As much as I love my Tes head from last year (here) it just didn’t work as a fullsuit for a few reasons.  One, the head just looks much more “human” and being naked is a bit weird… also, it was just proportionately too small compared to the suit body, and I just didn’t like how it looked.  It is also a resin base, and being in fullsuit has this way of making you wanna roughhouse more(at least for me) which is not a good idea with the more fragile resin heads.  Also because of the more realistic nature it was harder to convey a more playful attitude for people to interact with (those eyes… they stare into your soul.)  ANYWAYS I love the head but it just works a ton better as a partial suit XD

SO I decided I would make a new toony Tes head!  I’ve been lacking a bit with time so I actually ended getting a base from Cynical-Sergal and using that.  It was pretty great to work with and I even managed to get a functioning moving jaw on a foam head, something which I have always struggled with >.<  It works, not super sensitive but it does move… still not sure I’d offer them as commissions, though.  I also ended up using some plastic teeth from Media that WindWo1f had laying around.  Everything else, including the follow-me eyes (which I am incredibly proud of) was done by me!  So yeah!  I’m working on getting some footage up from BLFC so ya’ll can see this suit in action. 

Thanks for taking a look!

SUPER thanks to FireIceWolf for taking the photos!