaves you with the gush of wind brushing on your skin when he (clearly excited) jumps on jungkook who barely manages to catch him because of his costume features of a big belly and with jimin in his costume… he’s twice his size, easily.

of course, you laugh when the two of them play around, messing with each other but your initial attention goes back to who you came for when he clears his throat and - “wow,”

“so,” yoongi smirks, tipping his hat down, then back up before his hands go behind his back, rocking on the balls of his feet as he eyes you, “what do you think?”

feeling the high urge to joke, you do just that: “are you planning to join scarlet heart ryeo or something?”

he eyes you carefully, turning into slits, “scarlet what?”

“the historic drama!” jungkook hollers past jimin’s attack of demanding for selfies, the bunny struggles under the cabbage’s wrath, “the one with iu-hyung stop!”

“oh, that. well, if they eve-hey… how is it that you manage to direct the attention to other things? do i bore you or-”you reach out quickly to tug on the string that keeps his hat in place that he yelps, stumbling forward with his hands ready to stable on your waist (which they already do) and you chuckle when his eyes are widely staring into yours. with a small smile, you tip up to kiss his nose, then lips because he’s already puckering them and your hands move to smoothen out the silk he has on before they settle on his shoulders, “you look great, prince. too good for a kingdom. satisfied?”



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Wally West: Halloween Traditions

AN: Happy Halloween for starters. Also, for the duration of the chapter, I have made you - the reader - a werewolf so enjoy.

Imagine being a werewolf and experiencing your first Halloween with the Team, Wally making sure teach you about the traditions.

Warnings: Werewolf reader, slight NSFW toward the end - just a little intimacy nothing major.


The yearly celebration of Halloween was rolling around and to be honest you had no idea what all of the fuss was about, this would be your first time celebrating the holiday - if you chose to do so that is - since your home and pack never bothered with such a thing.

Upon walking into the main area of Mount Justice, Kid Flash instantly captured your attention once he noticed your arrival.
“(Y/n) you’re actually really lucky. You don’t have to bother with a mask because you’re scary enough as it is.”
“Excuse me!” You growled, though being a werewolf made you somewhat scary he didn’t have to point it out.
“No I didn’t mean it like that - I think you’re beautiful, stunning even, I get lost in your eyes all the time but you’re a werewolf so you can just change into your fuzzier form rather than go out and buy a costume.” The speedster justified, running a hand through his hair out of nervousness.
“That’s it? I do not need a costume for this thing?” You questioned, though the frustration was evident in your tone much to the teams amusement as they continued to watch Kid Flash.
“Nope! That’s why you’re lucky.” The teen responded, a sheepish grin on his face.
“Next time, I suggest watching your mouth West.” Again, the anger was evident in your tone as you spoke to him with narrowed eyes.

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Code Geass characters! C.C. is pregnant...and Lelouch is the father! Your reactions?

As requested by lpbelligerents

Charles: Grandkids…if only your mother was alive to see this day.

Charles: If only I was alive too, come to think of it.

V.V.: Even I’m not totally sure how this works. What if this creates some kind of weird mutant Geass baby?

Dimensional Supervisor: [coughs]

Charles: Truly, brother? 63 years and you still don’t know?

V.V.: I’m a perpetual 10 year old, Charles. I’m not really interested in that kind of thing.

Suzaku: What I want to know is how Lelouch was even able to get C.C. pregnant.

Suzaku: Considering, you know…he’s dead.

C.C.: Something something Geass?


Mao: If Lelouch is the father, then why do the ultrasound scans show the baby’s hair as WHITE?

C.C.: Mao it’s a baby. It doesn’t have hair. That’s its foot.

Mao: …I knew that.

Rolo: But if Lelouch is the father…then my big brother did…he did…with…

Rolo: [faints]

Nunnally: I-I’m going to be an auntie?

Nunnally: It’s a bit early, but…BABIES!

Kallen: Prepare for the world’s most uppity baby ever, folks.

Tamaki: So it WAS morning sickness! Zero, you sly dog, heheheh!

C.C.: Lelouch, please don’t let him near the baby.

Lelouch: Way ahead of you.

Ohgi: Guys, guys, what about this - tiny Zero costumes!


Ohgi: What, I like kids, okay?

Rakshata: Oh, what about a tiny knightmare?

