costume creator

Gabe was tired of his usual  papillon costume and decided to redesign based on Star Butterfly’s darker (but still fabulous enough) Mewberty version XD

ML Creator 1: So what should we do for the costumes?
Creator 2: Well, I was thinking that Chat should have this really badass outfit, with paw boots, a flat tail, some cat-ears…, OH! how about a bell, and a place to hold his staff…
Person on the side: Don’t forget pockets! A guy’s gotta have pockets!
Creator 1: So, like this?


Creator 1: So… What about Ladybug?

Creator 2: Um………. Polka-dot leotard?

Both: DONE!!!!!


Hi Taylor!! I can’t believe I’m going to see you live in Chicago with 3 of my best friends! Being the cheesiest costume creators ever we decided to think of what would be in your wildest dreams and become them. Introducing Sydney starring as “Cats”, Meredith (me) starring as “Poptarts”, Emma starring as “Pegacorns”, and Julia starring as “Tumblr”. We"ll be dancing around like the crazy things we are in section 234 row 6!! See you then:)) taylorswift