I’M LIGHTNING ON MY FEET! Hey taylorswift :) Thalia ( mynextmiskate ) and I are so excited to see you IN CHICAGO, JULY 18TH! Unfortunately, we were unable to sit together, so hers is section 121, row 19, seat 18 and mine is section 220, row 2, seat 20! We are so excited that this our very first show after 9 years of waiting! We can’t wait to see you and we hope you see us! :) If any of you swifties could be so helpful to reblog I will love you forever! THANK YOU AND SEE YOU SOON TAYLOR! :) taylorswift taylorswift taylorswift

More examples of me taking reference pictures to a stylized/style. These are much trickier to capture because dancing is all about flow and movement so you don’t want to fall on stiff poses. Always remember to use line of action!

Dancing theme suggested from relsgrotto!


This dragon tail uses “frost” anodized aluminum scales, plus blue on the underbelly. The frost is a really fun very bright and lustrous silver color. It doesn’t reflect like a mirror, but instead shines with a bright diffuse light. 

It also has 8 big “ghost claw” spikes. They’re more expensive than the normal spikes I use, but they’re a lot of fun. I wish they came in a smaller size as well, but you can’t have everything.

(And excuse the lens cap in my pocket.)

June Photoshoot is up!

This month we are back onto the subject of Ms Tittles. This is a fursuit that I have never ‘officially’ debuted nor really worn in public (at a con with photographers etc) so these photoshoot photos are currently some of the only ones in existence.

We are up in Canada at a very old working farm that has become a somewhat dilapidated over the years as the kids move away and move on and the livestock are gradually all sold for lack of manpower and time to care for them all.

In this photo, Ms Tittles stands outside an old barn. What was it’s story in years gone back?

The rest of the photoshoot is available on Patreon to everyone subscribed the $10 tier and up.