costume nerding


The styling of contemporary Christine and Meg “Degas” wigs:

  • Las Vegas (Kristi Holden and Brianne Kelly Morgan)
  • World Tour (Emilie Lynn and Eleanor Waite)
  • West End (Lisa-Anne Wood and Georgia Ware)

These three are interesting to compare, as the styling over the forehead/crown is completely different. The Vegas ones twisted and pinned down the locks at the side/crown. The World Tour ones made big loops and had the ends hanging free at the sides. The West End ones have twisted strands continuing from forehead to the back, attaching them together there.

Happy Halloween from the NPR Books team! We’re AP Style, in case you can’t tell. (Fascinators courtesy of Petra, photo courtesy of Special Correspondent Melissa Block)

Our main goal with this costume was to delight NPR’s Copy Desk before flooding them with copy edit requests for the 2016 Book Concierge. (Yup, that’s right! It’s the end of October and we’re already hard at work on this year’s  concierge. GET READY.)



Comparing Christine wardrobes:

Elisabeth Berg, original Stockholm production (left) and Emmi Christensson, current Stockholm production (right)