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so the thing that makes me angriest in the world about yuri on ice is that no one ever, ever mentions the fact that yuuri and yurio are wearing viktor’s costumes. like. never. in real life, how would the announcers not shut up about something like that? “here’s yuri plitsetsky in a piece choreographed by viktor nikiforov oh BY THE WAY LOOK AT THAT ICONIC VIKTOR COSTUME.”

i hate it. months later, i hate it. 


From design to costume: the Czech non-replica Hannibal Slavegirl

The Czech costumes were designed by Roman Solc. I adore the style seen in his sketches, and I also think they translated very well into the finished stage costumes. For the most, anyway. Still, it’s interesting to see the changes done.

The Slavegirl costume in the design has a full bodice rather than bare midriff, and there’s also both a backdrape attached to the arm as well as a front tab that was cut. But the skirt with apron and the various armbands (not worn by Christine, but by the other ballerinas) are very recognizable, as is the ornamental tiara. I love the stage costumes, but I suspect I would have loved them even more with the full corseted bodice seen in the design.

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How do they manage the quick change during think of me in the productions where they dont just add a skirt like the replica ones?

The costumes I know of all depends on a fully underskirted and corseted construction to be put over the Hannibal Slavegirl costume, be it a skirt or a whole dress. For example, in the Hungarian costume, a blue pointed underbust corset with skirt was put over the Slavegirl bodice, only showing the golden bra of the latter:

Same with the Czech costume - corseted gold bodice with full skirt was placed over the Slavegirl costume, only revealing its pale blue bra part:

And again, same in the Estonian production - the draped rust bra top and sequined collar part of the Slavegirl costume is visible under the belt-like corseted bodice with tabs:

In the Polish production, a whole dress was put on top of the Slavegirl costume, which basically was a strapless gold bra and a removeable belt with rope skirt. At closer inspection, the Elissa costume is pretty loose in the bodice:

I assume the same was the case in Helsinki, where Christine only wore a chestbind like top with loose “harem pants”. Should be easy enough to put a full dress on top of that. It’s also a fairly straight silhouette in that one.

The only exception to the “just put something over the Slavegirl costume” routine seems to be in Romania. And honestly, I have no idea what went on there. I‘ve seen photos of Christine in the Slavegirl costume, then in cream bloomers and a corselet, then in a full golden gala gown with a gold lurex-like bodice with fringes:

BUT ALSO a more rust coloured satin bodice with fringes…?

So I have no idea what was the deal with that costume and that specific costume transition. But in general, the non-replica productions put a fully hooped/supported skirt with some sort of corseted bodice/belt over the Hannibal Slavegirl bodice - pretty much like what’s done in the replica one. :)


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Star Wars fact #138

The 501st Legion, or “Vader’s Fist”, is an international charity organisation founded and run by Star Wars fans. The 10 000 members make and wear replicas of costumes worn by Star Wars villains, including storm troopers, Imperial officers, Sith Lords, and bounty hunters, and appear at charity or promotional events.

The organisation has been paid homage to in several Star Wars novels and video games, and in the novelisation of Revenge of the Sith, the troopers who raided the Jedi Temple with Darth Vader were named after them. They also appear in Clone Wars, led by Captain Rex.

Everyone on the Waverider are huge Star Wars fans. When they have a little down time, the travel to the opening nights of every Star Wars movie and have Gideon make them an entire ensemble of perfect costume replicas. Their favorite time so far had Ray and Snart in Stormtrooper suits, Amaya as Han Solo, Sara as Leia, Stein as Obi Wan, Jax as Lando, Mick as Chewbacca, Nate as Darth, and Rip as Yoda.