Andrew Bolton’s narrated tour of “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ (by jeremy538754) currently installed at the Met. Museum.

Charles James was recognized even in his heyday as a genius in the art of sculpting fabric into inventive fashions. While he produced fewer than a thousand garments over the forty-year span of his career, today he holds cult status in fashion circles, as much for his legacy of unforgettable clothes as for the magnetic force of his complex personality and his unorthodox creative process. Never having had formal dressmaking training, he developed his own methodology based on mathematical, architectural, and sculptural concepts as they relate to the human body. His venturesome and wholly original methods inspired and fascinated his contemporaries as well as the generations of designers and admirers of his fashions who followed. #charlesjames #beyondfashion #themet #metgala #costumeinstitue #fashionicon