costume card

I think that's common sense?

I work at a sister location to one of the biggest retail chains in America that requires you to be a “member of clobs” shop in well today something I need to point out is that i cant ring up any items without swipeing the membership card first to make sure your membership is valid. Sometimes we get people who don’t know and honesty I don’t blame them honest mistake and usually they go to services and get a 1day membership had a non-member give me attitude because no one “f**king” told her that in order to shop at a CLUB she needed a membership. I mean its pretty common sense nobody needs to tell you. Anyways i tell her that she can get a 1 day card at costumer sevices she tells me she has “no time damn to wait in the long ass line it’s bulls**t” and that she can’t go to to Wal-Mart to buy a cake because she “doesn’t have the damn time” Okay but like how is that my problem lmao??
I have a huge line at this point so I was gonna be nice for her ass and swipe my membership card and I was so i told her I’m not supposed to do this because I can get in trouble, but she quickly snaps “I don’t want use your damn card!” then mumbles".. shit..“ in my head I was like alright f**k you too then she says she wants a manager now! The manager would of told her the damn same thing to go to sevices. How in the world is that fair when people pay money for their membership but your ass wants to come in here for free a demand to be rung up?? why? because you don’t have time?? I tell her to look for a person in a different color uniform (manager) but she ignores me while she’s on her phone. So I return the favor ignore her at this point and ask the next person in line for their card. Like I have a huge line full of already angry costumers. shes yelling and cussing around little kids, I don’t need none of that sh*t and I also don’t need her to waste my time for her to act like silly. Yeah it was unprofessional and I take full responsibility but at that point I couldn’t do anything else. Ima tell y'all the truth I was angry at first but found it kind of funny after work like how can sombody be that unaware and entitled?


The gorgeous cards added to Mobius during the newest event~ costumes for Meia (Aerith) and Sephiroth (WoL) also made official at this event~

It was implied at the end of the event that Cloud would be facing his ultimate failings- The place it all STARTED. something about- NIBELHEIM (ooohhh they so went there) Guess we know who might be the next card/costume we get from FF7 ;u; I cannot wait!