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Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae as Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson

Film: Hidden Figures (2016)

Costumes by Renee Ehrlich Kalfus


My empire is in ruins. I’m a wanted man with no friends. And my mother… the one person I swore to protect is dead because of my weakness.

Few Thoughts

Okay, don’t get me wrong. These pictures make me insanely happy and its so much fun to see the scarlet vision fandom rise from our slumber. 

But I’m not exactly happy Vision is human looking. 

Like, I love that scarlet vision will be a thing. But if the only romantic scenes we see of them are while Vision looks human, then I will be very disappointed.

There has to be a very good reason for Visions appearance in these scenes. Like maybe its the effects of an infinity stone, or a mind trick or something more creative. And even if it is just Vision using his power to hide his figure or disguise himself, I honestly wont mind as long as its well written and acted out. 

But. I will mind if its only during this period that we get to see Wanda and Vision kiss or be so sweet and touchy with each other. 

Because one of my favorite aspects of their relationship is that she loves him exactly as he is. He doesn’t have to pretend to be human around her because it doesn’t stop her from caring about him, and shes always been passionate about defending that love. 

So if they don’t display that love as well as they’re doing with them both human, then we will be missing a huge aspect of their characters. 

Now its certainly too much to ask for two romantic scenes between these characters in one, character packed, movie. But I do hope they aren’t afraid to show the love between these two when Viz is looking himself. 

honestly if you’re creating a sci-fi anything and you need alien inspiration just google some fungi or parasitic insects or deep sea anything

there may be stranger things in this galaxy than cedar-apple rust, but not MANY stranger things, imo

Reaper Prompts

whitedelilah said:
Hello! I currently have a plot about a girl who is supposed to die and the reaper falls in love with her so he can’t kill her. She is bubbly and outgoing despite her illness. And he is arrogant and sarcastic. If you have anything I’d greatly appreciate it! Thank you love!

Anonymous said:
Could you give me something for a snarky reaper and his human companion?

1) “You know, you could say thank you,” the reaper said. “For not collecting your soul. Maybe with a dinner date?”
“You know I can barely leave the hospital bed right?” 
“I’ll bring jelly here.”
“Jelly and ice cream - for parties and those who are sick.”

2) “You’re not collecting the cat.”
“I let you collect the boyfriend.”
“It’s not collecting - it’s dating! Humans do that!”
“I’m skeptical. He looks like he’s trying to suck your soul out of your face, you can understand why that would be disturbing for me.” 
The human stared at the reaper, trying to figure out if they were being serious.

3) “I honestly don’t know how you can be so cheerful, it’s nauseating.”
“It’s called the silver lining, and if you can stop scowling for five minutes I’m going to teach it to you along with concepts like fun and taking your head out of your arse.She flashed him a blindingly bright smile.
“Grim reaper. It’s in the name. Grim.”
“Oh please, I saw you laughing at that puppy vine and no flowers died at the sound or anything.”

4) “Do you like my Halloween costume? I’m you,” the human said with a grin.
“I have never once dressed in a hood and a scythe, I don’t know where people are getting this from.” 

5) “Do you ever get tired of, you know, collecting souls?” 
“Why do you think there are poltergeist? Honestly, I take a holiday once and we get the bloody witch trials.” 

Worldbuilding can be hard, especially when it comes to aliens. All too often, fictional aliens feel like they’re really just humans in costumes, and even when they are weird enough to feel truly nonhuman, they’re usually still suffering from a serious case of monoculture-itis. 

Species Shock is a series that aims to supply you with samples of truly alien extraterrestrials, covering everything from their planet to biology, culture, and interactions with humans. It will be published with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, so that you can share, remix, transform, and build upon its contents however you’d like, even commercially, with very few restrictions. 

However, because I’m essentially releasing this for free, I can’t count on making enough money from Species Shock to offset the costs. This poses a problem for a financially-strapped college student such as myself: I can take care of almost everything on my own, but the one thing that I can’t do is draw art for the book. The funds from this campaign will be used to commission illustrations. 

I’m hoping to get at least a couple of full-color paintings, plus some field sketch-type drawings of native fauna. In the second image, heads #3 and #4 belong to close relatives of the “agloanikoi,” the species that are being described in Volume 1. 

I don’t want to make this post too long, so check out the main project page, where you’ll find a great big list of interesting things that’ll be talked about in Volume 1, along with a pair of updates that give you sneak peaks with even more information.

If the project makes it to $2,500 then we’ll have enough to fund the first two volumes without having to skimp on the quality of either. 

Here’s some more concept art, by the way. 

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