anonymous asked:

Do you have any raven diy? love your blog sweetie xoxo

Hey, thanks! 

This was a touch one to crack.

DIY Ravens in Waiting

Hang it in your room, hang it in the living room, hang it in the dining room, hang it right outside your house, hang it.

DIY Raven Costume

I really love this, it’s so cute. You can even shorten the feathery strands and the beak so to tone down the costumey value and wear it all the time (or if you’re really adventurous, don’t tone down a thing.

DIY Raven Silhouette Cookies

Eat ‘em. EAT ‘EM.

DIY Feather Heels

It’s kind of raven-related, I suppose. Plus, it’d look rockin’ with your raven hoodie (if you’re into heels, too, that is).

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