This costume has so many little details that were really fun to work on! My litmus test for every material I chose was, “can I make it shinier?” Almost every fabric, pigment or thread in this thing reflects the light in some way. I might have an addiction.✨

Photo by Ngo Photography
Costume made and worn by me


I read a post war drarry fic a long while ago in which Draco discovers all these old robes at the back of one of the wardrobes in the manor. Beautiful cuts and pattern, incredibly ornate and magical embroidery, peacock bright colours, all hundreds of years old and well out of fashion.

Well, he starts wearing them and being the gorgeous boy he is it triggers a fashion revolution and suddenly everyone in Diagon Alley is dressing like it and Madame Malkin is inundated with commissions to make these beautiful robes. (I wish I could remember what fic it was.)

Ever since its been a hc of mine that as act of rebellion against those severe black robes he wore growing up, the ones his father wore, Draco starts wearing these ridiculously flamboyant robes and absolutely owns it. It beats going the other way and dressing in the grey palette and boring cuts of a Muggle. Harry outwardly hates it, I mean, honestly??? But of course he loves it really. They deserve to celebrate and Malfoy deserves happiness.

I designed this outfit and copied the pose from a mixture of two European paintings, one of Count Valetti in costume in the spirit of Italian Opera, 1710, and one of the Grand Court Marshal, 1805 in French court costume.

Happy 31st anniversary to the Legend of Zelda series. ❤

I’m in love with this stunning photo by Miss Mallo Photography! It was an honor to meet and work with so many new photographers at Katsucon. Collaborating with other talented artists is one of my favorite aspects of cosplaying, and Katsucon is one of the best places to do it at.

Photo by @missmallophotography-blog
Costume made and worn by me.

The first finished photo of my Zelda cosplay. 👑
I constructed this costume over the course of about six weeks, but I spent just as long planning and researching the techniques that would go into it. Despite my time crunch to finish it for Katsucon, I am proud of myself for not cutting any corners or sacrificing my commitment to quality to get it done. (I just worked crazy long hours every day for weeks instead, haha)

This is probably the most complex project I’ve tackled to date. Although there are some small improvements I would still like to make, I’m really pleased with how it came out overall. Get ready to see lots more photos of this one!

Photo by @josephchilin
Costume made and worn by me

Portrait of soprano Leontyne Price in Mozart’s opera, “Don Giovanni.” Printed on front: “Fayer, Wien.” Stamped on back: “Photo, Fayer, Wien I, Opernring 6. Handwritten on back: "Salzburg, 1960. Don Giovanni.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library