Breaking my “no Team Prototype characters for April” rule this week. because i like this pic.

Persona 5 hype and I just want to do an experimental inking image with Phineas wearing Ryuji’s phantom thief outfit and colors. Why? Cause Phineas is one that loves skull motifs. 
Mostly was practice to do hard shadows. It was fun to say the least. 
Usign as a temp icon here til mid May or so. 


This has been a long time coming! Fans for the Knockout Costume!


WONDER WOMAN Summer Movie Preview - ACCESS HOLLYWOOD (No new footage.)

Trying To Sell Some Stuff....

A Shit Ton Of Anime & Fandom Plush Toys!  There Are Stuff From Vocaloid, Naruto, Homestuck, MLP, And More… So Feel Free To Take A Look. It’s At Least 15 Plushies.

Temmie Head! It’s A Simple Temmie, From Undertale, Cosplay Head. It’s One Of The First Heads I’ve Done Like This, So It’s Not Perfect Quality.

Commissions! I Draw Just About Anything. (But It’s Always Good To Ask First!) I Also Do Needle Felt Commissions.

I Have Some Other Stuff That I Might Try To Sell, Depending On How These Sell. Things Like, Cosplay, Anime Figures, And More Li’l Things. So Look Forward To That.

If Anyone Wants To Message Me About Specific Things Go Ahead. I’m Able To Answer Any Questions You All Might Have. So…. Yeah?

View of dancer Rael Lamb performing in “Winter mass.” Handwritten on back: “Rael Lamb. Performance, "Winter mass,’ S.F. Dance Spectrum, Dec. 1977.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library