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Prom is Better With Three

Dedicated to the amazing @franuary who is always there to fangirl over all things TRC and who helped come up with prom ideas! 

[For the sake of this story, please imagine that there was an extra week between the toga party and the rest of the events in The Raven King. FYI this post is about 4200 words and is fluff to the max.]

It was spring. The woods and fields were waking up, trees were budding, flowers were blooming, and the prom committee at Mountain View was in high gear preparing for this year’s extravaganza. Blue had been ignoring the ticket table that was set up in the cafeteria, the glittery posters that covered the walls and doors, the high-pitched gossip of who had asked who and who had been rejected. Prom had never been on her radar and with all her raven boy drama she simply did not have the patience or energy for it. In less than a month Gansey would be dead. Blue hardened her heart against the thought.

Blue had been studiously ignoring the rest of her classmates on that fateful day when both Henry and Gansey had deigned to call on her at school, but there was no ignoring the scandal that she encountered when she returned to school the next day. She was accosted by demands and insinuations: who were those boys? was she sleeping with both of him? It was embarrassing and awful and Blue was reminded yet again of why she had chosen her Raven Boys over her classmates.

What Blue did not expect was Gansey and Henry coming to see her at Nino’s during her shift that evening. She was feeling worn around the edges, still smarting from some of the particularly harsh things that had been said about her. At first she thought that Gansey and Henry had been able to sense her distress and had come to apologize for upsetting her social status quo. But no. They had come to ask her to prom.

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anonymous asked:

Alya/Nino/Marinette/Adrien prompt 2?

“Tell me one good reason why I should wear that,” Marinette demanded, backing away from the proffered garment.

“Because we’re all going to match!” Alya laughed. “Now put on your Ladybug costume and like it.”

“I don’t want to be Ladybug.”

“Come on, Mari, you’d make a gorgeous Ladybug,” Nino grinned, zipping up his Chat Noir costume. Alya reached over and tapped his bell with a smile.

“Why can’t I be Chat Noir though?” Marinette whined.

“Adrien is Chat Noir.”

“What?!” Adrien stopped in the doorway, eyes wide. “No, I’m not! Why would you think that?! Of all the crazy theories…”

Alya cocked an eyebrow. “You’re going to be dressed up as Chat Noir, Sunshine. No one is saying you are Chat Noir.”

“Well, that’s a terrible idea,” Adrien decided.

“Are you kidding me right now? Blonde hair, green eyes, sexy build. You are legitimately the perfect person to pull this costume off,” Alya huffed. “Besides Nino, of course.”

“Thanks for that,” Nino said dryly.

“I want to be Ladybug,” he decided.

“Perfect because I want to be Chat Noir.”

Marinette and Adrien exchanged the costumes with beaming smiles. 

Nino leaned over as he watched the other two undress and help each other into the spandex. “Do they honestly think we haven’t figured out they’re Ladybug and Chat Noir?”

“Shhh, we’re not dating them for their brains, babe.”

Thanks for the prompt, Nonny! :D

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My Pitch for how to rewrite Arrow.

So, a while back, after me and my brother had a chin-wagging session on why Arrow was a legitimately terrible show after Season 2, I decided to do a little think piece: say I was tasked with rebooting Arrow a couple of years down the line. How would I do it? What would I change (a lot)? What would I keep the same (not a lot)? I decided to sit down and write out a basic outline for a rewritten Arrow Season 1.

…two weeks, 2000+ words and another basic outline for Season 2 later, I am pleased to present my pitch for Arrow Season 1 under the cut to anyone who might give a shit.

WARNINGS for: discussion of violence, mental health and swearing.

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LoZ Twilight Princess: Zant Mask Gift
External image
External image

Good morning/afternoon/evening cosplayers! I hope you’re doing well and not struggling out of a sewing machine mess (that bottom spool is a pain when the tension isn’t right). I’ve been easing my way back into the costuming ocean, one toe at a time, and my significant other gave me a fantastic opportunity to try out a method I’ve been studying for a long while now. He joined a Reddit gift exchange, with the theme being Zelda, and his secret santa turned out to be a big fan of Toon Link and Twilight Princess. I haven’t the slightest idea why he chose Zant as the subject for his gift, I just ran with it. Because he ‘commissioned’ me (I’m going to dinner in LA, heck yes!), he bought all the materials, motivation enough to entice me, the little devil.

I wanted to share my experiences with some materials I utilized, in the hope others can try them too, and a technique for achieving smoothness in an affordable manner, either as a finished product, or start of a master for a mold.

((Image heavy below the cut.))

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imagine #2

the show is going great. brendon sounds particularly enthusiastic toward the second half, and dallon keeps shooting him excited looks. they finish playing Emperors New Clothes and brendon leans into the mic, out of breath. “i’ve got something to do, i’ll be right back.” the band exits backstage and the curtain closes. minutes tick by, five then ten then a half hour and still no sound from the band. people have started to leave, thinking they wouldn’t come back on. just when it seemed like the show was really over, a voice boomed over the speakers. “please welcome… panic! at the disco!!!” brendon leaped onto the stage, completing his entrance with a backflip. but he had made a costume change. he had exchanged his sparkly suit and well-combed hairdo for an unbuttoned white suit, white gloves, and a top hat. the outfit looked oddly familiar. brendon did not remain alone for long, because right after him emerged jon walker and spencer smith, wearing clothes and makeup from the same era and smiling impossibly bright. the crowd grew silent as one more person emerged from backstage. he wore a white shirt underneath a rose vest, and sparkly red makeup all around his eyes, complete with a black design branching out under one eye. ryan ross. he carried his gibson fireboard guitar from an era a long time ago. he walked slowly over to brendon, who looked silently back up at him. they stood close, looking into each other’s eyes, for what seemed like eternity, when ryan began to play the opening notes to Time To Dance. brendon kisses him quickly before taking his place at the mic to continue the song. the show continues as it would have years ago, and after the last song brendon leans into the mic to make an announcement. “this won’t be the last you’re seeing of us- how would you feel if we said we were working on a new album together?” the crowd screamed. the band smiled, bowed, and left the stage.


Commission for Ming.

This is FFXIV character, V.D., costumes exchange with OVERWATCH character, D.Va.
It always have fun to do this kind of character cosplay artwork, and decorate them like Christmas trees.:P

These are also Christmas gifts, so I didn’t release and keep them until now.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  (back to work)


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