hey taylorswift my name is Gabriella(Gabby) and I’m going to the Detroit show on May 30th with my mom :) I am sitting Section D row 15 seats 1 and 2!! My outfit is based off of one of your polaroid outfits-the ones with the style lyrics on the bottom! Im also wearing a paper airplane necklace, red lipstick, the sneaky cat keds, and I have this red LED light string thing that Im going to have in the shape of a heart or just wrapped around me with some other silver white lights :)
I have lots of presents for you :) some are surprises because I don’t want to give everything away but here are some of things I have made/have bought for you. I made a TAYSAURUS (thesaurus but for swifties) it is filled with pages of pictures, different eras, lyrics and more. There are two pages showed up there for an example ^^ :)  I have been working on it for a really long time and am hoping that one day you will be able to see it and take it in person :) I also have lots of fox stuff-socks, bookmarks, hand sanitizer, duct tape, stuffed animal- i got crazy obsessed with getting you as much as I could! I will also be carrying around a white (well not so white anymore) rainbow lyric covered back pack with all your presents in it! 

Taylor, I love you so much words can’t even describe…i am hoping that in some way you will see this post and I will be able to give you a big cuddly -never-wanting-to-leave-your-arms-hug and that I will be able to give you all of your presents and just talk to you. You mean the absolute world to me and I am hoping to see you next Saturday! :) 

Love you, Gabby

PS: if you see this, I’m sorry its really long but if you could please reblog and tag Tay it would truly mean the world to me! Thankyou :)


Lang Ya Bang 琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire | 21 minutes trailer of Chinese drama features on conspiracy and conflict of royal families.