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No one ever expects a lefty 😜.

I’m a mediocre swordswoman (would prefer a poleaxe, really) but the left handedness almost always catches people off guard. Taken this week at Swordcraft LARP in Melbourne, Australia by @theprohobby.

Headcanon NSFW: Jerome Valeska

A = Aftercare

Jerome doesn’t cuddle nor he makes sure if he was too rough. From time to time his lips and/ or tongue brushing over the marks he gave you.

C = Cum

Jerome loves to spill his seed on your body before wiping it away with his finger and sticks it in your mouth.
He also enjoys to eat you out and doesn’t stop after you came.

D = Dirty Secret

Jerome has no secrets when it comes to his sexual life. He’s like an open book to you and isn’t ashamed of it when it comes to his sexual desire.

E = Experience

Jerome isn’t the most experienced person in Gotham. But he learns fast and knows after your first time what makes you scream and squirm.

F = Favourite Position

Speed bump.
Jerome enjoys it to mountain you and to press your body in the mattress. The skin to skin contact where he feels every little move of your body are a big turn on for him. Same goes for the sounds which leaves your mouth and who are close to his ear.

I = Intimacy

He wants you - he takes you.
He doesn’t waste time with foreplay, instead he purrs in your ear what he’ll do with you before tearing your clothes off.

J = Jack Off

Jerome doesn’t jerk himself off as long as he has you. Only when you’re tied up to the bed and he stares down at you and wants to tease you.

K = Kink

Jerome is a kinky bitch.
From blood choking until knife play, he enjoys every form of kinky sex.
But his biggest kink to test your limits, the fine line between pain and pleasure.

L = Location

Jerome has no limits and it wouldn’t bother him to have an audience during your little make out.

M = Motivation

Every part of your body is a turn on for him, even when he wouldn’t admit it. The way you move, speak, smile or look at him.

N = NO

There’s nearly nothing what would be a turn off for Jerome.
Jerome doesn’t kinkshame and says frankly when he doesn’t want to do something.

O = Oral

Jerome enjoys fucking your throat the same way he enjoys to go down on you. Especially when you’re tied to the bed and aren’t able to move and he has the control over you.

P = Pace

Two words: fast and hard.
Expect when he wants to tease you and he penetrates you with slow, powerful thrusts.

Q = Quickie

Jerome likes quickies, but he doesn’t prefer them. The quick, hard thrusts where he has no time to play his little games with you doesn’t satisfy him enough, but prepare you what’ll come when he has more time for you.

R = Risk 

Jerome takes risks.
No matter if he’d hurt himself.
He tries to go easy on you and tests how much you could take and a little more. But he’d never seriously hurt you.

S = Stamina

Jerome is insatiable.
Once he gets started, he doesn’t stop until you’re a mess and sore between the legs.

T = Toy

Jerome owns a lot of toys and wants to try each of them with you. The only thing what he doesn’t allow is when a toy pleases you more than him.

U = Unfair

Jerome is a tease.
He’d stop just before his orgasm only to hear you beg and whimper. Also he’d hold you in position so that you can’t move your hips against his.

V = Volume

Jerome is unusually quiet in bed.
Small groans, growls and purrs leaving his throat. His warm breath tickles in your neck and sends shiver after shiver down your spine.

W = Wild Card

Jerome has a fetish for costumes and roleplay.
Police officer and criminal where he punishes you for being a bad, bad girl.
Everything about the circus where you’re in one and give in to pleasure..

Y = Yearning

Sex hasn’t top priority for Jerome.
He could do without it for a few days or even weeks


Jerome is a ball of energy.
So while you’re busy with catching your breath, he’s already doing other things like taking a shower etc.


My favourite part about LARP will always be the live action. When I’m in that moment of battle, I can’t even explain the freedom it gives me. This battle game is where my LARP life started, 3 years ago, and it’s probably what I will always enjoy the most about this crazy, amazing hobby.

Photographs by J&J Photogtaphs. 💕💕
Aka, @forgedinfoamtemperedlikesteel

Swordcraft LARP battle game.
Melbourne, Australia.


Day two costume for @thronescon !
So yesterday after work I decided I wanted a better gambeson…the other one I was going to wear was too bulky. Lucky I had the fabric and the dye to start again! I’m much happier with it and I feel it fits with the House Mormont style I was going for better. The bear hasn’t been attached yet, I think I’ll remove the brown around it before I do.
And the best news is that is didn’t take as much room in my suitcase as I thought it would! Whoo!
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Did an end of season larp shoot ❤️ this is my main girl Bella, I’ve played her a little over three years now and don’t think I could get sick of being her. Mercenary lieutenant, recent student of the dragon goddess of fire and passion and general shit disturber.

Top thee photos by Alexa Lauchuta Photography

Bottom two by Photos by Krista Cher and Stacey Dawn Photography

If any locals would like to know more about havok and how to join please let me know :) we’re a character and plot rp immersed larp and all around I think a pretty great crew with an amazing WM team who are always open about listening to input, letting players drive the game and are fantastic at making sure it stays a fun, safe and respectful game for all.