Ohgi: I think that’s going a little fa-


Rakshata: Well now I have to make it.

Rivalz: Wow, congrats! So what are you thinking about calling it?

Milly: Ooh ooh ooh! Why not do the Harry Potter naming thing? 

Milly: If it’s a girl you can call her Marianne Euphemia Shirley Lamperouge

Milly: And if it’s a boy you can call him Rolo Mao Charles Lelouch Lamperouge!

Lelouch: Why would I include half of those people? And why am I on there?

Milly: Well you’re supposed to be dead, remember?

Suzaku: I remember, alright. Care to explain



Nunnally: BABIES

Jack’s Girlfriend Theory C.

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about how the Samwell boys will react once they realize that Jack’s “girl” is a baker, mostly that…

A) This is the lightbulb moment: “The One Where Everybody Finds Out.”

B) It goes completely over their heads.

BUT! I present a third option. 

We know the boys can be a bit… dense, when it comes to their teammates’ love lives. The boys have NO reason to believe Jack is anything but straight, so they’re not going to go straight from “girlfriend + good cook” to “JACK IS GAY AND SECRETLY DATING OUR CLOSE MUTUAL FRIEND WHO IS ALSO A GOOD COOK”

Also, the team (+Lardo) has seen Tater ask Jack about his girlfriend who cooks. In the comic, they seem to brush it off as Tater being funny/teasing Jack.

So say they come up to a Falconers game and the fateful SMH-Tater meeting occurs. Ransom manages not to faint, EMTs are not called, and adult conversations are had (kinda). 

Then, somehow, someone mentions Bitty’s pies. Let’s make it Chowder, bless his poor, excitable, well-meaning heart. It could go something like…

Chowder: You were great!! Even the warm-ups were cool!!! I’m so glad we made it, I thought we were going to be late because Bitty took so long to pack up his pies! Oh, sorry, Bitty!!

Bitty: Well I wasn’t about to come to the game empty-handed!

Jack: Priorities, eh? I see how it is, Bittle. 

Tater: You bring pie??

Bitty: I sure did! Plenty for the whole team to share. I’m leaving them with Jack so ya’ll can enjoy after practice tomorrow, but if you want a slice now I can run back to the car–

Jack: Bittle, no–

Tater: No no! I wait. Something to look forward to, a-ha! Did Jack’s girl bake them? He share pies from girlfriend before! So good! Why she no bring them herself? 

Everyone: ………

So now, here, the hockey hive-mind is spinning. Our boys are dumb, yes, but they aren’t dumb enough that they won’t draw SOME conclusion. 

And that leads to…

C) They realize Jack’s “girlfriend” IS Bitty, but they think it’s a hilarious misunderstanding. 

It’s a pretty natural assumption from their standpoint: Bitty sends Jack pies. Jack shares pies with Tater & the team. Team assumes its from a girlfriend. Jack is too awkward to correct them. Thus, Bitty is Jack’s “mystery girlfriend.” 

Do they think Bitty is ACTUALLY dating Jack? Of course not. 

Are they still going to chirp them within an inch of their lives? Oh hell yes. 

Jack and Tater get called back to the locker room, but that doesn’t mean he escapes it. The SMH group chat BLOWS UP, even before they leave the stadium: “BROS HWO COULD U NOT TELL US?” (Ransom) and “DIBS ON BEST BRO AT THE WEDDING BRO” (Holster) and “Jack dude you brought this upon yrslf” (Lardo) and “Oh wow Bitty’s Halloween costume makes so much more sense now” (Chowder) and “ASLJKA;siQIWNDwnlqkAjk;dVXN,aisd” (Ransom & Holster)

Even Tater gets in on the action, chirping Jack once they get back to the locker room: ‘Why you not correct me, huh? I can keep secret that you single, have only teammate to cook for you, ha ha.” ( “Ha ha :/ ” - Jack )

And on the drive Samwell, Bitty is subjected to comments like ‘Oh hey Bitty it’s not too cold is it? You’re fine? I guess our former Canadian Captain really rubbed off on you, eh?’ and ‘Hey lets do a beer run on the way back Bitty can pay he’s got a hockey sugar daddy now.’  ( “STOP >:( ” - Bitty )

And they brush it off well, but the whole time, Bitty and Jack are TERRIFIED. Suddenly there’s another layer to this lie they have to live. They have to toe the line of indulging the joke and discouraging it, acting normal and watching their backs, all without drawing suspicion.

