Dear taylorswift , so June 13th and July 10th & 11th I will be at your shows!!! June 13th Philly and July 10th NJ MetLife I am going all by Myself! I am nervous about being in a packed stadium with thousands of people but I told myself that I literally had to take up every opportunity I could afford tickets for, to go and try to meet you FINALLY! I have been your biggest fan since 2009!!It was my senior year of highschool & the Fearless Album changed me & shaped me into the Daydreaming, Passionate Swiftie I am today!! I have been hoping everyday to meet you to hug you and thank you for impacting my life in so many positive ways! Because of you I play guitar & I am not afraid to be myself and to love the things that I love & I do so loudly and proudly! ( like loving you and UNICORNS✨) I am known as the Taylor Swift girl at every job I have ever had, around my town, in my entire extended family and I even perform covers of your songs on guitar at family parties!! I AM A BOLD SWIFTIE ALL DAY EVERYDAY 24/7!!

Taylor, I hope this costume catches your eye & you find it humorous! I hope someone in that stadium on your team deems me worthy enough to attend the HOLY GRAIL that is: LOFT 89!! I hope you see this message and I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you!

Love Love Love,

Sam Coyle💕

“The Starbucks Lover” ☕️💚

P.S. I hope you remember me from Instagram : Samanthuh55

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