More of behind the scenes on how I use reference pictures for these.

As you can see I just want to stay true to the idea of what I see, but always feel free to change things as I go. My proportions on my character design have huge heads so it’s easier to draw the overall gesture first, just like I’d do in life drawing, then stylize with exaggerated proportions over the gesture.


I’M LIGHTNING ON MY FEET! Hey taylorswift :) Thalia ( mynextmiskate ) and I are so excited to see you IN CHICAGO, JULY 18TH! Unfortunately, we were unable to sit together, so hers is section 121, row 19, seat 18 and mine is section 220, row 2, seat 20! We are so excited that this our very first show after 9 years of waiting! We can’t wait to see you and we hope you see us! :) If any of you swifties could be so helpful to reblog I will love you forever! THANK YOU AND SEE YOU SOON TAYLOR! :) taylorswift taylorswift taylorswift

More examples of me taking reference pictures to a stylized/style. These are much trickier to capture because dancing is all about flow and movement so you don’t want to fall on stiff poses. Always remember to use line of action!

Dancing theme suggested from relsgrotto!


This dragon tail uses “frost” anodized aluminum scales, plus blue on the underbelly. The frost is a really fun very bright and lustrous silver color. It doesn’t reflect like a mirror, but instead shines with a bright diffuse light. 

It also has 8 big “ghost claw” spikes. They’re more expensive than the normal spikes I use, but they’re a lot of fun. I wish they came in a smaller size as well, but you can’t have everything.

(And excuse the lens cap in my pocket.)


Hey! Some people have been wondering how people take an image from the computer and put it on a shirt. It’s a simple way to make your outfit or costume look professionally made for under $20. People achieve this look by using Iron-on Transfer Paper which you can buy at any craft store. I bought mine at Michaels. The type of paper you buy depends on the color of your costume/outfit. If it’s a dark color, you could get the package for dark colors. If it’s light, then you get the light package! These instructions are long, but I wanted to get as in-depth as possible. It’s actually very easy and only takes a couple minutes! 



  1. Find or create the image you want. 
    1. I used photoshop to create my design, but you can use any photo-editing program, or find a template online! 
    2. Depending on what brand and color you get, you might need to mirror (flip horizontally) your image. You’ll need to do this for light fabrics. This is so when you print it, it’ll be backwards, considering some brands make you put the image face-down onto the fabric, which will make it un-mirrored… does that make sense? Your package will have the directions on the back of the box if this is confusing! 
  2. Make sure you place the paper on the correct side in the printer. 
    1. I suggest taking a scratch piece of paper, mark one side, and then put it in the printer. This way you’ll see which side gets printed on.
    2. Your package should also give instructions on which side to print on.
  3. Once you’ve printed your design, trim as close as you can to the image without cutting something off.
    1. Don’t take the backing paper off if you’re using the light fabric paper, unless stated otherwise on the package. 
    2. You will take the backing paper off dark fabric paper, but again, unless stated otherwise on your package. 
  4. Place your article of clothing on a flat and hard surface.
    1.  I used a thin piece of wood and put a pillowcase over it. 
    2. You don’t want to use an ironing board, that’s too soft and your design might not iron-on well from the lack of pressure. 
  5. Turn your iron on the hottest setting, or what is stated on your package
    1. DO NOT USE STEAM!!!!!!! This is extremely important. You do NOT want ANY moisture between the iron and your design on the paper. Since it’s still ink, it will run and ruin your design. 
    2. Make sure it’s free of wrinkles, this is self explanatory. 
    3. For lights, place your image facedown. For darks, leave it face up. But, once again, check your instructions first. 
    4. For darks you might need wax/parchment paper in between the image and the iron. It should come with one, but I can’t remember exactly if it does. Check the instructions, though. Some don’t need anything. 
  6. Iron it on! 
    1. Be sure to use firm pressure and to make it even around the whole image, especially the sides because those might peel up if you don’t push down hard enough. 
    2. I think each brand is different, but I had to iron it on for a couple minutes (about 2-3 minutes I think). You can check your edges to make sure they’re stuck to the fabric, if not, keep ironing evenly. 
  7. Let it cool before removing the backing paper if you haven’t already.
    1. Most light fabric paper will require you to remove it at this step, but darks usually remove it before ironing. 
    2. If you are using dark fabric paper, remove parchment paper (if you needed any) after it’s cooled. 
  8. Done! You’re ready to shake it off at the concert!

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June Photoshoot is up!

This month we are back onto the subject of Ms Tittles. This is a fursuit that I have never ‘officially’ debuted nor really worn in public (at a con with photographers etc) so these photoshoot photos are currently some of the only ones in existence.

We are up in Canada at a very old working farm that has become a somewhat dilapidated over the years as the kids move away and move on and the livestock are gradually all sold for lack of manpower and time to care for them all.

In this photo, Ms Tittles stands outside an old barn. What was it’s story in years gone back?

The rest of the photoshoot is available on Patreon to everyone subscribed the $10 tier and up.