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Dear Kate / @isawhimoncethenhewasgone,

I was you Secret Santa!
I wish you a very Merry Christmas, my dear!

I was torn between drawing something from the Final Lair scene or Christine and Meg, since you mentioned those are your fav moments from the show. I chose the latter in the end because a scene depicting friendship is more Christmas-y and the Elissa gown has such festive colours to boot :D

I wish you all the best and good luck with making the costume replicas!

~Fiona, aka rumpelstiltskinned

(PS Just gotta mention it again: Your blog is amazing.)


So I met Darth Vader at Disneyland and let me tell you, you guys, it was An Experience.

The thing is, I was expecting it to be like the standard character meet and greet deal- a whole group of people waiting to meet Vader, Vader probably not able to “speak”, you take a photo, you move on. On top of that, I have multiple friends and acquaintances with Vader costumes, and my boyfriend has a REALLY well-made replica costume with the breathing sound a built in that he’s worn to a few costume events. I’m very used to Vaders.

And then Disneyland had to go and screw with my head by running the meet and greet on a ride-style queue system. This meant I was the only one in my party, which meant I got brought down a short hallway to meet Darth Vader alone.

As soon as I was lead in (by someone dressed as an Imperial officer, no less), everything was quiet except that goddamned breathing. I stepped around the corner, and there was this full-sized Darth Vader looking at me in silence.

Well, ok, it’s just a guy in a costume, right? I bowed really awkwardly from the waist, playing along, and when I straightened up again OH HELL HE WAS RIGHT THERE.

Well, see, I showed up to this meet and greet with a plan. I wanted to replicate the Music of the Night pose from The Phantom of the Opera with him as a gag photo, so I swiped into my phone to show it to him and started asking if we could do that “for the internet”.

Vader leaned over the picture and then snapped his head up at me, and well, there went my need to suspend my disbelief, because he leaned into my face- and I mean, I’m tall, I’m 5'9" and some change, I am not used to people looming down into my face- and he said- I am not exaggerating or paraphrasing-:

“That question, and your intentions, arouse great suspicion. Take care when you ask it, and of whom.”

I shit you not, he sounded pretty much exactly like James Earl Jones’ Vader voice, and as he said it he jabbed me in the collarbone with his forefinger, while leaning so close I had to step back.

That was about the point where my actual panic-induced fight or flight reaction kicked in. Again, I’m not exaggerating- I mean, I do have really bad anxiety, so that was likely part of it, but my heartbeat started pounding and I felt a little shaky and it was really hard to think anything but Darth Vader is going to kill me because I was disrespectful, he is going to start strangling me if I don’t watch myself. I had not at all expected them to equip the suit with a voice filter, and that completely took me out of the theme park experience and straight into this irrational terror.

I don’t know what my face was doing at that point, but one of the cast members told me she needed to take a full body scan for security purposes to ensure I wasn’t a spy, and that was enough of a nudge back to the completely safe reality of the situation that I awkwardly went to stand next to Darth Vader, smiled, took my iPad back, and left with my heartbeat still running at about 150 BPM and my step a little unsteady.

When I found @vitaldose elsewhere in the Launch Bay attraction, she was chilling on a bench checking her phone, and I just kind of lowered myself next to her, where I finally managed a really breathy, awkward laugh. I pulled up those monstrosities you see up there, and immediately noticed that my arms are super stiff in those photos. In the middle one, you can actually see my left hand blurred from shaking.

So, I mean. I think Disney deserves a huge round of applause for making a private audience with Darth Vader exactly as terrifying as it would be in-universe, but I also kind of hope he just tries to tempt little kids to join him instead of scaring the hell out of them too.