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Hey everyone soo I really wanted to address this shipping situation that is going on while buying Taylor’s merch online for people who are from for example from Chile or other countries from Latinamerica.
As you can see here is an example of going to check out for a tee of the reputation tour, as you can see yes, the price for the tee is worldwide the same ($50 usd) but the price of the shipping costs are exorbitant, (also consider the shipping address I was using is on the capital city of Chile, and it was an easy-access location for shipping) I get we are really far away and I would agree to pay $7 usd or even up to $14 usd (which is what we are normally charged for shipping in companies like amazon you can check it here) but almost $200 usd for shipping is a price that makes for almost every fan impossible to get merch, and we are not even considering the price of taxes. So basically getting the ‘song title long sleeve tee’ would cost in total, considering the price of the tee itself, the shipping and taxes, $311 usd.  In my opinion, offering an standard shipping option or any option that has a reasonable price, even if it takes a whole month to ship, could be a solution, because at least there would be a way to get merch.  In conclusion, we have access to official merch but we are not able to afford shipping it.  

I do not mean in any way for this to sound rude, it is just a constructive criticism and I am speaking for me and other latino and international fans. This is the only way I figured out might work to change this situation because if Taylor ever read this I think she might be able to modify the shipping options so that her international fans are indeed able to buy original merch. I am pretty sure, for not saying sure, that there would be a lot of international fans that would love to get merch of their favorite artist.
Taylor please read this @taylorswift so that hopefully we can come to a solution 🌞
lots of love from far away💖

Large Alpine Table

Wood Gain Color - Natural

Fabric - Clothing: Cherry Tee

Cost to Customize - 240 Bells

Polka-Dot Sofa

Body Color - Soda Blue

Set of Cushions - Clothing: Lotus Tee

Cost to Customize - 240 Bells

Polka-Dot Sofa

Body Color - Peach Pink

Set of Cushions - Clothing: Lotus Tee

Cost to Customize - 240 Bells

Modern Bed

Frame - Gold Nugget

Bedding - Clothing: Night-Sky Tee

Cost to Customize - 232 Bells

Classic Bed

Frame - Violet Brown

Bedding - Clothing: Peachy Tee

Cost to Customize - 252 Bells

I have perspective because I didn’t grow up in this business. I’m not from Hollywood, I’m from Kentucky. I didn’t become successful until a few years ago and I’m very aware of what the real world is and how much a couch costs. So I bought one from Ikea. It doesn’t matter how much money I make, unfairness in prices really fires me up. Like shopping in L.A and a tee-shirt costs $150.
—  Jennifer Lawrence about her recently bought couch for her new home (because she was appalled at the cost of couches in upmarket furniture stores).