For Jack, it’s another source of stress, the idea that this very special but very private part of his life is now out of his control and in the hands of his friends, who are good guys but don’t understand the damage they could do to his career/life if they were to be careless with it. 

And then there’s Bitty, who has to deal with it every day. Bitty, who has never been in a real relationship and wants to bask in the attention he’s getting–even if the chirps are at his expense, because they come from a place of love, and he likes to think (hopes, prays) that his friends would react just the same if they knew that he & Jack were dating for real. 

But then a week passes, then two, and they relax a bit when they realize their friends are morons and really do have no clue. 

Instead, Jack & Bitty get frustrated, because every time Bitty texts Jack or tries to Skype, someone is there, leaning over his shoulder, sticking their head into his room, chirping, making kissy faces or obscene gestures, and generally being obnoxious as possible as they try to encourage Zimbits to “express their love,” while in reality they are being the opposite and the biggest cockblocks ever

The first time Jack visits the Haus afterward everyone pelts him with rice as soon as he enters the door. When Bitty goes up to visit Jack one weekend, he finds a “care package” - condoms, lube, giant dildo (“I don’t know which is worse, one of y’all actually bought one of these, or someone had it just lying around”) - hidden in his suitcase. Soon after The Reveal, Shitty gets stoned, gets ordained online, and makes a solemn oath to fight anyone to the death who will stand in the way of his officiating the “greatest celebration of love and bros and hockey’s triumph over heteronormativity ever celebrated.”

(Shitty does get to officiate the wedding, eventually. Lardo is Jack’s Best Bro, and Ransom and Holster are Bitty’s Co-Best Bros, and at the wedding reception every single member of the hockey team swears up and down to anyone who will listen that they were the only one who knew Jack and Bitty were really dating, they just didn’t want to give the secret away because they’re cool like that.)


- will dress up in a simple costume; he’ll be a mummy (i feel like he’d be a mummy because being a ghost is overused) and dress nigou as a little egyptian deity just for fun. Who said dogs can’t be gods as well?
- the two of you will give out candy. Every time the door rings and you answer it, Kuroko will make tiny sound effects to get into character and try to earn a few laughs from the kids visiting to make them happier.
- Kuroko will pout if you call him cute for doing so when he doesn’t want to be called that 

Coming closer to you, you stepped back, feeling the wall against your skin. With a hand pressed beside you, you gulped, gripping the bowl of candy tighter. “Please stop saying I’m cute ____-san.”

- will be dressed up in an elaborate costume; Kise could seriously pull anything off, but he’ll choose to match you for this event! Be prepared for an overly estatic Kise who will definitely wow everyone and you.
- wants to go to parties to dance, eat and have fun with others
- sometimes you’ll catch him staring at you and if you meet his eyes he’ll give a knowing look before laughing quietly

You gulped as Kise’s hand trailed across your collarbones. He gently pressed his fingers against your hair, feeling the softness of it on his skin. “This isn’t fair…” He murmured. “____-cchi looks too…..”
“Too what?” You whispered.
Smirking, Kise leaned down and shared a giant grin. “Nothing, Let’s go dance!”

- Gladiator! Ready to fight and everything Aomine is definitely not the type for fun and adorable costumes.
- Because of his teammates he’s forced to take you to a party and becomes protective of you since he wants you all to himself
- If he sees you eating candy, Aomine will take it from your hands and tease you

Holding your piece of chocolate in between his fingers, Aomine smirked. “Tell me if it tastes sweeter ____,” He said as he placed it in his lips; forefully pulling you to him; letting you taste a bit of the sweet before his lips met yours.

- Lets be honest, Midorima would be a total geek about halloween but because he doesn’t want to appear overly excited, he’ll refuse to dress up.
- You’ll open your door to see him dressed as Sherlock with Takao by his side as Watson-cheeks flushed
- Party? Nope, the three of you plus a few others will be going to a haunted house where Midorima will act unfazed by everything and try to console you if you get scared

Feeling you clutch his arm, Midorima sighed again, letting you hear his supposed annoyance with you. As you opened your mouth to say sorry once again, you yelped instead. Midorima pulled you to his side, holding you tightly and began to walk. “It’ll be over in a bit, so stop being so scared of this stuff ____.” He muttered, face red with embarrassment. 

