This sweet yellow party dress was first seen in the 1978 Grease, where it was worn by actress Didi Conn as Frenchy.  After that, the dress very likely went into rental stock, where it was pulled in 2001 for the third season of That 70s Show, where it was worn by an uncredited actress in the episode entitled Eric’s Naugty No-No. 

Costume Credit: Maryssa

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This is the sweet sweet face of victory.
After a week of hardcore roleplay diplomacy, guarding our camp against seige and an EPIC final battle, my faction (one of five) reigned victorious!

I’m dirty and exhausted, but bubbling with stories from quest and ideas for the next. I want to tell you everything!

Just getting back from Swordcraft Spring Quest 2016. It was absolutely amazing - we did a soft launch of our new warband, The Royal Court of Chesterwick, which is based on 14th century England. We had a fabulous in-character camp and looked great. No dramas. Huge success.

I was working the whole event so didn’t have a huge amount of free time for fighting, but managed to sneak away and armor up for the final battle (pictured).

So many great moments, I don’t even know where to start! Time for a long sleep in a soft bed (and not a gradually deflating air mattress).

Batman: Gotcha!

Harley Quinn: Pffff, party pooper!

A lil’ gif a made from a quick video we did durind a photoshoot at the Fantasticon 2016 XD Thanks to the cosplayer Robert in the B-man suit.

Anime: Valkyrie Drive
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