Miss Black Arizona Queens participated in the 4th Annual Phoenix Caribbean Carnival… the music and food was great and the costumes were amazing! @mbazpageant #mbazqueens #blackgirlsreign #phoenixcaribbeancarnival (at Phoenix Caribbean Carnival)

I have to try really fucking hard at everything I do, but my “try hard” is the world’s “mediocre”. I’m not really good at my jobs; I’m just scraping by. But that’s with an exorbitant amount of effort. This is also why I can’t do better career wise, I’m just NOT able to complete basic tasks with the ease that I should. So I focus on what I can do, and what my anxiety can lend itself to, like always being on time (and often early), being observant, doing without being told, remembering where things are, etc

I’ve spent my whole life cultivating a facade that convinces ppl I am neurotypical and able bodied, and when I slip up at that (eg: forgetting my costumes for the show) I’m terrified because I know I can’t keep this act up forever. Eventually people will figure out how much I’m struggling. I can’t stand the looks I get because it reminds me that this isn’t just a silly mistake: I triple check the locks and pack days before, I make lists for everything, I throw tantrums when no ones sees over my missing lipstick, I talk to myself to make sure I focus, I have to write down what I’ve done because my memory is that horrible, I’m every stereotype of a ~crazy~ person

I don’t want anyone to know, but I’m slipping more and more and worse and worse. I’m scared because me in my truest form is read as “lazy”, I’m scared because I’ve had people who I love berate me and abuse me and leave me because I can’t do enough, I can’t be as productive as a normal person, I’m so scared

yo, throw me some costume ideas that I could use a tarn mask in

I finished it but it’s just lying around and I feel bad for it, plus I only really got one con costume so far


Phoenix Comicon aims to be a safe haven for all cosplayers, which is why we are committed to raising awareness about Cosplay Is Not Consent. Check out our full policy on our website, plus this blog

What this means, for those who are unfamiliar with the phrase and the movement behind it, is that anyone at a convention dressing up as anyone they please should be treated with the same respect and courtesy that you would give them if they were dressed in their “street clothes.”

The culture of Cosplay is one of fun, creativity, and mutual respect. Unfortunately, not every fan adheres to the “respect” part. Cosplay is not Consent and cosplayers who dress in (sometimes) revealing costumes should not accept inappropriate behavior from their peers. Speak out, speak up, and help keep cosplay comfortable and fun!

You should make every attempt to gain direct consent on all photographs of cosplay, including all private photographers. All photographers, commercial and private, should refrain from taking secret photos of cosplayers in compromising positions and should not take photos with the intent of commercialization without consent of the subject. Cosplayers love to have their photos taken, so just be polite and ask!

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I really liked how you responded to the anons in portrayal of characters and why you cast who you cast. I know better then most that having amazing cosplay is hard. I had to make my own Kanaya shirt with paint and just a old Tshirt and I still got accepted to an askblog. My parents don't like me cosplaying so I have to figure how to make costumes and stuff. Thank you for giving people chances even if their cosplay isn't "perfect". I love everyone on this blog and their portrayal is amazing :)

dude i totally feel you on that - i have to make all my shit on a low budget because my parents arent big on me “wasting my time” like this but its something i love to do and my interest in it shows through in the work i put into the stuff i make.

not everyone has the means to be a professional but if you work hard and know your stuff with the character youre better off than you think uwu

Contingency Plan

List and describe the contingency plans of Simon Parker

Simon created a budget list of last years final production of Our House.


  • Set (including transport) = £2695 +VAT (£539)
  • Tech (sound engineer + 16 radio mics) = £400
  • Scripts and music scores = £335
  • Royalties (15% of ticket sales/ £100 per show) = £300 +VAT (£60)
  • Theatre Hire (for 3 days) = £2262 +VAT (£452.40)
  • Costume = £700
  • Props = £350
  • Band (5 piece band for 3 shows + tech + dress) = £600
  • Musical director (for rehearsal, repetitor work and shows: approx 70 hours) = £1500]

Total = £10,193.00

Discuss your own plans to make more money.

Food: When I performed at the pomegranate theatre last year for an awards night, they had catering from college make little canapés for the interval. I feel that if we teamed up with chesterfield college catering, we could make extra money on nibbles.  