- Will be a titan? Will he be a tree? Nope! Murasakibara will lazily wear an animal onesie and hold a trash bag by his side
- the two of you will be running around the entire place getting candy and laughing the night away at the little decorations you two will see
- Afer the night Murasakubara will lay on the couch and use you as a little body pillow. You’ll end up watching old Halloween favorites and eating sweets until one of you pass out

“______-chin, the movie’s done.” Murasakibara said as he munched on his chocolate. Stopping in mid-bite he tilted his head downward, looking at you breathing steadily. Frowning he poked you with his sweet. “____-chin?” Sighing, he smiled at you and patted you head, “Sleepy _____-chin is an even cuter ______-chin.”

- Finds Halloween slightly childish sadly, but he won’t tell you because he doesn’t want to make you sad and for his own sake. However, he wants to have a repeat of his childhood-one where his mom use to take him trick-or-treating and dressed him as a knight.
- Akashi will dress up as something less astounding; but nonethless has the hint of perfection. (In all honesty I feel like he’ll still go as a knight because mama-boy Akashi is still a pure cinnamon roll)
- one look at you and he’ll lose his composure for a moment. Dressed as royalty he will treat you much more gently

Holding a hand out to you as you walked down the stairs, Akashi gave you a sweet smile. Kneeling on the ground, he lowered his head, looking up; meeting your eyes. “Your carriage awaits, my queen.” Feeling his hand interlace with yours, you gasped as he pulled you down into his arms and swung you around so his back turned to the steps. His cheek rubbed against yours for a brief second; his breath tickling your ear. “Happy Halloween ______.”
[NOTE: i was going to say you dressed as Daenery from Game of Thrones buuuuut, nahanhanah, since not everyone has read the book or watched the show!]


EXTRA: I did write a scenario earlier of the gom + hanamiya going through a haunted house soooo enjoy!

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Not sure if you're still taking prompts but can you do the Seven + Reyna, Nico, and Grover and what jobs they'd have at the mall

I’m taking prompts for basically the whole weekend and beyond but anyways here you go…

-Percy totally works either at the pet store, more specifically the fish section, or the skater shop. There are definitely a few girls that look him over, but he quickly brushes them off, making it clear that he was a girlfriend. He is pretty sociable and relates well with the costumers and manages to make a lot of sales.

-Annabeth most likely works at a bookstore or maybe even the Lego store?? Like she makes the most intricate designs with Legos and wows people. Or if she works at the book store she always has a recommendation. I could also see her working at store that sells “brain games” and when she’s bored she just plays some of those. Either way, she wows people with her intelligence since many of them just view her as a dumb blonde.

-I can see Frank working at a pet store as well and having good control over the animals. He genuinely cares and about them and the costumers and is just really kind and is the guy that everyone likes.

-Piper works at a retail store, however she always spreads positivity and compliments people. She’s the type of person to tell you that you look beautiful and has made so many peoples day better by doing so.

-Hazel, hmm this is a tough one, because technically Hazel is not old enough to work yet, but if she is I feel she would probably work in customer service since she is so kind and would just want to help people.

-Jason would probably work as a security guard honestly. He is serious about his job, however he does care about what he does and the safety of others and the families.

-Leo probably works at either the Lego store, but more likely a tech store. He has a way to manipulate the devices and get them to work for him like no one else does which makes him a great employee. I could also see him working at a kiosk and selling his own inventions.

-Nico definately works at the gaming store that also sells games such as Pokemon, and, wait for it, yes Mythomagic! This is perhaps the one that I feel most strongly about, but I can totally see Nico getting a whole younger generation into Mythomagic.

-Reyna could work as a security guard with Jason, but I think she would be the “boss” sort of speak. Though her job does sometimes include actually looking over the mall, most days she finds herself doing paperwork.

-Grover probably works in the flower store. He is most likely a bit awkward but is really friendly and knows his stuff. That or he works in the Enchilada food court stand, lol. 

And yeah, those are basically my thoughts!

Candy and Back Up Plans- A Septiplier Fanfic

YOOOO, I WROTE A THING FOR A FRIEND:  galaxyshy said: Hmmm~~~ Mark and Jack are celebrating Halloween? :3

galaxyshy this is for you! (btw, their costumes are gonna be pretty predictable)

“Why are we dressing up for a holiday for kids?’

