I’m going ghost- or stringin’ profligates idk which one!?!? I got bored and needed to try make up and wigs again hehe before AZ anyways

It’s amazing how purple eyeshadow can make
U look more sickly or more albino-y. Basically more like a weird psychopath, less like a twink

Its kinda light in these pictures but wtv i gotta finish my cosplay anyways

Didn’t take a lot of selfies yesterday but anyhow I did a costest (mainly the eyeliner make up cus that’s always my fav) of Giorno from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure despite not reaching that part of his story in the series yet.

But since I already have a wig in my closet that would work for his hair, well, I went ahead and styled it anyways cus why not?? (Plus it was my Lucy Heartafila wig and I don’t plan on cosplaying her aga8n anytime soon).

The wig is still WIP since I need to add more layers to it so I’ll post the finish product once I’m done ;7;“”

Btw sorry for the lack post activity on here since I’ve been busy taking care of irl stuff and plus I still have that annoying data limit thing so I have to becareful hiw much data I use so yee.

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