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4 Spells That Cost $0.00

1. Protection Spell- This can be for you, A friend, or an object. While meditating, Visualize your energy field. Imagine it radiating off your self creating an egg or sphere shape. Manipulate the energy so that it is a sort of solid wall. If you’re doing this for someone else you can visualize that the energy is being transferred from you, To them.

2. Glamour Spell-This can me done any time with cologne or perfume. Hold the bottle in your hand and imagine a pink or red glow leaving your hands and entering the bottle. Fill it with the intention of attraction, beauty, and glamour.

3. Hex- for those soft, non aggressive hexes you can send a “rainy cloud” over a person to make their day frustrating, and not so much in their favor. To do this, feel what ever aggression is lingering in you towards a person. Visualize a dark rainy cloud pulling that energy in, and direct it with your breath towards a person.

4. Cleanse- This is by far the easiest way to cleanse an object. What ever it may be, Hold it in your hands and feel the congested energy around it. Visualize a sort of muggy grey cloud surrounding it. Blow on it three times to clear the energy away.

Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanficiton)

You remember when I said I can’t write fanficiton for shit? Well here we go! My best attempt! If you like it please let me know! I’m working on Chapter 2! Takes place after season 2, after finding Shiro (because Shiro will come back I will not accept anything else omg). 











Lance and the Voltron Team go on a mission that goes horribly wrong. Lance is left behind to be interrogated by the mysterious Galra Prince Lotor. The team must rush to get him back at all costs. 

Chapter 1: Well, Great.

Lance awoke to the same face he had been seeing for a while now. That’s the thing about space, it’s hard to tell the time. But this Prince Lotor guy was making it even harder since he didn’t let Lance sleep more than an hour at a time, well he hoped it was an hour.

Team Voltron had been floating across the galaxy and found a distress beacon from a nearby planet. When they landed Allura asked the people what was wrong since they seemed pretty peachy for apparently being under distress. They lead the Voltron team to these large trees, like huge, way bigger than Earth’s trees. They entered a kind of makeshift elevator and when they reached the top they saw the problem.

A huge Galra ship hanging in the sky above them. No movement, nothing firing, just sitting there in the atmosphere above the planet. Obviously the people had panicked, sounded the distress beacon but the ship hadn’t done anything for a full week. The ship was making the people nervous so they left the beacon on hoping someone would come help them.

It was weird. Really weird. So of course they had to check it out. Team Voltron. Wooh. Anyway so eventually they went back to the castle. Allura and Coran did every scan they thought of and well they found no signs of life. Also weird. But they couldn’t destroy the ship, not from the castle. The shields were still up and they had to be disabled. So someone, namely Pidge had to get on the ship, disable the shield and get out so the castle could blast it out of the sky. Simple.

First of all Lance was the only one to think that maybe this wasn’t a great idea. Everyone else was convinced the scans worked, that no one was on the ship. Of course they went in still on alert but you know, things never go well for the paladin in blue. So Pidge was escorted by Lance and Keith while Hunk and Shiro waited with the castle just in case.

They entered the ship no problem. Not a big deal. Even got to the control panel without a hitch. But as soon as Pidge so much as touched the console things went to shit, real quick. When Pidge touched the console it set off some sort of alarm, out of nowhere Lance heard guards gathering outside the control room door. He and Keith readied their bayards then the comms went nuts. Shiro, Hunk and the castle had been surrounded by a Galra fleet. There was no escape. It had been a trap.

So Lance made a decision and a dangerous one. Without thinking he grabbed Keith and Pidge by the back of their uniforms and threw them over the edge of the control board, down a long drop where a vent lead to the outside of the ship. Pidge made a surprise squeak with Keith yelling Lance’s name. Lance turned and began to fire on the Galra soldiers. He knew what he had to do.

“I’m gonna blow the ship. Get as far away as you can, wormhole out if you have to!” He shouted over the comms.

