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Hey y'all so as I’ve talked about before I am a fashion business student and I do costume styling for film and tv pretty often. I just wrapped on a film titled Blood Orange. It is about a juice shop that sells blood to vampires so it’s a sort of a dark comedy. The main character doesn’t notice that it’s blood or body parts she just thinks it’s oranges. She’s basically just really self absorbed and has a big ego so it’s about missing out on the world around you when you’re too caught up in yourself. Sounds weird and it totally is haha. But the style was all neon pop art inspired and the characters were all supposed to be neon grunge / punk so it was such an amazing challenge. The humans were in muted and dull colors and the vampires were the ones full of life and color. Also working with blood and multiple costumes was great experience. Overall it was so so so fucking amazing and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Everyone was so wonderful and I couldn’t ask for a better crew 🖤
Here’s some set pics and costume pics that I managed to get while I was running around haha

TLDR: I costumed a film and it was fuckin dope.


My Boys in my style

Rogue One Anniversary Week

First of all, I want to thank all of you for the interest you’ve shown in this week and the excellent responses you’ve given in the surveys! This will only work with fandom participation so it’s amazing to see how strong the fandom is, even a year later!

But now onto the exciting news: The results from the survey are in, and RogueOneAnniversary is happy to announce Rogue One Anniversary Week will be Sunday December 10th - Saturday December 16th! 


  • Day One (December 10th): Favorite Character || Writing Prompt: Rebellion
  • Day Two (December 11th): Favorite Quote || Writing Prompt: Home
  • Day Three (December 12th): Favorite Planet/Location || Writing Prompt: Light & Dark
  • Day Four (December 13th): Favorite Character Dynamic || Writing Prompt: Family
  • Day Five (December 14th): Favorite AU/Headcanon || Writing Prompt: Strength
  • Day Six (December 15th): Actor Appreciation || Writing Prompt: Hope
  • Day Seven (December 16th): Free day || Bonus prompt: Why You Love Rogue One || Rogue One screening, courtesy of @sleepykalena! (Details TBA)

More Details available under the cut!

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First time cosplaying to a con? Then follow these tips~♥♪

With comic con showing it’s head around the corner people often forget things like these due to the pressure and anxiety Comic con brings,but don’t worry! I’ll help you

1• If you’re cosplaying and you want to buy things(obviously that’s why your going) take a book bag with you to put away your merch,when someone asks for a pic just put the bag aside.

2• Take bobby pins,glue,tape whatever you need for your cosplay take it! You don’t want wardrobe malfunctions in the con.

3• If you arrive late and have to wait in line take a fan with you. Your make up will melt and your costume will get sweaty (besides we don’t want you to faint out there)

4• WIG CLIPS ARE A MUST,if you have a wig that slips off due to weight get some of these and put them on the wig. Also, if you have a large head and the wig runs small they’re tutorials on YouTube on how to stretch it slightly (but be gentle)

5• If you wear glasses TAKE THEM WITH YOU! don’t leave your glasses behind for the sake of the costume, if someone asks for your picture simply take them off and hide them in your boob or something idk but don’t leave them you’ll get a major headache without them and you won’t be able to see the prices clearly on the merchandise.

6• If you’re making your costume I beg of you not to leave it to the last minute. You’ll be stressing and your sleep cycle will get fucked up. But if you’re ordering certain things for the costume online then order months before cause sometimes they’ll say they can’t make it due to complications so that leaves you to look for another option with very little time left.

7• Don’t let your physical health get affected for the sake of the costume you’re more important than the cosplay so please take care of yourself. Also don’t starve yourself in the con either,if you’re worried about ruining the costume then just cover yourself with napkins or a snuggie but PLEASE don’t starve.

8• Be nice to other cosplayers,don’t compare yourself to the more professional looking ones either,they started out like you and me and with practice we can get as good as them too!

9• Help out the other cosplayers too! Some may have forgotten their things at home so help them out!

10• Enjoy the con and don’t be nervous. You’re wearing the cosplay people are already loosing their marbles because you’re dressed as one of their favorites!

