The dress definitely took longer to make than my other cosplays but it wasn’t an insanely dumb amount of time.  Not counting the like two month break I took it took a total of about a month?  But that includes going to school, work, and doing other stuff in between.  I wish I could give a more specific time range but I made it about a year ago and my memory doesn’t quite remember so much that far back! I can say for sure that it wasn’t a huge time sucker though, if I had REALLY wanted to and spent a good chunk of the day on it everyday I could have gotten it done in a week or two.

Ok the torso!! I really, really hope this isn’t confusing but there’s pictures and step by step stuff under the cut. Make sure to read the entire thing before you try anything!

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Blarrgggghhhhh I put the bunches way too high and messed it all up. 

This is what happens when you look up a reference after you pin things.

Anyway, this is some more WIP on Jade’s 3 AM dress. This stuff isn’t sewn yet, it’s all pinned.  I was pretty proud of this but I’ve got to unpin and repin it now.

Here’s my main reference:  

External image

Too lazy to crop.

I got an ask about my trickster Rose logo so I thought I should post this for anyone might find it useful! I painted mine on but I just put this together using asksewingsekret’s Rose logo for those that like to use iron ons and things like that. 

I’m not sure if this will help anyone at all but I wanted to post it just in case : )
Also, here’s a full size version in case Tumblr shrinks it terribly. 


Should I cosplay 3AM or deadshuffle Jade for Natsucon?

For deadshuffle I wouldn’t wear the suit coat (like in the picture above) because of the heat but I would carry it around just in case it doesn’t get as hot as I think it will. But I’ve pretty well narrowed what I want to wear down to these two so any opinions?