There was muffled sounds of protest from Shiro and Hunk before the comms went dead completely. Great now they couldn’t communicate. The guards were piling through the door like mice escaping a hole. He had to hope that by now Pidge and Keith had made it far enough away, he couldn’t hold them any longer. So he turned his back, taking what cover he could from the tons of fire. He aimed at the crystal in front of him. He needed to break it. So he looked where he could fire. Where the crystal attached, he’s sure he can hit it. He aims, a shot from one of the guards hits him in the shoulder. Doesn’t matter. He breathes and fires. The shot hit sure and true and the crystal began to crack, sparks coming from it. Lance jumped into the cavern, going down the shaft to the vent. The crystal explodes.

Lance can’t hear anything, the explosion must have blown an ear drum. His back feels hot, spinning out of control into open air, jet pack not functioning. Great. Blue isn’t near enough to get to him. He had no idea how the castle was if everyone was okay. But the g-forces were causing his head to spin and he began to lose consciousness. His last thought was, I hope everyone gets out okay. Lance’s vision goes black as he continues to tumble towards the planet’s surface.

Everyone sees it, they hear it too. Keith and Pidge managed to get back to the castle in one piece right before the whole ship goes up. The explosion would have been spectacular if it wasn’t so frightening. Hunk and Shiro stopped fight just of a moment in sheer horror as the whole ship explodes. Lance was on that ship.

But the explosion works. The fleet takes damage, the explosion bigger than usual since they were fighting in the atmosphere rather than space. It takes out several ships. They have a chance to escape.

But everyone is frozen. Until they see it. A tiny figure tail spinning out of control in a blue and white suit.

“Lance!” Shiro shouts, trying to get to him before he hits the surface. But enemies were replacing the destroyed ones and he couldn’t get there in time.

Suddenly the ship that had hung back for the entire battle did something none of them expected. It sent out a beam of purple light and shined it on Lance’s out of control form. Lance’s body went limp, still and then slowly began to drag him toward the Galra ship.

Keith yelled, “They’re taking him!”

“We have to get him!” Pidge insisted. She hated the way he was limp, was he unconscious or worse?

They rushed to go get their lions. But Allura’s voice stopped them.

“YOU CANNOT!” She shouted.

Everyone paused even Shiro and Hunk who were still fighting outside the castle but they heard it over the comms. They had never heard Allura scream like that.

“We must wormhole out, we cannot win this fight.” She said this time barely a whisper.

There was a stunned silence before Keith of all people shouted.

“That’s LANCE out there! He just risked his life to give us a chance! We can’t abandon him!” Keith said, outraged.

Allura took in a breath.

“That is exactly why we need to go. Now. Lance bought us time. We can’t waste it.” She turned to them, tears in her eyes. Keith’s rage quickly melted.

“We will come back for him. We will find him and bring him home. However we need to be alive to do that. I’m certain we would not survive an assault on that ship. We must leave. Now.” Allura said tears streaking down her cheeks.

She wiped them the best she could and went to the comms telling Hunk and Shiro to come back. They were going to wormhole out. Reluctantly they came back, looking pale and worried. The ship made the wormhole, leaving the Galra and Lance behind.

Lance’s head felt heavy. His back felt worse, dry and stinging. He was being suspended against a wall. Arms, legs and torso bound by heavy thick clamps on the walls. Everything hurt. He slowly raised his head, moving it seemed to make it worse but he needed to see where he was. He knew he wasn’t in the castle but where exactly was he?

He blinked his eyes. Realizing quickly that one was having trouble seeing, which is a great thing to add to his ever growing list of problems. The room was dark with metal floors, walls and ceiling. Purple lights lined the walls in a linear pattern. He recognized that purple anywhere. He was on a Galra ship. Great.

He spent time looking over his injuries. He took a shot to the shoulder, he remembered that. But the rest must have been from the explosion or the free fall. His back was burnt, realizing the sensation. His left eye couldn’t see very well, vision was dark and tinted red. He could feel a cut over his eyebrow pulsing and swollen. His jaw felt fat and burned. The clamps were holding him to the wall a bit too tight and it seemed hard to draw a good breath. What a mess.

Soon the door flew open, showering the room in purple light. A tall man stepped in, long white hair and purple skin. Yellow almost glowing eyes looked at Lance with an interest that made his skin crawl. He was wearing armor, fancy armor. This guy was definitely in charge. Lance smirked, confidence couldn’t fail him now.

“Who are you? Zarkon’s replacement?” Lance asked, smug

The man took a moment and smiled.

