costumes aren't what they used to be


COSTUME CHALLENGE (ft Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart) // Grace Helbig

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I just put this on my own blog, but since I don't really have enough followers to really get the message out there and I value your opinion a lot: The bears are kind of underwhelming aren't they? There's no framed picture, no extra props, even the costumes seem boring to me. It's almost as though someone didn't want us to get distracted by them, to look for things that aren't there, to be confused, but wants us to pay attention tonight and to realize this isn't what the countdown's about...

i have to agree with you.  @saracha33, @unintentionalarry, @ilove1dalmation and i were just talking about this.  in fact, something ashlee brought up was it looks like the bears might be getting ready for a night on the town.  getting their hair done and/or shaving, sbb seems to be sitting on a chair that might be a jewelry box so getting dressed up for the night out, etc.  we’ll have to see!  maybe they’ll visit some drag queens again, but this time we’ll see their handlers as well…

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Makeluck says that moments we find significant in the LUCAYA storyline are considered basically irrelevant because their are different kinds of love and Lucas doesn't like her THAT way and that Maya is JUST confused. I've never met someone so stuck in an ideal and so willing to bash other ships (but claim that they aren't) to prove something that is obviously not true. And to defend herself she uses the quote, "is Corpanga possibile in this age?" By Michael Jacobs.


Oh boy. 👀

Well, I don’t think that’s *quite* what she said, but rather than get into that…I want to address something more general that I’ve seen her and a few other people doing:

I’ve seen several people all but *brag* about how they don’t pay attention to clothes (costuming), food/posters (props and set dressing), actors looking at each other (acting/camera angles) or parallels to the old show (which Jacobs himself has said are clues) when it comes to this show.

It looks like the most simplistic interpretation of the dialogue along with random out-of-context interview quotes are the only things these particular people pay any attention to…

So basically they *admit* that they ignore costuming, props, set dressing, acting and shot composition. ON A TELEVISION show, they ignore these things and they admit it. Not to mention the BMW callbacks which Jacobs himself has point blank said are “clues to what’s going to happen.” I mean…to each their own, but…these people are basically saying, “well, I ignore pretty much everything involved in television production in favor of selectively quoting a few interviews out of context while also ignoring the creator of the show himself with regards to callbacks.”

That’s basically saying that that hard work of the vast majority of the crew means…nothing? I mean, wow. Okay.

And yeah, Jacobs *definitely* still believes love like Corpanga’s is possible. He’s SUCH an optimist. But you can’t try to force it. You can’t just try to copy them. You gotta be yourself and it’s gotta be real. You just have to wift your head.