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Rooftop Season (Peter Parker x Reader) Part 4

Distracted doing homework with you, Peter ends up running late for an outing with Aunt May and things take a turn for the worse.

(Longish) A/N: I haven’t abandoned Rooftop Season guys!! Two things happened: first, I was struck with a massive, nasty case of writer’s block. I didn’t know how to develop the plot (sometimes I plan things when I write, other times I let it flow. For RS I let the direction of the story surprise me). And when I finally overcame that, I was overwhelmed with uni work. Still kind of am, but I found some time to sneak in a new part. I hope I haven’t kept you waiting THAT long, I do apologise, and hope you have still fun reading. Thank you thank you for keeping up with the story so far, I love youuuu

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It was 4.30 pm.

The library was empty as usual, save for you and Peter, both busy slaving away at your respective assignments.

It wasn’t the first time you found yourself alone in his company. In fact, these ‘after school hangouts’ had become the norm between you and Peter.

Ever since he danced to Rihanna and invited you to sit with him for lunch, your friendship with him had deepened.

It hadn’t been easy to get to this stage of easy intimacy. Initially sitting with him and Ned had been nothing short of awkward. The two of them didn’t really know how to make conversation with you, having been so used to entertaining one another. And being shy, you didn’t know how to approach them either.

So more often than not, the three of you would sit staring awkwardly at your plates or phones and make small talk.

Eventually, the tension melted away. Rather than glance at plates for lack of confidence for eye contact, you held staring contests all the times. Phones were no longer on the table except if you were texting each other in the group chat. Superficial jokes turned to inside jokes. Video games at Ned’s house on the weekends were scheduled all the time.

Whereas one time Peter and Ned were solely friendly faces in the hallway, they were now your closest friends. Especially Peter.

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Bucky and Clint have been keeping their relationship on the down low for awhile now, but will a Halloween party and accidental couples costume out them to the world?! I'm going to love reading all your Halloween prompt fills!!


“Holy blueberry muffins!” Tony yelped. “Elsa, I didn’t see you come in!” 

Bucky was wearing his habitual glare, but the effect was kinda lessened when paired with his current outfit. Tony woulda told him off for not making an effort if Bruce wasn’t a completely different size to him, ‘cos big green - bless his fashion-backward heart - was the only one among them who might’ve been responsible for the green v-neck shirt, the brown corduroy pants with the subtle flare. 

Currently his glare was focused somewhere around Tony’s chest, and it took him a second before - “the nipples, right?” He grinned when Bucky’s eyes snapped up to his face, his cheekbones washing a subtle pink. “Don’t blame me, that one’s all on Joel Schumacher. Wait’ll you see Steve, the rubber does wonderful things for his ass.” 

Bucky looked distant for a second, then shuddered, then downed whatever was in his cup. It was one of the blue cups - superheroes only, that stuff could basically kill a regular person, so he was gonna have to keep a close eye just as soon as - 

“Hey,” he asked, “you seen Barton?” 

“No,” Bucky said shortly. He scratched at the stubble that he hadn’t even bothered getting rid of, half-assing whatever costume he was aiming for. 

“Lemme guess,” Tony said. “Groot?” 

The potted ficus in the corner rustled industriously, then sprouted a face, painted with streaks of green and brown, under piled brown hair with leaves woven through it. 

“I,” Jane said impressively, “am Groot.” 

“Well I ain’t,” Bucky said. He looked over Tony’s shoulder, caught sight of something across the room, and managed to somehow simultaneously roll his eyes and look impossibly fond, an expression he only ever wore around two people. “Zoinks,” he added, flatly. 

In the corner of Tony’s eye there was a blur of fake fur, then someone leaped into Bucky’s arms, trusting themselves to him entirely, not a moment of hesitation. 

“Holy flea-infested costume rental!” Tony exclaimed, and Barton gave him the fingerguns from where he was comfortably perched. 

“Rice Robin rimpression,” he said, and Tony snorted. 

“Thanks, Scoob,” he said. Clint grinned, wide and satisfied under the Scooby Doo head that was perched atop his, and clambered down. “And you’re Shaggy!” he exclaimed, finally getting Bucky’s vaguely ‘70s thing, but Bucky wasn’t paying him any attention. He’d hooked his finger into the collar around Clint’s neck, and to say the archer was panting for it was both accurate and a terrible pun. Tony promised himself to tell Steve, later, make him make that excellent face. 

