Thystle the wolf, my newest creation! This was one of my adoptable designs I put up for sale a few months back- I always love it when people want to hire me to create fursuits of the characters they buy from me. :) And this especially was a joy to create because as anyone who knows how I dress IRL can tell you, I LOVE purple!

This fluffy wolf girl has three kinds of purple fur on her, including fluffy, glittery sparkle fur. Her nose, eyelids, tongue, pawpads, and inner ears are also glittery, it’s a really fun effect! Thystle sports my “partial suit feet” style that are worn like form-fitting slippers. They have rubber soles on the bottom for safe use outdoors, they also add grip to the feet which is nice! The claws on her hands and feet are soft and made of fabric, so they’ll never chip or fall off like rigid claws can. Thystle’s owner will be wearing her to Califur next weekend- if you see her out and about, I’d love to see pictures. ^_^

I am closed for big projects right now but I will reopen around November. During this next opening, I will be accepting artist-designed projects only, so if you had an eye on Thystle’s siblings or any of the other adoptable designs I still have available, it’s a great time to order and reserve them.



Okay! This will probably be the last post about this until Allure’s fursuit head is finished completely. I feel like I owe Ajax some promotional posts for being such an awesome fursuit maker and over all cool dude.
Ajax is open for fursuit head and partial fursuit commissions. He does absolutely amazing work and is an over all perfectionist. So far he has been great with communication too!
Here is his official journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/6764643/


Billie Piper gives fans a behind the scenes look at her transformation into Lily. 


My awesome friend gstqfashions approached me about doing this cosplay with her and I was super happy to comply. She and I made our suits, though most of the work was done by her. I fixed parts of the pattern and did the preliminary sewing work as well as the cutting.

I love this costume and can’t wait to wear it again.


Photos by Bryan Humphery!