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As much as I love the new costumes, I’m also a little peeved that they got rid of the jewellery.

  • Patrick no longer has his sea turtle Maori surfer charm necklace (from what I can see and it doesn’t look like it’s hidden in his shirt this time).
  • Mr. Krabs no longer has his gold chain necklace which, in my opinion, really added to the whole Hell’s Kitchen vibe.
  • And my least favorite costume change is that they got rid of Pearl’s awesome 1980s avant-garde geometric triangle earrings (at least she still has her bracelets and pearl necklace).

Still, it’s these little details I think that really added to the characters and their personalities so I hope they bring them back.

Another Costuming Post

So for all I can tell, unless they’re in a field of work that regularly interacts with muggles (Lookin at you Tina) Wizarding fashion seems to be about a century behind in terms of fashion.

Which means it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that young wizards and witches of society around the time Lucius Malfoy was in the market for a wife would have looked like this.


Sirius would have had to wear that suit. It has like 8 pieces.

Can you imagine.


Happy Halloween everyone, 

so this year for Halloween simply went as my self, lol jk, but honestly i was the supreme as always so just your eveyday male witch and i think it turned out pretty well.

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Ooh and if anyone is located in San Diego and wants to do a coven shoot with me just DM me on here or instagram, thanks guys.
Little Black Dresses: Mourning or Not?

because no, not every black Victorian dress is mourning

the basic rule of thumb is that mourning was meant to be simple, at times almost severe. trims would be kept to a minimum and be subtle when worn, often of black-on-black in deepest mourning. even as the stages of mourning progressed and white, gray, and purple began to sneak back into one’s wardrobe, gowns would often be far less ostentatious than those for everyday, non-mourning life. glossy/shiny fabrics in particular would not be used

mourning ball gowns are very rare. I won’t say they never ever occurred, because there was mourning ettiquette for attending a ball. but it was considered bad form to attend in deepest mourning and to dance in all but the very latest stage, especially for older or married ladies. and that same ettiquette also mentions the difference between wearing black to a ball as mourning vs. wearing it because you like black

for example, this 1860s ball gown is almost certainly not mourning. note the embroidered, peach-colored floral sprigs all over it

this 1878…looks like a dinner dress to me, although the description says day dress, by the House of Worth, is black but far from somber

look at the cuts, trims, and patterns of a black Victorian dress. are they conservative, or more flamboyant? if the latter, or if colors besides black, gray, white, lavender, and sometimes scarlet are used, it’s likely not mourning. ditto anything that’s black-on-black but made up in a shiny or glossy fabric; black-on-black would indicate deepest mourning if mourning it was, and in that stage (as I’ve said) shiny anything was Not Done

not all black dresses are created equal!