Tonight was a night for couple’s costumes, apparently, and Tony spun around to avoid the slightly childhood-destroying image of Shaggy frantically making out with his dog and set off in search of Thor instead; with any luck he had a giant aggressive raccoon to find. 

So I work at a costume shop, and this last Christmas I helped a lot of Santa’s find their costumes in our rentals department. One stuck out more than others. They called in ahead of time to reserve their costume which isn’t unusual. But then afterwards he asked if we sold adult diapers. I laughed thinking he was joking but when I realized he wasn’t joking, I nervous Lee told him no. He said he didn’t wants to have to take off all of the costume accessories in order to use the bathroom. Then he asked where he could get some. I suggested a nearby supermarket. When his costume was returned, we made sure to wash it extra well before sending it out again,

Children’s birthday Party (Dad H)

I wrote the little fluffy story espacially for @littlewhitelies1403 ❤️❤️❤️

Harry has only been home for two days ,and you know he’s tired. It’s Saturday morning, and he must have been awake since 4 o’clock because the jet lag prevents him from a peaceful and deep sleep. Your alarm clock rings at 7 a.m. You have a smile on your lips as you sneak into the living room. He sits on the sofa and has the remote in his hand. He does not see you. You sneak up from behind and slide both hands over his chest, which is covered by a white V-neck shirt. His hair is as always, in a messy bun.

“Good morning,” you whisper. He smiles and his hands stroke gently over yours. You have missed his strong hands.

“Good morning, love,” he says in his raspy morning voice. You sigh. How long since you’ve heard his morning voice? You close your eyes and bury your nose in his hair. You missed his scent;  you missed every piece of him so much. You bend over the backrest and kiss him. Your shirt, actually his shirt, slides up, so your worn out red panties show.

He gives you a tired smile.

“Harry, I told you. I can do this by my own!” You walk around the sofa and sit next to him.

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Monster Movie - Part 3

Word Count: 3520

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, cheesy fluff. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You waved Sam back when you saw him walk into the bar. You were in a booth toward the back with Dean and a very shaken Jamie, trying to figure out how to explain everything to her, including the bet which you thought would piss her off but only served to make her laugh.

“Hey. You guys alright?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, I think so.” Dean nodded. “And we think we know what’s going on.” Dean pulled a towel out and laid it down on the table. “Part of it, at least.” Sam opened the towel to find Dracula’s ear.

“Uh, the ear part?” Sam asked in confusion.

“I ripped it off Dracula’s stupid head.” You grumbled. “Touch it.” Sam touched the ear with the tips of his fingers and scrunched his face in disgust. “Feel familiar at all?”

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Halloween: From Freaks to Spirit Halloween and why we hate this Holiday

Let’s call this person Mari. Mari and I were good friends and we work together at Joanne Fabrics.

Mari and my other coworkers knew I cosplay a lot. Coworkers are okay with it and they think its neat, Mari doesn’t.

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Mycroft, the smart one, is watching a cheesy, almost porno-level of dialog, movie that looks like a black and white classic but is apparently an invention, a… pastiche. He knows this movie so well he mouths the dialog along with it, with apparent glee.

He is interrupted by John and Sherlock’s clown prank. “That was insane, why would he do that?” Mycroft says. Indeed, homeless network, rental costume, sure, but some of the elements… how did they make the paintings weep blood? WHY did they go that far?

To get to the truth, we – I mean, Mycroft had to be scared that bad.

(Seriously though, why would bbc let one of their flagship dramas have a finale w/o hyping it, even if it was bad… would they be so *disappointing*? And wouldn’t a Piccadilly circus thing in advance of a 4th ep BE that kind of hype? I’M NOT SAYING, I’M JUST SAYING)


requested by anonymous

summary: Michael and I hate each other but in that kind of boyfriend-girlfriend-don’t-know-what-I’d-do-without-him way

based on this post

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Anyone else frustrated with the costume contest in New Orleans? : comiccon

This appeared on my FB from a wonderful family I’ve gotten to know:

Heroes” of Cosplay, and Close encounters of the horrible kind…

The Costume Contest from Hell

My children and I (and a friend with a tin dog) spent months working on costumes and thousands of dollars in fees, costume supplies, hotel room, rental van, food, and more fees to attend Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans. We were really looking forward to entering the costume contest as a group, not as serious competitors, but for one purpose and one purpose only: to help my autistic son have life experiences that are memorable and worthwhile that move him forward and help him grow and be happy. He LOVES Doctor Who and conventions and cosplay. LOVES them. So, in my naivete, I decided that even though the SyFy channel’s questionably ethic’ed show Heroes of Cosplay was filming at the venue, we would be okay if we kept our focus and stayed true to our family goals of fun and cosplay.

