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“Why do you hate Belle’s live-action yellow dress?”

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It looks like several slices of Kraft Singles were stapled to her hips

It looks like a bunch of bananas on top of a yellow traffic cone

It looks like a sad lampshade someone sat on

It looks like a deflated party balloon that someone cut up

It looks like it was made with the peeled-off skin of Minions

It looks like something you’d find on the clearance rack at Forever 21 in 2005

It looks like a dollop of French mustard

It looks like an upside-down stack of wilting daffodils

It looks like someone thought “What if the curtain dress from ‘Gone with the Wind’ looked more like actual curtains?”

It looks like a 5-year-old with crayons tried to draw Belle’s gold dress by memory and someone tried to replicate it in reality.

It looks super easy for Disney to reproduce and mass-market, which makes way too much sense for my comfort.


Made a little kitchen today to my new simmer Zelene. Hope you like it! 


Kitchen counters and cabins -

Kitchen ingredients -

Wire shelf -

Eames chairs -

Calender -

Flower polariods -

Recolored polaroids -

Wall -

Floor -

Tray on weels -!

Fruit bowl -

Fruit bowl with only ananas -

Lamps -

Bag with greens -

Fridge -

Table in the hall -

Cloth -

Storage -

Windows -

Flowers in vase -

Workout Lookbook!

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First look:

Second look:

Third look:

Fourth look:

Fifth look:

Let me know your opinion on these looks! i’d love to know :)

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Finne Odegraad

Needed cc:  Genetics: - hair (x) rustynail - Lips (x) rope - facemask (x) nnnilou
Clothing: - shirt (x) YOUNZOEY - sweater (x) YOUNZOEY - denim jacket (x) Marvinsims

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