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Halloween costume ideas masterpost

I’ve collected sources from other websites that’ll at least give you ideas or guide you to a halloween costume that you desire! I will also note that I’ve added DIY costumes as well!



Youtube (Done by my favorite youtubers)

Michelle Phan 

Promise Phan (known as Dope2111) 

I’d really like to point out to check out Dope2111′s channel because she has A LOT of makeup tutorials that you can use for halloween or any event in general. Her videos vary from Disney characters to celebrities to cartoon characters. I’m sure that you’ll find something useful there! 

Bethany Mota

Buzzfeed Youtube Videos

The Other Mother makeup done by Lori Pratt (me). This took me 3 hours to do, ENJOY!🖤🕷🕸
Instagram: @missvoodoodolly
Tumblr: Missvoodoodoll
Facebook: Lori Pratt

Pro Hoe Tip #14: Halloween Costumes

At a loss on what to be for Halloween?

Here’s a list of easy, cheap and cute costumes:

-Sexy Animal (cats, foxes, etc…): All you really need for this is ears, some makeup (which you probably have at home) and then a matching outfit of your choosing. I love this because you can add/remove clothing depending on how cold it will be!

- Nurse/Doctor: Once again, this is easy since all you really need is a white coat and maybe a prop. You can keep the top open if you feel like showing some skin as well!

-A Witch: get some cute fishnet - like tights, or ripped ones. Maybe a hat. You can go the all-black route and this is easy. You can also paint a little spider on your face or something if you’re feeling it.

-A Fairy/Princess: Cute dress. Tiara. Wings if you’re feeling it. I like to add glitter, but it’s not necessary. Easy, and it’s not exactly hard to look hot if you’re wearing a cute dress!!

-Vampire: Teeth, blood, badass eye makeup, and you’re set along with a cute outfit! I find that really low cut dresses that plunge into your cleavage along with a longer necklace with a cross on it really completes this one!!

-A Painting: this takes a bit more time, but if you’re creative and have some paints you can pull it off and it looks soo original/good! Basically, you just pick a famous painting. Starry night, the scream, idc. Then, while basically naked, paint it on your stomach. If you’re feeling it, go on your arms too and on your chest. Once it all dries, put a cute crop top/shorts combo that matches and bam. So cute.

Finally, since we are on the topic, DON’T DO IMPRESSIONS OF OTHER RACES. THAT SHIT AIN’T CUTE.

That means NO:

-“Indian” Headresses


-Don’t be a “terrorist” wtf?

-G*psy is a fucking slur for the Roma people you can’t be one for Halloween just don’t do it

-If you use that big witches’ nose, that’s an antisemitic stereotype. How about no.