SYRIA, DAMASCUS : Palestinian girls wearing costumes play in the besieged Yarmuk refugee camp in the Syrian capital Damascus on August 31, 2015. Several thousand civilians have been able to leave the camp but the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group and a Yarmuk resident told AFP that up to 14,000 people are still living inside. The situation in Yarmuk has worsened in recent months, with Islamic State group militants entering in April

100% accurate replica costumes are pretty rad but I actually love seeing cosplays and costumes where the makers/cosplayers have made little changes and added little details specific to their portrayal of the character

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Anything fun planned for Halloween?

Minky has talked about doing a dinosaur costume, and like last year, Navyy will probably break out her sewing/crafting skills to make that happen. Navyy is still on the hunt for a good idea for her own costume.

I am about 95% sure that I am going to do Bjork, in the famous swan dress. Probably should start thinking about how to make that work!

Happy September everyone 😊💜🍂🍁🎃 just that much closer to Halloween and October in general 😍 favourite time of year ~ what are you planning on being for Halloween!? 🍃🌈💉🔮🔪 i dont know if i should go has a faerie, i was a witch last year, and before that i was a mermaid two years in a row 🐚🌸 but i kinda wanna go scary this year 😍 IDK!


I love Éponine’s traditional costumes. It’s no wonder that few productions stray far from them, even when other characters wear costumes completely different from their predecessors.

Her Act I outfit is one of my favorite costumes in the original production. Its flimsy raggedness is startling and instantly conveys the bleak poverty of her life, not to mention evoking Hugo’s description of her “shivering nakedness clad in nothing but a chemise and skirt.” But the boyish cap, belt and boots deftly undercut the pathos with an aura of scrappy toughness. Yet at the same time the flowing skirt with its subtle flower and leaf pattern adds a hint of romantic femininity. Every dimension of her character is conveyed in this costume. Yes, I’ve heard complaints that the spaghetti straps on the chemise are historically inaccurate and overly sexy, but they convey to a modern audience what Hugo seems to have intended – that the chemise is an undergarment forced by poverty to serve as an outer garment. And unlike some paranoid fans, I don’t think the “sexiness” is part of any conspiracy to make the audience root for Marius to choose her. Hugo tells us repeatedly that Éponine was beautiful as a little girl, could have been a beautiful young woman in better circumstances, and still had a fading trace of beauty about her. Since we don’t have his narrator voice onstage, giving her a costume that’s ragged and scrappy-looking yet still reveals the actress’s beauty is the next best thing. 

And then there’s her iconic Act II overcoat. Yes, its length is slightly dress-like and makes her boy disguise less boyish than a shorter coat might have. (Then again, a shorter coat wouldn’t hide her figure as well…) But maybe that’s part of its effectiveness – it’s obviously a men’s coat, but it doesn’t completely obscure her femininity during the romantic outpouring-of-soul that is “On My Own.” Its masculinity reinforces our sense of her toughness, yet it also makes her look small, overwhelmed and vulnerable. And the fact that it’s the same tan color as her Act I skirt helps ensure that even the people in the farthest seats recognize her – as does the fact that she wears the same cap in both acts.

I admit I sometimes get tired of seeing these two outfits constantly copied, and wouldn’t mind seeing more productions depart from them, but still, I don’t think they’ve ever been bettered.

Matt Mercer, the voice of Aikuro Mikisugi in Kill la Kill, Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Damnation, Captain Levi in Attack on Titan, Jotaro Kujo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Iron Man/Tony Stark in Iron Man: Rise of Technovore, Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Zero, Fei Long in Street Fighter IV, and Reapmon/Beelzemon in Digimon Fusion, has just been announced as a special guest for Animate! Miami, October 23-25, 2015, at The Miami Airport Convention Center.

Matt will be appearing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He will be signing autographs for FREE during scheduled autograph sessions and taking part in panels and events all weekend long.

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“Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift : Taylor once again proved that she is definitely the best! The music is magical and the lyrics are breath-takingly beautiful. As for the video, well, it’ll leave it speechless. Direction by Joseph Kahn is absolutely fantastic and choosing Scott Eastwood was one of the best choices they made. I love the classic Hollywood feel with oh-so-stylish retro outfits. Everything is just perfect!