“Shut up, it’s free candy.”

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An AU in which Sebastian works at a lingerie shop and Ciel’s the victim who got dragged into it to help his cousin, Lizzy, pick up a, dare he say it, ‘sexy’, underwear for her boyfriend.

“So what do you think about this one?”

“It’s good.”

“Really? I don’t think the color suits me…”

“It’s good.”

“Ciel are you even with me?”

“It’s good.”



“Hi, my name is Sebastian Michealis, how may I help you?”

“Oh, hello! I’m just picking something that would attract my boyfriend.”

“And is this handsome young man your boyfriend?”

“Oh, no! He’s my cousin, he’s just helping me out.”

“How cute.”

“Anyways, thanks but we’re good.”

They both smiled at each other before Sebastian walked to the other costumers doing what he was trained to do in this job, smile and be nice no matter how much of an ass the buyer was.

“Wow he’s hot.”

“And? Lizzy, do I have to remind you that you have a boyfriend? The sole reason of why I’m stuck here with you!”

“Hey! Don’t make it sound as if you hate spending your time with me! Besides, I was saying that because he seems your type!”

“How would you even know what my type is?!”

“Ciel, honey, I could feel your hormones going crazy just for him.”


“I’m right aren’t I?”

“Shut up….”

“OKAY THEN! Operation: Get To Know The Hot Seller is in motion!”



“I think he heard you….”

“How so?”

“He’s looking this way…. And he’s all laughs and smiley….”

“Which makes our plan even easier!”

“Ugh… God help me..”

Halloween Surprise

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A/N: Happy Halloween, y’all!  Last year, I got to go to Disneyland for Halloween with my mom (coincidentally aka not really, our costumes were the same as reader and her mom in the story) and I loved it.  Wish I was there tonight!  Also, I couldn’t write a story about Disneyland Halloween and not include a character kind of similar to my awesome, Disney-loving mom, so yeah.  The ending’s a little rushed, so sorry for that.  I have one more story that’s a Bucky x Reader Halloween story that I’ll try to publish tonight…?  We’ll see.  Anyway, hope you guys like it!

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Your phone rings just as you’re putting on the finishing touches to your makeup.  You look down at the caller ID to see Steve smiling up at you.  You immediately pick it up and answer.


“Hey, (Y/N).”  Relief floods through you at the sound of his voice.

“Steve.  Good to hear your voice.  You’re okay?  You’re safe?”

“Yes,” he says.  “Mission’s over.”  You smile and hold back tears.  It’s been a couple weeks since you’d seen Steve.  He’d been sent on an undercover assignment, meaning he couldn’t contact you like on normal missions.  You had spent the better part of the last two weeks worrying, imagining the worst.

“Are you on your way home?”

“Yes,” he said.  “Just finished the debrief with Fury and I’m on my way to you right now.”

“Oh,” you say, realizing the problem.  “Steve, honey, do you know what day it is?”

“Monday,” he answers and you nod.

“Yes,” you reply.  “Monday, October 31st.  It’s Halloween.”

“Yeah,” Steve says, seemingly unfazed.  “I know.”  You sigh.

“I don’t know if you remember,” you say, biting your lip.  “I was talking about flying to California to go to-”

“Disneyland for Halloween night,” Steve finishes.  “I remember.”

It’s then that you hear a knock at your hotel room door.  Your eyes widen, but you take a deep breath, not wanting to get your hopes up.  You walk over to the door and open it cautiously.

It’s Steve.

You throw yourself forward, into his arms, wrapping him in a giant hug.  You move your arms up behind his neck and pull him to you, planting a gentle kiss on his lips.  You lean back, resting your forehead against his.

“Hey,” you say softly, smiling.

“Hey,” he replies.  “Happy Halloween.”

“It certainly is now,” you reply.  “How did you get here?”

“Flew out of New York right after the mission briefing,” he said.

“You poor thing, you must be exhausted,” you say, taking his hands in yours.

“A little bit,” he admits.  “But I know how much you love Halloween and how disappointed you were that I was gonna be gone, so…”

“You’re the best,” you say, pecking him on the lips again.  “Although I am now going to have to redo my makeup, so thanks very much for that.”

