I finished my seven day embellished edwardian ensemble! This is based on something Sybil wears on Downton Abbey. I made it in a week out of materials I had laying around. 

The bodice is made from brocade, with chiffon and lace sleeves that are decorated with beads and sequins that were sewn on by hand. The bodice is lightly boned and closes at the back with a mixture of eyelets and hooks.

The “harem pants” are made from almost eight yards of chiffon in three different colors. They also close with hooks, which are hidden by the asymmetrical draping. I pieced together a matching headpiece out of bits I had leftover, and the costume was complete!  

Since this is based off Paul Poriet’s work it is worn without a corset, which makes it surprisingly comfortable and easy to move in despite it being an evening ensemble. 

I’m pretty pleased with the end result - it’s fun to wear and I had a lot of fun making it! Construction notes on the process can be found here.

Had a LARP job today, it went so well, the kids were ecstatic! I had to get up so early though, hence the flower face (I looked dead lol)
Necklace from @vespermoth
Everything else is thrifted
#LARP #costume #fantasy

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Here’s my Harley Quinn DIY Tutorial for the dress she wears in the date night club scene in Suicide Squad! Also a runthrough of the accessories, hair and make up as well. A like and a subscribe would be much appreciated.