Programs: Programs could be designed and made by college students and sold front of house at the beginning, middle and end of the performance. Last year they sold programs for about £2.50 but in the end they ended up practically giving them away which meant they didn’t make much profit from them. To make sure we get profit from the programs this year, we could target local business for advertisements in our program and charge a fee. For a quarter page charge £15, for half a page £25 and for a full page £40. (4x15=£60) - That is one whole page of 4 adverts. (2x25=£50) - That is one whole page of two adverts. If we could push for people to have more quarter adverts, we will make a bigger profit than if people where to buy a half. It would also cost for less printing. We could also have cast photos and rehearsal photos to make the programs more appealing. I feel that we could sell these programs for around £2.50 - £3.50 and make a profit. If we sold 100 programs that would total to £350 if we stayed at the top price.

Discount Tickets: We could sell discounted tickets for group bookings and OAPs. This would target a wider audience of school children, especially ones that are studying performing arts at their school. A standard ticket is £12.50. By advertising group bookings as buy 10 tickets get 2 free, means that divided by 12 people the cost would be around £10.40 a ticket, which means we are only loosing £2.10 per tickets but we can make that back in program fees. We could also discount college students who already go to chesterfield college which would appeal to a wider range students around the college and not just the first years in performing arts. Four college students I would suggest halving the price. A bit more than a student discount. We could sell the students from college the tickets for £6.50 and if each person bought a program for £3.50 then that would come to £10 per person.

With the school group bookings I think that it would be good to advertise a workshop. If they have over 15 students wanting to come and see the show, we could go to the school, perform a couple of numbers from the show and then work with on characters. We could halve the girls in the class, half go with the main girls and the other half go with audrey. We could teach them how to act like our characters and give them some tips on accents. They could do the same with the boys. Half go with seymour and half go with the plant. After half an hour we could switch round so the girls who have been with audrey switch the the girls that have been with the backing singers and same with the boys.

Would Little Shop be eligible for Arts Council?

I would say that out production of Little Shop Of Horrors would not be eligible for Arts Council funding. For us to get funding from the arts council the show would have to have these aspects: (which it doesn’t)

  • Educational
  • Benefits the community

The show does not meet any of the criteria given for the funding from the arts council as for it to be educational it would have to have a clear message like, bullying or vandalism. The show does not also benefit the community. The money we make from the show is going back into the college for the next years FMP.

Would Little Shop be eligible for corporate partnerships?

There would be no benefit from the corporate partnership if we where eligible for it. We are doing a maximum of 3 shows in a small town. The audience is mainly going to be family, friends and local theatre goers who want to come and see the show which means that people wouldn’t be coming from far and wide to come and see the performance. If the performance was on for a longer period of time, maybe a hotel partnership could be looked into for people to stay after the show.

What businesses could we link our show with and approach?

  • Pomegranate Youth Theatre

The Pomegranate Youth Theatre would be a good company to link with as there is already a very strong link between them and the theatre already. Because the are an amateur company they will have many young actors which we could target to come and see the show. This will also help promote the college performing arts course. As they are a theatre company, they would also have props and costumes that we could probably lend from them.

  • I would also say that we could link local florist businesses to the show as the show is based around a florist and it would be something different to advertise.

What would be their incentive to link to our production?

I would say that for company’s that are linked to the performance such as costume and props hire, there is a good incentive as it would be really good publicity and promotion for them.

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Top 5 blogs you follow

one of the very first people i followed on tumblr. i remember thinking, “wow her finn costume looks so cute.” 

a very funny blog and girl. she’s got a cute dog.

i found this blog while looking under the ‘tampa’ tag. i fell in love with her picture of an armadillo by her feet.

I LOVE EMILY, she takes the nicest photos of her adventures.

sophie is the best.

Wow I actually saw two sycamore posters at the con that’s two more than last year wow. Not much new pokémon merch though sigh

There was someone cosplaying zygarde but I didn’t manage to get a pic OTL

This fletchinder plush I got is so cute it’s so tiny and fat like fat little grumpy birb staring judgementally at me it’s perfect

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Spiderman Gets Knocked Out At A Kid's Birthday Party In Argentina

Spiderman Gets Knocked Out At A Kid’s Birthday Party In Argentina

A good parent’s job is essentially to make sure their kid’s childhood is full of positive memories, like, say, of Spiderman visiting their birthday party. And we’re sure that’s what these parents intended when they hired a guy in a Spiderman costume to entertain their kid and his friends. But …read more Via::

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