“You’re the one who launched yourself at me,” he protests.  You shrug, knowing you can’t argue with that.  

Just then, there’s another knock at the door.  Steve furrows his brow and looks at you.  

“Are you expecting someone else?” he asks and you laugh.

“So, because I obviously thought that you weren’t coming,” you explain.  “I invited my mom to come with me.”

“Your mom?” Steve repeats, disbelieving.  

“Yep,” you smile.  “Brace yourself.”  You open the door with a smile.  “Hey Mom!”

“I left my key on the night stand,” she says, brushing past you.  “Are you almost ready to go?  We should-”  She stops short as she catches sight of Steve.  

“Mom, this is my boyfriend, Steve,” you say.  “He was able to make it after all.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am,” Steve says, reaching forward to shake your mom’s hand.  She pulls him forward into a hug, her face breaking out into a smile.  

“Well, I’m glad you could join us, Steve,” she says.  “(Y/N) was worried sick for the past few days, constantly checking her phone for updates about you, terrible company really.”  

Steve looks at you, his eyes widening.  You never tell him how much you worry for him when he goes, mainly because you know he’s Captain America.  He’ll be fine.

“Guilty as charged,” you smile.  “All right, I’m going to go put on my costume and then we can go!”

“Wait, we’re going in costume?” Steve asks, finally seeming to realize that your mother’s wearing a fully Minnie Mouse costume, complete with ears.  “I didn’t bring anything.”

“Oh, I thought that was your costume,” your mom says.  “I thought you were going as Captain America.”

“Mom, he is Captain America,” you say.  “You knew that right?”

“Oh…” your mom says, her eyes widening.  “That makes sense.”

“Mom, did you not realize I was dating Captain America?”

“Not until this moment, no.”

“Ok,” you say.  “While I gave Tony so much shit for being ‘Iron Man’ for Halloween yesterday, I will give you a free pass.  Plus, it kind of matches my costume.”

“What’s your costume?”

You duck into the bathroom to fix your makeup and slip into your costume.  You reemerge dressed in a USO girl uniform.  

“Wow,” Steve says, taking your hand.  “You look beautiful.”  You blush in spite of yourself.  

“All right, shall we go?”


The park is already pretty busy by the time you get there.  You love coming to Disneyland at Halloween because there’s so many cool and unique costumes.  You point out all the cool costumes to your mom and Steve, asking to take pictures of all the little kids dressed as your fellow Avengers.

Surprisingly, no one seems to recognize that Steve is actually Captain America. A couple people compliment him on how accurate his costume is, one even asking where he got it.  You can’t help but laugh as he awkwardly says that his friend made it for him.

It’s when you’re in line for the Haunted Mansion that you feel a small hand tug on your skirt.  You turn around to see a boy and a girl, both dressed as Captain America.  You smile and kneel down so you’re at their level.

“Excuse me,” the little boy says.  “Is that really Captain America?  The real Captain America?”

“Can you keep a secret?” you reply and the kids both nod.  “It is him.”

“I knew it!” the little girl says.  “I thought it was him!”

“Do you want to meet him?” you ask and the kids immediately shrink back.  “Don’t worry, I promise he’s really nice.”  The kids nod and you turn around.  “Hey Steve, there’s someone who wants to meet you.”

Steve turns around and spots the kids dressed as Captain America.  He kneels down next to you.

“Hey guys,” he says, smiling.  “Those are some cool costumes you’ve got there.  What are your names?”

“I’m Lily,” the girl says.

“I’m Ryan.  Captain America, what was it like when you were fighting in the Battle of New York?” the boy asks immediately.

“It was pretty intense,” Steve says.  “I never thought I’d be fighting aliens one day.”

“What’s Black Widow like?” the girl asks.  “She seems so cool.”

“Black Widow is pretty amazing,” Steve answers.  “I wouldn’t want to mess with her in a fight.  Or ever.”

“Was it weird when they woke you up from the ice?” the boy asks, the two kids keeping a relentless pace of questioning.  Steve doesn’t miss a beat in his answers.  

“It was a shock,” he says.  “I missed a lot of things, and a lot of people.”

“Do you ever get tired from holding your shield?” the girl asks.  “I bet it’s really heavy.”

“Sometimes,” Steve says with a smile.

“Can we get a picture with you?” the boy asks, handing you a camera.  You nod and the two kids wrap Steve in a big hug.

