Finished this toothy punk! He came out so cute, I’m really happy.

The customer said she wanted a male punk wolf and left all the details up to me, so I got to design the character from scratch. These are my favorite commissions!! :) I went with a kinda pastel grunge sort of vibe, with a fun sparkly mohawk, piercings, and big dorky teeth that I individually hand-sculpted. Vision from the eyes is rather good, and the mouth has lots of ventilation and you can even see a little through it. The inside of the head is smooth and fully lined for comfort and a clean look.

Heads, partial suits, and fullsuits are closed until around early 2016, but small orders (gloves, tails, etc) are always open - inquire through email if that’s something that interests you: lobitaworks@gmail.com


Ah hello friends!!! I’m Lexis if u haven’t seen me before! My cousin/bff, Mai-ly (feelslikefreeedom) , and I are very very excited to share our costumes with you for the #1989TourVancouver show on August 1st!

(((I’m the one in the Olivia diet coke commercial shirt and Mai-ly is in the cat collage shirt))

When 1989 came out, Mai-ly bought me a deluxe edition, picked me up from school, and drove around so we could listen to the album together. We admired all our polaroids and jammed to every song. We got to my house before Clean was finished, and Mai-ly was like “Okay you HAVE to listen to this before you leave.” so we sat outside and basically just freaked about how GOOD it was. Funny enough, she’s bought every Taylor album for me, and I really have her to thank for introducing me to Taylor. We were able to experience Speak Now and Red in concert, and I’m ridiculously stoked to party to 1989 with her. 

We are driving from Calgary to Vancouver (like we did to see Red), and we made a little road trip out of it. Our shirts are cat-themed (showin Meredith and Olivia some love), and we’re really reppin Canada??!

I want to see AS MANY OF YOU THERE AS POSSIBLE pls pls hang out with us, we’ll be in A2 ROW 17 SEATS 11 AND 12 I CANT WAIT to SEE MY GIRL taylorswift and rock out with ALL OF U I WILL SEE u guys Saturday!!! <3

INDIA, KOLKATA : Indian tribal dancers dressed in costume pose as they prepare to perform a traditional ‘tiger dance’ on the occasion of International Tiger Day in Kolkata on July 29, 2015. International Tiger Day which came into being at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010, is held annualy on July 29, to give worldwide attention to the reservation of tigers and it is both an awareness day as a celebration.  AFP PHOTO/ Dibyangshu SARKAR                        


So I got tagged by certainlyrandomhopefullyprofound​ for the 20 beautiful people selfie thingy  and well…. as you all know probably by now….I really like selfies. Probably cause I’m a dork but anyways I save all my selfies because I know myself to be a pretty eclectic person so its actually sort of a project to record all my various appearances. So yeah I know I’m only supposed to post six or something but I don’t give flying hoot so prepare to be bombarded while I take this opportunity to publish part of my project…. lol




Liliana Week: My Liliana of the Veil Costume

So apparently it’s Liliana week! It’s no secret that she’s my favorite Plainswalker & I gotta celebrate the Lili! :3

My costume is based off of the Steve Argyle Liliana of the Veil card art, I put about 2 years on & off and a ton of hours into it’s creation.❤️

These are pictures from PAXeast 2014 & 2015, unfortunetly due to health issues I have not been able to do a proper photoshoot as of yet. (I absolutely can’t wait till I’m healed enough to be able to do so…soon.*plots*)