See, without a goal (a costume contest), it is hard to get anyone really to finish something at any sort of level of excellence. I want my children to understand that hard work is its own reward, and that we work hard so that WE will gain the benefits of the work. Winning is really not a goal in and of itself, and if it happens, it is simply one extra bit of fun. So, I had practiced with my son what he would do, helped him visualize how it would be, and prepped him for some waiting in line work (which is excruciating for autistic kids, but VERY important to keep experiencing so they develop strategies and skills for doing it on a small scale in daily life).

Here is the timeline of depraved indifference shown to the contestants of the Group Costume Contest, courtesy of “Heroes of Cosplay” and Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans:

6:30 PM—the call time. We arrived early (6:00 PM) so we could get in the front of the line so that my son would be done as quickly as humanly possible.

6:55 PM—the line is told we are in the wrong place and moved further away from the entrances to the hall.

7:20 PM—cameras following some people I did not recognize came through the line and did some interviews with line members and what I presume were cast members of the show. They stayed for a few minutes and departed.

7:25 PM—first encounter with anyone official from Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans and we are told to line up in number order, groups on the wall side, solo competitors on the opposite side by the escalators.

7:45 PM—the solo competitors were called individually by name, which took forever, and marched into the backstage area. We were told we would be waiting approximately 45 minutes until we would get to go on.

8:15 or so—someone came out who worked for Wizard world and said it would be 20-45 more minutes, without really explaining why.

Then, everyone official just vanished, like they’d gone backstage and friggin’ died.

9:15 or so (I’m starting at this point to lose track of time, as my son decompensates further and further and we have to work every single minute to keep him calm and focused, thinking “surely, since the audience is leaving in droves that any minute now we’d get to go do our 1 minute thirty second thing and go home”)—an official from Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans came out and informed the groups that there would be a 45 minute break while THE JUDGES CHANGED COSTUME.

Wait, what?

I cannot stress this enough: this was the most ridiculous moment in the whole evening for me. My son had not been out of his costume for well over three hours at this point. He had not been able to eat dinner exactly because we figured we could get food when we were done, since we had gotten there early on purpose so we’d be in the front of the line, and to hear this was offensive and hurtful. The judges were changing costume, presumably getting refreshments and having a smoke break. We’d been sitting on the floor for hours.

At this point we also discovered that the awards ceremony for the solo competitors had already happened, which explained the audience leaving in droves we’d witnessed earlier.

10:00 PM—yep, that’s right, 10:00 PM and we’re still in the hall. A dude brought us some water and there was some perfunctory apologizing from the Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans staff, and the stars of the Heroes of Cosplay were wandering around now in our line a bit.

10:30 PM—we are hurried (wait, give me a break, NOW WE are expected to hurry because you are barking orders at us) to a backstage area, where the line is informed that there is not enough time for anyone to be allowed to do their skits. The line behind is growing restless, if not possibly murderous…

I went to a Wizard World official and begged them to let my son just go do his thing. He was crying, overwhelmed, and traumatized by all that had happened and all I wanted at that point was to get him on stage, let him do the skit and go home. I chose to sacrifice actually competing so that he could have some closure on the evening, and to Wizard World’s credit, they did in fact let us do just that. There were no judges to see him, because they were still not out yet, but that’s okay. My son had made it through four hours of all of that and only lost it when the adults were chanting and stomping “Let us Go! Let us GO!”

10:50 PM We are allowed to do our skit for the audience members, but not for the judges, who were not there yet.

I would like to thank the Wizard World person who made the decision to let our little skit happen. I feel for the people in line who went through all of this and were not allowed to even do what they came to do. I will never watch Heroes of Cosplay again, and I plan on sharing my story with SyFy, all of the shows sponsors, Wizard World, and anyone else who loves cosplay.

