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  • Acts in multiple school plays, one of which she wrote herself
  • Thunder Girl
  • Champion go-kart racer on King’s Island team
  • HormoniO’s soloist
  • Hall monitor (HALL MANATEE)
  • Annual costume contest
  • Horseback riding camp
  • Capoeira
  • Boyz4Now fan club/Booboo Boosters
  • Volunteers at a nursing home
  • Writes every day

LINDA BELCHER, IN S03E21: “Bob, one of our kids is participating in something!” re: Gene.



Me posing awkwardly as Seymour with the Audrey 2 I made for my Halloween Party at work.

*EDIT: I posted a couple of pictures in how I made this vegetable. Just go under my “Little Shop Of Horrors” tag and it’s all there. 😁

Highlights from Marvel’s San Diego Comic-Con Costume Contest!

Judges Ann Foley, Hannah Kent and Judy Stephens had their work cut out for them as they had an amazing group of cosplayers and costumers enter. After much deliberation, Nebula was awarded Best Female, Starlord was Best Male, Rocket Raccoon with Baby Groot for Best Prop and Best in Show was Black Panther and Shuri. A huge thanks to all those who competed and were able to attend!

For more Cosplay coverage from SDCC: Marvel Cosplay & Costuming 2015

And even more photos, Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Photos by Nicole Ciaramella.

I entered my Scarlet Witch into a Marvel themed costume contest.

Every time I enter a costume contest I tell myself the same thing I tell my friends–don’t confuse your success or failure in this contest with your self worth or your skill level or anything besides what it is. It’s just a costume contest and if you lose don’t let it get you down. You’re still the same dork you were before you entered. Lol.

That said, it would be nice to win! The prize is tickets to the con, a slew of autographs and photo ops with convention guests (Karen Gillian, Lou Ferrigno, Sebastian Stan and others) and front row seats at the Guardians of the Galaxy panel. I will be dressed as MCU Gamora (surprise costume reveal lol) so this would be a really fun memory for me <3 The contest ends on Monday June 16th so if you’d like to help me win, vote here. I appreciate every vote, thanks everyone! <3 


Game of Thrones Dragons!

My Masquerade entry from San Diego Comic Con.  The dragons were made by myself at Komickrazi studios and my friends Silver and Wolfish from Furr happens.

A Fun collaborative project which proved a lot of challenges, but the end results are fabulous.

We won the David C. Copley Award for Most innovative costume at the Masquerade.


scenes from the mayflower pembroke welsh corgi club’s annual summer picnic. there were so many fabulous corgis i couldn’t even stand it!

there were corgi games, corgi swag, contests and a raffle! so many fabulous dogs and everyone was really friendly. plus, i may have found a sponsor to become an official MPWCC member. amazing.!!!!


Dawnseeker Ix’kin, Arakkoa Sun-sage

I am really happy with how everything came about. 600+ hours, there are a few things I want to tweek but they are very minor. I have a lot of people to thank for helping me out during the con. While I could move around fine on the stilts, when I was wearing the mask my vision was limited enough to lower my mobility. Still, I’m happy to be a finalist in the costume contest and delighted that I was not the tribute and I didn’t fall over on stage!

For the better gifs go here:

Progress shots: Arakkoa Progress