Three Reasons Why Crimson Peak Was Robbed During Awards Season

With the DVD drop date and Awards Season approaching - forget what you have read in reviews and on fellow social feeds about Crimson Peak. Beware, this movie is not a Horror Film, not really even a Thriller. In fact, Edith played by Mia Wasikowska tells you this at the very beginning of the film…

It’s not a ghost story, it’s a story with a ghost in it.

Once you pull back the false marketing campaign that this film was gifted, you will unravel a fantastical gothic romance and learn to appreciate the throwback privileges that were granted to Guillermo del Toro to create a grandiose tale.

Take a walk with us through the gates to discover the three blaring categories where Crimson Peak was robbed from any nominations:

Art Direction 

Simply put, Hollywood does not make movies like this anymore. Upon green light, Guillermo del Toro received approval to build a fully functional 3-story set, which he expressed as the best set he’s ever been on. Everything in the home was custom made, nothing was reused from salvaged parts. The intricacies and the layers found throughout each set piece is in itself a work of art. Enough to make each scene feel as if it were ripped straight from an 18th Century painting. 

Costume Design

As you would expect, making a Victorian period piece comes complete with very elaborate and ornate wardrobes. Each exquisite piece was superbly created by Kate Hawley, the costume designer, whose team accented their cast with dark and devilish tones found lurking within each character. Furthermore, each piece of costume was created to complement the various set pieces found within the film’s theme and mansion.


Cinematographer, Dan Laustsen brought his atmospheric vision from Silent Hill and dropped it right into the late 18th-Century world. The use and lack of light amplifies each scene to highlight the shadows found in each intricate frame. The subtle use of reds helps to boost the 3rd act as each character’s secrets are revealed.

Bonus: The Ghosts

Sharing this bonus piece just cause a Guillermo del Toro film would not be complete without his stamped trademark of weird walking monsters. Although, not important to this film, these creatures were a sight to see.


Tootsie Takes Up Music by Wisconsin Historical Images
Via Flickr:
Photographic postcard of Tootsie the dog, wearing a dress and holding a mandolin while sitting on a daybed. A banjo, marked “Joker”, and zither are propped up on either side. For more information about this image, click here: To browse a featured gallery of One Family’s Love Affair with Photography click here: Did You Know? The Wisconsin Historical Society produces giclée print reproductions made from high-resolution scans of original source material from its holdings. Custom orders are printed on matte or semigloss papers using large format printers and archival pigmented inks. All print sale proceeds directly benefit the acquisition, preservation and maintenance of the physical and online collections. E-mail business manager Lisa Marine for details. For more information, see our FAQ. This image is issued by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Commercial use of the image requires written permission from the staff of the Division of Library-Archives. The image should not be significantly altered through conventional or electronic means. Images altered beyond standard cropping and resizing require further negotiation with a staff member. The user is responsible for all issues of copyright.


mary jane watson / anime los angeles 2016 by Joits

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Steven Piovesan’s Shay Costume Update Feb 7, 2016

Ok… tons of trim and 32 buttons today.  32.  My fingers hurt a lot now.  But I must say… Shay, you’re quite dapper.  Quite dapper indeed.  We’re so close now.  I think the next thing will be pants, sash, then belts and bags, hopefully by then I’ll have my leather stamp from @cebt-cosplay and I’ll have to light a fire under my husband’s butt to get going on the sword and air rifle molds. I’ll have to do some sketch and dremel work on some wooden pieces that we need to fit to the purchased rifle before we can mold it anyway so there’s time. 


DSC_1529.jpg by Daniel (Red)

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