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“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 


Armenian Illustrator Creates Amazing Dress Designs Using Everyday Objects (Part 2)

Armenian fashion illustrator Edgar Artis really goes outside the box when he’s creating new dress designs for his viral Instagram account.

Edgar illustrates paper cut outs that he then clothes with anything he can find in his house. From the banana dress to French fries and ketchup garments, the fashion illustrator doesn’t seem to be running out of ideas anytime soon. Which is terrific news for his impressive 400,000 following on Instagram.

Imagine: Two Overwatch members going over designs for the outfit of a new agent/hero, and Reaper walks by the background and in his gravelly monotone casually mentions that the outfit would probably look better in a pastel color palette, and how the hemming would probably look better and be more practical with a nice catch stitch.

They stare at him in shock and he gets all defensive like, what, can’t a guy have a hobby?!

So a lot of people in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom can agree that Marinette’s simple spandex outfit is a little… underwhelming. I think it’s cute and adds to the idea of confidence in Marinette, but I love details, so here’s a few of my tries!

The one on the far left is based on the same spandex look, but less full red w/ black polka dots. More spy-esque, with her yoyo having a belt attachment.

The Middle one is the common ground most ML watchers enjoy: Marinette is half chinese, so wouldn’t it be adorable if she had a dress that matched that? 

The far right is just one I enjoy, going along with Marinette’s designer dream + almost a combo of the other two.


At top, some costume design ideas for Sistah Spooky in civilian garb from her appearance in the story “My Dinner with Spookums” from the upcoming Empowered vol.10. The main thing left to figure out, here, is how short to make her hair.

At bottom is a relevant page from back in Empowered vol.8, in which I’d briefly contemplated giving her a shorter haircut after she was badly burned. However, seemed like a stretch to change her hairstyle so late in the story and, moreover, would’ve posed problems with her very last appearance in the volume, in which her mental image of herself would’ve had long(er) hair again. Confusing! So, more for my convenience than anything else, I had Spooky magically regrow her hair as well as her burnt-off facial skin in this page. By accident, though, this makes for a neat character moment: Even though she assumes she’s about to die horribly, Spooky is still vain enough about the hawtness for which she sold her soul to take a moment to fix her hair. 

My next project idea is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty set in Hindi Ancient India around the time 3rd-4th century CE, which is when the Mahabharata and other spiritual texts were really big. Some concepts for my main gal, Aurora, while I try to figure out some color schemes and silhouettes for her. I don’t think I have a favorite face yet…

@kyluxtrashcompactor suggested that I draw Emperor Hux, but so far I’ve only managed a few costume design ideas. 

It’s just a more elaborately colored version of his usual uniform with a cape thrown on top of it. I was trying to balance extravagance with practicality, but I’m wondering if maybe it doesn’t look regal enough. 

I’ll attempt to actually draw Hux wearing it soon.