costume rental

Mycroft, the smart one, is watching a cheesy, almost porno-level of dialog, movie that looks like a black and white classic but is apparently an invention, a… pastiche. He knows this movie so well he mouths the dialog along with it, with apparent glee.

He is interrupted by John and Sherlock’s clown prank. “That was insane, why would he do that?” Mycroft says. Indeed, homeless network, rental costume, sure, but some of the elements… how did they make the paintings weep blood? WHY did they go that far?

To get to the truth, we – I mean, Mycroft had to be scared that bad.

(Seriously though, why would bbc let one of their flagship dramas have a finale w/o hyping it, even if it was bad… would they be so *disappointing*? And wouldn’t a Piccadilly circus thing in advance of a 4th ep BE that kind of hype? I’M NOT SAYING, I’M JUST SAYING)


Speaking of the High-Rise costume designer: I had an ask about this striped shirt Tom wears in a prop photo during the film. This shirt was a vintage ‘70s costume rental along with Tom’s black velvet suit and watch. 

Everything else Tom wears in the film should be posted already (which was simple because Laing, like Tom, wears the shit out of everything). Bespoke Chris Kerr suit/shirt, Peckham Rye tie, Lacoste shirt + shorts, and shoes from The Kooples).

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Schmidt [ENTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): After being rescued from the bunker, Kimmy stays in New York after being on the Today show with the fellow mole women. She’s fascinated by all of the new things that have sprung up within the last fifteen years since she’s been down in the bunker and wants to see the world beyond the bunker and the small town she lived in. Kimmy is good at seeing connections in her external environment. She’s adaptable and resilient, especially when Xan insists on trying to pick her apart to find what she’s been “hiding” from everyone, and often helps Titus brainstorm ideas - such as finding a loophole to get a security deposit back from the costume rental shop. Despite the brainwashing she encountered in the bunker, once in her own environment, Kimmy is able to draw conclusions about people and their true intentions - she’s quick to realize that the GED teacher could care less about actually teaching his students. Often, she gets caught up in the novelty of things.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Kimmy is endlessly fascinated by how the world has changed in fifteen years though she doesn’t understand things like what “googling” means or what “Molly” is. She goes to great lengths to figure out how things work and how to fix things. She exhausts all of her options to get her job back from Jacqueline after she is initially fired. When it looks like the prosecutors will lose their case against the Reverend and the mole women are locked in the bunker (again), she’s determined to find something in the bunker to help win his case - she doesn’t see what relevance the tape they found has at first until she sees the time stamp and using her Ne/Ti, comes to the conclusion that the reverend was lying about the world ending as he taped his audition to be a contestant on The Apprentice right when the world was supposedly about to “end”.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Kimmy is very sensitive to the feelings of others and is quick to comfort or help them. When Jacqueline is upset about the idea of her husband cheating on her, Kimmy willingly helps her in a scheme to expose his cheating. She goes through hoops to convince Titus she can be a good roommate and helps him with his quests. When Kimmy uses her Ne/Ti when a rat is found in the bunker after the supposed end of the world and the Reverend challenges her and tells her to send Gretchen out to see if her claims are true, Kimmy backs down for the sake of Gretchen’s welfare. She confesses first to Titus and eventually to Jacqueline that she’s one of the “mole women” because trying to keep up the lie bothers her. At first she refuses to testify at the Reverend’s trial but after realizing it is the right thing to do, she finally summons up the courage that she has to be the one to help put him away.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Using her knowledge of how she survived life in the bunker, Kimmy uses the same methods to help her survive out in the real world and even uses it to dispense advice to Jacqueline. She’s able to see that the spin class that her and Jacqueline are a part of is really a cult because of her experience with being in the cult. She relates a lot of pop culture references - typically from the 90’s - to what she’s experiencing in present time.