11• PRACTICE YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE HAND! If you’re a spaz with make up like me then practice weeks before the event just so you can pick out your favorite makeup style and practice it with ease.

All of this is from personal experience and man do I wish someone would’ve told me some of these things on my first time.

Costumed Craving...

part 1, part 2

“Oh my god!  Oh my god, Dawn, oh my god!  Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!”

“What is it, sister dear?  And can it wait ‘til I finish my coffee?”

“No, it can’t!  I am totally screwed!”

“I figured as much after I saw you leave with Elvis.”

“Dawn!  I mean I did something really bad last night!”


“Stop grinning at me!  I’m serious!”

“What did you do, kill him?”  Dawn joked, pouring the rest of her mug down the drain.

“Worse!  I…I did the thing.”

The cup clattered into the sink.

“…You what?”



“I don’t know!  I just happened!”

“No, no, no, no!  You know better than anyone that the thing doesn’t just ‘happen’!  It’s not like a burp, for Christ’s sake!”  

“Oh god, oh god…this is awful!  What am I gonna do?  What am I gonna do?!”

“Alright, calm down. Just breathe.  It’s…it’s unexpected, but not the end of the world.  In fact, you could say it’s…just the beginning!”

“Get real, Dawn.  I’ve told you a million times, I’ve sworn off all that crap!”

“Yeah, because of one cheating asshole, but this is different!  You actually did the thing!”  

“I don’t care!  It was a mistake!”

“Nature doesn’t make mistakes!”

“Well, there’s always a first time!”  

“Why are you so upset about this?  I thought you liked him!  What, was he lousy in bed?”

Hell, no!  He was-!  THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT!  I just can’t see him again!”

“And how do you expect to do that?  Lock yourself in the attic?  You know can’t avoid this!”

Marianne lifted her chin, never one to back down from a challenge.

“Oh, can’t I?”

“No, but I’m sure gonna get kick outta watching you try.”


Working on the LND Peacock mockup & figuring out a dual corset zipper back, the best of both worlds… But laborious! I’ll offer this on future commissions but naturally it’ll add to the price because of labor. Worth every penny IMO! ✨💙💡❓💬 what’s your favorite costume or sewing hack??? I want to learn more! 💬❓💡💙✨ #bodice #mockup #muslin #corsetry #corset #experimenting #zipper #lifehacks #costumehacks #sewing #costumery #costume #design #fashion #pattern #patternmaking #lacing #unique #cosplay #diy #enchantedsea #loveneverdies #peacockdress #inprogress #behindthescenes

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paladins' s/o asks them to do couples costumes for halloween. what do they choose to dress up as?

- Something cute
- Probably to do with animals (bunny rabbits/kitties)
- Or funny/generic alien costumes
- With big eyes and blue/green/grey skin
- Hunk wants you to laugh, and have a really good time, and he doesn’t care if he looks ridiculous for that to happen

- Something nerdy
- Han and Leia / R2-D2 and C-3PO are right up there
- Maybe something from Doctor Who (Rose/Ten) but it’s difficult for you both to decide without a tragic backstory
- You might end up settling on an inside joke between the two of you; you don’t necessarily need a joke to be understood by everyone for you to find it funny

- Lance’ll probably suggest that you dress up like Alteans
- Or you’ll have the most elaborate costumes of all
- You might both end up in ball gowns, just for the hell of it
- You both look amazing and absolutely steal the show
- All eyes’ll be on you two no matter what because the costumes are so well put together and they look so real

- Also nerdy costumes
- R2 / 3PO is more likely for you two
- Most likely a computer joke
- i.e; one of you is Ctrl, the other is Z
- Dressed like that, you harass Lance all night

- Traditional costumes
- Vampires, witches, werewolves
- He’ll let you do his makeup
- But he won’t wear a skirt
- A cloak is the most he’ll do for you
- You’ll probably find him in a suit matching your costume very subtly, with very exaggerated makeup

Nita Naldi, theatre and silent film actress (American, 1894–1961) in a publicity photograph for the silent drama film Experience (USA, 1921, dir. George Fitzmaurice). Photo taken on June 17, 1921. | Paramount Pictures | photo US Library of Congress