Here’s my latest fashion drawing, it’s Elsa Through the Styles. Very random.

If you have not seen yet, I also did a Taylor Swift fashion compilation drawing, which you can find here. And of course, I have my other pieces stored here

4/27/15- Onwards to a new region!(and we’re back)

For awhile I have been wanting to draw my characters as the pokemon I feel fit them in terms of type/personality/appearance. 

So for Sparks…yeah he’s an Electabuzz. I know that Shinx’s line would fit him more in terms of electric cat, but Electabuzz’s design just screams Sparks to me so much more. I guess it’s the bipedal, large forearms and fangs on side of mouth that made me favor it. Plus, he would use more an Electabuzz moveset then a Shinx/Luxio/Luxray moveset.  
He has no interest becoming an Electivire.
Nature: Hasty
Characteristic: Highly Curious
Moveset: Light Screen, Thunder Punch, Iron Tail, Low Kick

This might be the theme for this week’s sketches. Have fun if anyone wants to guess my picks for my main characters.

My dash is dead

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