Similarities, inspirations and details of previous characters costume styles represented in 4x21/4x22 “Operation Mongoose”.

DIY Edwardian Cuff Tutorial from Chic Steals.

Really good tutorial for these DIY Edwardian Cuffs. Wear them with a LBD or as an addition to a Cosplay or Halloween costume. For more Halloween and Cosplay Jewelry DIYs go here: halloweencrafts.tumblr.com/tagged/jewelry

Don’t want to DIY your own cuffs? You can buy the ones below at Cuffs Couture from $34 to $50.


Skylor Ego’s fursuit is finished. :) I didn’t have anyone on hand to model it for me, so I tried propping it up on the duct tape dummy… not perfect, but you get the idea! This cute husky will be at BLFC next week. He’s made from two kinds of beautiful blue fur (hard to tell in the photos I took) and has an arrow sewn onto his back. He has a few tongues to choose from, which velcro on so they can be worn any way the owner wants.

It was a delight working on this happy doggy, and I’m very proud of the outcome! I hope Skylor wears it a lot! :)

Heads, partials, and full fursuit commissions are closed as of this writing (May 2015), but I have tentative plans to open in November of this year. Keep an eye out for when I open price quotes if you’re interested in hiring us to create your costume idea.