hey taylorswift my name is Gabriella(Gabby) and I’m going to the Detroit show on May 30th with my mom :) I am sitting Section D row 15 seats 1 and 2!! My outfit is based off of one of your polaroid outfits-the ones with the style lyrics on the bottom! Im also wearing a paper airplane necklace, red lipstick, the sneaky cat keds, and I have this red LED light string thing that Im going to have in the shape of a heart or just wrapped around me with some other silver white lights :)
I have lots of presents for you :) some are surprises because I don’t want to give everything away but here are some of things I have made/have bought for you. I made a TAYSAURUS (thesaurus but for swifties) it is filled with pages of pictures, different eras, lyrics and more. There are two pages showed up there for an example ^^ :)  I have been working on it for a really long time and am hoping that one day you will be able to see it and take it in person :) I also have lots of fox stuff-socks, bookmarks, hand sanitizer, duct tape, stuffed animal- i got crazy obsessed with getting you as much as I could! I will also be carrying around a white (well not so white anymore) rainbow lyric covered back pack with all your presents in it! 

Taylor, I love you so much words can’t even describe…i am hoping that in some way you will see this post and I will be able to give you a big cuddly -never-wanting-to-leave-your-arms-hug and that I will be able to give you all of your presents and just talk to you. You mean the absolute world to me and I am hoping to see you next Saturday! :) 

Love you, Gabby

PS: if you see this, I’m sorry its really long but if you could please reblog and tag Tay it would truly mean the world to me! Thankyou :)


MCM Was Epic! I’m kinda in the middle of editing some of the photos I did and i’m really enjoying it. Above are some of the ones i’ve done so far, but most of them can be found on MY FACEBOOK PAGE 

Loads still to do, including more Amon ones, and legend of Korra/Aang stuff, but I hope you like these ones! The one of the lightsaber battle was so much fun because it was a candid snap sent to me by my aunt of my cousins :D 


My Larp character Isa died last weekend. She was an Earth mage, loosely based on Toph from Avatar: The Legend of Aang. She was rude, honest, dedicated, and reckless. She taught me a lot about myself and how strong I can be. I will miss her and her love for the element earth.

The current cycle of the world was ending, and together with her friends Bella and Huyana Isa had taken the responsibility to make sure that the elements would pass through to the next cycle. They had to put essences of all the elements in special crystals. After they had taken care of air, water, and fire, all that was left was earth. Isa asked the spirit of her late friend Orothan, another Earth mage, to help her. However, while they were focusing on putting the element in the crystal, too much energy was released and the ground split open. Isa fell into the chasm together with the crystal. She was stuck and in pain. She could still hear the voices of Bella and Huyana when Orothan descended and proposed to put her spirit in the crystal so she would be the essence of the element earth. She didn’t need to think for very long. This was how it was supposed to be. While she shouted to Bella and Huyana that she wanted this, the earth closed around her and her body died, but her spirit was transferred into the crystal.
Afterwards, this crystal was transported to the next cycle, where the moon shall carry her name: “Isa”.