Before anyone asks me “why don’t you just put him in the children’s contest?” I’m going to point out that by and large the children’s contests I’ve seen are not about excellence and this one was no exception. It was a photo op for parents and a toy grab for kids. No awards were given. I cannot teach my children about excellence if there is no standard to aspire to. Besides, I prefer to cosplay as a family whenever possible, for reasons that have more to do with his disability than anything else. We do this together because it means something to us. It’s fun, it’s worth it, even when it’s hard and disappointing.

A final bit of opinion from an angry, hurt mom: There are a thousand better ways to handle this. If you are having two separate contests (solo and group), schedule them at different times. If you want to show off your television show prowess, do it as an exhibition at the end, publicize it as such, and make it special for everyone, and then you can make it perfect and beautiful and knock the socks off of all the competitors and set a standard all of us would like to aspire to, but please don’t pretend you are competing with us.

Little S*** of Nightmares

Last week we were doing ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. On the morning of the get-in we discovered the plant we’d hired was too big to fit through the doors to the theatre, despite having given the hire company the door measurements. We had a war council and ended up with a ‘Crisis Response Unit’ (C.R.U. - see what we did there?!) which then built a singing, man eating plant in 16 hours in time for the opening night the next day. It lasted the whole 5 night run and never have I been more scared on an opening night or more proud of what crew can achieve when we put our minds to it!

*Submitted by luckyarwen 

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Know of any cool costume internships/apprenticeships in los angeles?

Disneyland does Costume internships at the park every year. 

Apprenticehsips aren’t really a thing, unless you are already close friends with a Costume Designer or Supervisor. Even then, you probably need to enter the Costumers Union. 

BUT, working at a costume rental house for 30 days, automatically gets you into the Union. It also teaches you A LOT about the industry. I’d start there. 

If you are looking to become a film or tv costume designer/costumer. I recommend picking up Costuming for Film by Holly Cole. It will literally teach you EVERYTHING. E V E R  Y  T H I N G you need to know. Its a bible. 

A Real Horse’s Ass

13 Days of Halloween, October 21 (day 3): Costume malfunctions. Also on AO3.


“Come on, Dex, it’s a classic.”

“There is no way.”

“It’ll be funny!”

“That’s easy for you to say when you’ll be the horse’s head. I’m the one who has to walk around bent over all night with my head in your ass.”

Not that Dex entirely minds the prospect of staring at Nursey’s ass all night. But if he has to risk an aching back to do so… he’ll pass.

“It will be hot and sweaty, and we’ll both have to keep our arms inside the costume, so we won’t even be able to drink anything! Absolutely not, you are not winning on this, Nursey.”

Nursey wins on this. Of course. And it’s even worse than Dex had thought possible.

He can’t see anything from the back half of the horse costume, so he’s stuck wandering blindly, hoping against hope that Nursey doesn’t slam him into a fellow partygoer, or a piece of furniture, or a wall. That goes about as well as might be expected. What genius decided to put the klutz in charge of navigation? Dex will have bruises up and down his shins tomorrow.

Worse, the cheap rental costume smells like something crawled up inside it and died. Dex gags for the tenth time that night.

“I’m serious, Nurse,” he pleads. “I just need to get out of this costume and get some fresh air for five minutes. I’m dying back here.”

“Chyeah, no,” Nursey rebuffs him yet again. “This party is slamming. Everybody loves the two-man horse! You can’t leave now! Just chill for a few more minutes. Yo, Holster! Toss me another Natty Light!”

Another Natty Light?

Dex straightens up as best as he can manage under the drape connecting Nursey’s horse head to his horse tail, and switches on his phone’s light.

Holy shit.

Nursey has both hands sticking out of the drape, and he’s gesticulating with the horse head in his left hand while holding a can of beer in his right. That asshole’s been drinking it up the whole party while Dex has been stumbling around, bent over staring at the ground, and walking into one obstacle after the next!

“If I can’t take a break, can you at least pass me a beer? It might make this whole miserable experience marginally more tolerable,” Dex implores, sticking one hand out of the drape.

Nursey smacks his hand away. “Don’t ruin the effect!”



The last fraying thread on the suspenders holding up Nursey’s pants gives way. The pants pool about his feet, exposing his happy-face boxers.

Dex definitely couldn’t have warned Nursey sooner that his suspenders were falling apart.

He definitely doesn’t have any idea what caused the last thread to break when it did.

Now just might be a good time to take that break…