Photo of the Day: Two Generations

Photographer note: The Chinese Opera is a culture brought by Chinese immigrants to Malaysia in the 1930s, and it is a culture deep within the Chinese communities that has been sustained till the present day. This shot shows the evolution of the opera, with modern performances by singers clad in sexy attire intermixed with the traditional opera artists.

Photo by Nick Ng (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia); Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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This year I was finally able to attend SDCC! It was my first time going and I’m so happy that I got to spend it with my two close friends Chandler (my oldest friend) and Ashley (one of my very favorite people).  Not only did I get to spend time with them, I also got to finally put together an Avatar cosplay!  Chandler and I have been talking about doing Avatar cosplay since season two of ATLA (we wanted to do Katara and Zuko), but we’ve never been at the same convention together.  This came at a great time because Ashley helped me figure out how to get out to SDCC (a con Chandler’s been trying to get me to for years) and we felt closer to these characters (Korra and Mako). I usually make costumes for Ashley to wear at different conventions, but this year we dressed up together at two cons. Plus bonus of Ashley playing Asami made for a love triangle! We had such a fun time, met some other great final season LOK cosplayers and got to hang out with Bryan Konietzko a little bit.  All in all, this was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

We did a quick set with one of Ashley’s favorite photographers to work with for cosplay, Rick Basuldua (the first five images). I’m hoping to get more pictures of Chandler as Mako because there are a lot of great details in his costume.  

Recently Ashley and I did a more extensive on-location (Banning State Park) Korrasami shoot with my friend over at Photo Deviance (the rest of the images).  We even did a few images inspired by one of our favorite pieces of fan art. I’m so incredibly pleased with how everything turned out and it couldn’t have come to fruition without my amazing friends.

Team Korra 5ever!

Costumes - Samantha Rei (me; I only do cosplay for friends, but I am a fashion designer by trade)

Necklaces - Ashley Hay
Ashley’s makeup - Amanda Fonseca  (SDCC) Melanie Rivers (Banning Shoot)
Images - Rick Basaldua (SDCC) Photo Deviance (Banning Shoot)
All images are watermarked with their respective photographer

Korra - Samantha Rei
Asami - Ashley Hay
Mako - Chandler Poling


Almost show ready backstage here in Alice’s Winnipeg #dressingroom. Here are a few #AliceCooper wardrobe pieces. Both the striped jacket and mask by @hazmatdesign.
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I don’t understand why natives get upset with people wearing “indian costumes” like… people wear fireman, police, etc. Is that saying that we are being disrespectful of our protectors? No. Could someone educate me please? Maybe I’m just missing something :)


Video - Cas Johnstone _ Model - Laurek K. _ Music - Kai Engel

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