“Say cheese!” you smile, snapping a couple pictures.  “Is it okay if I take a photo too so I can show the other Avengers?”  

“Yeah!” the girl says.  “Make sure you show Black Widow!”

“I will,” you say, snapping a few more shots with your phone before handing the camera back to the kids.  “Ok, where are your parents?”

The kids turn around, scanning the crowd.

“Oh no,” the boy says.  “I don’t see them.”  His mouth turns to a frown and you see tears start to appear in his eyes.

“Don’t worry,” the girl says, taking the little boy’s hand.  “Don’t cry.  We’re with Captain America.  He’s going to help us.”

“That’s right,” Steve says.  “Don’t worry about it!  We’ll find your parents!”  He takes both of the kids’ hands and starts to walk away.

“Wait, Steve!” you call.

“You go ahead and ride the ride,” he says.  “I’ll meet you at the exit, okay?”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with?” you ask and he shakes his head.

“I know this is your favorite ride,” he says.  “Don’t worry, I’ll meet you after.”  With that, he exits the line and approaches one of the cast members, kids in tow.  You smile and turn back to your mom.

“He really is something else,” she says and you nod.  “I think he’s the first of your boyfriends that actually deserves you.”  You smile and take her hand.

“He’s a good one, Mom,” you say.  “I really love him.”

“I can see that,” your mom says.  “So can I expect a wedding and grandchildren soon?” 

“Oh my gosh, Mom,” you say, shaking your head.  “Way to go from 0 to 100.”

As promised, you find Steve at the exit for the ride, just in time as the firework show starts.  The three of you watch the spooky, villains-themed show in awe, clapping as the fireworks come to a close.  You all follow the rest of the crowd out of the park, you and Steve hand-in-hand.

“You ended up finding the kids’ parents?” you ask.  

“Yeah,” Steve says.  “They were relieved.  I also kind of invited them to New York, to come meet the rest of the Avengers.”

“I’m sure Lily’s excited to meet Black Widow,” you smile.  “Nat will love her.”

“I bet,” Steve says.

“Well, those parents were lucky you were there,” you say, squeezing his hand.  “Captain America, there to save the day.”

“I’m just glad I could make it,” Steve says.

“Me too,” you say, leaning in to plant another kiss on his lips.  Right before your lips meet, a flash goes off.  You turn around to find your mom holding up her phone, clearly trying to take a picture.

“Mom!” you say, half-joking, half-exasperated.

“Sorry,” she says sheepishly.  “I didn’t realize the flash was on.”

BTS Finding Your Embarrassing Baby Pictures

Request are opened!

-Admin M

Jin: He would be the least likely to tease you over them. If anything, he’d talk about how cute you were when you were a kid, saying that all of the silly things you did we precious. And then he’d go on to say that you’ve grown up into someone beautiful when he saw that you were getting embarrassed.

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Suga: Yoongi would be jokingly mean about it, not necessarily caring about you being bashful because he found amusement in it. He’d say “Wow, where all your cuteness go? You’ve transformed into an ugly witch.” But then if you got upset he would apologise and say that you’re even cuter now than you were when you were a kid to make you feel better.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon is the number one member most likely to make fun of your pictures. He would ask if you had any other photos he could look at, saying you looked so ridiculous in the snowman costume your mom put you in for Christmas. His laughter would be endless the whole time as he went through photo after photo.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would scream. He’d shout “OH MY GOSH JAGI YOU WERE THE MOST ADORABLE CHILD EVER! LOOK AT YOUR CUTE BUTT!” He’d praise every single photo, yelling about how much he loved them. And he’d also say that you’re still as precious now as you were then.

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Jimin: He’d be second in line with the teasing. He’d say that you were oh so cute in your pumpkin Halloween costume and how he would need to call your parents and ask for more. He may even go as far to try and call them and request for more photos, just because seeing you so embarrassed was funny to him.

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Taehyung: Tae would love them. He’d call you precious and offer to show you his own baby pictures in response. It wouldn’t be because you were somewhat bashful about it, but since that’s how he is. He’d think you’re super cute and would love each photo.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would be amused. He would laugh a little bit at the photo he was looking at where you had cake on your face. He’d think you’re cute, and when he saw you were a little shy about it, he’d say “but not as cute as you are now.”

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