“Yes, something like that.” He confirmed.

Lance was a little stunned, he honestly hadn’t expected him to answer.

“What, really?!” Lance asked, shocked.

The man smiled.

“My name is Prince Lotor, I am Zarkon’s son.” He took a step forward, examining Lance a little closer.

Once satisfied with being a creep he backed off.

”I must inform you that your fellow paladins have abandoned you.” Lotor said.

Lance breathed a small breath of relief. So they did get out. Good. That’s good, Lance thought although he couldn’t help the lump forming in his throat.

“Oh don’t worry, they’ll be back.” Lance said confidently.

Well he hoped anyway. Lotor paused and smile kept on his face.

“If that’s the case, how about we get started?”

Lance swallowed the lump was getting bigger. Two guards from the hallway came through the door.

“Bring it big ears.” Lance smirked.

Lotor’s face didn’t change, not even a twitch of anger. Now that Lance could see him up close, for a Galra he was pretty handsome. Nice hair. Although he seemed not all Galra. Lance wasn’t sure how he knew that but something about him read a little more of something else.

Lotor took a step closer, the guards following him closely as a flood of more people came into the room. Druids, that’s what their called. Cloaked with masks but the creepy witch lady wasn’t there which was a relief. But they shuffled in with metal floating boxes and began to take out what Lance had to guess was torture devices which wasn’t so great.

Lotor began to talk.

“You are the blue paladin of Voltron, riding the blue lion which also is a leg of Voltron. You were injured due to the explosion on the false ship over the planet of Neva. You escaped through a vent but the explosion was rather close to you. You were sent into the atmosphere were the gravity forced you unconscious. Our ship rescued you before you hit the planet. Once on board we treated some of your wounds so you did not die. But we left the majority that were not life threatening. Once you were brought aboard our ship the rest of the paladins used the explosion to escape us via wormhole.” Lotor smiled.

“This is the information we know. You see Zarkon was not one to share information with others. He unfortunately did not leave me any information about Voltron or its paladins. So I must gather the information myself.” He paused as a druid handed him something small and metallic.

The lump in Lance’s throat was growing bigger. He wanted to go home. He was scared. Terrified. But somewhere in the back of his mind which was flooded with terror rose something else. He remembered he protected the team. They were fine and were going to live for another day. Something in Lance clicked in place like a gear in his body was replaced with something stronger.

It didn’t matter. What happened to him didn’t matter. He must do everything he can to keep everyone safe. His emotions became steel and the breath that had been coming too quickly slowed. The fear was still there but that was natural the rest was made of unmoving steel.

Lance looked at Lotor his eyes narrowing and smirk plastered all over his face. He was not afraid.

“Why don’t you just get started then? Quit the chatter.” Lance snarled.

Lotor paused and blinked momentarily surprised. But then his smile grew across his face.

“Oh. I will have fun breaking you.”

So quick. Lance didn’t even register as Lotor took the small metal object and shoved it through Lance’s hand. Lance screamed.


He’s displaying every micro-expression tell in the book. 80% of how we communicate with one another is nonverbal.

Hey, good folks!

This is my little poof ball Mali, and she’s in trouble.

I noticed her eye was starting to swell closed the other day and decided she needed to be seen by a vet, turns out I wasn't just worrying for nothing.

Instead of the doctor telling me she hit her head on something like my mother swore he was going to do, he told me she has a stage 3 infection in her mouth thats spread to her eye, and it will keep spreading.

In simple terms, shes got bad teeth making her eye bad and is going to need the offending teeth removed as soon as possible. But money is a big issue because I don’t have anybody willing to spend how much her surgery would cost.

I need 1,000$ to get this done.

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I want Mali to be ok and live long, please help her.
Donald Trump’s Lifestyle Could Cost Taxpayers Nearly $1 Billion
Trips to Mar-a-Lago, Melania in Trump Tower, and a sprawling, globe-trotting family don’t come cheap.
By Emily Jane Fox

When Donald Trump won the election in November, there was an expectation that the 70-year-old billionaire would undergo a transformation. 

Gone would be the harsh campaign rhetoric and the unspecific policy plans. Gone, too, would be the comforts of his gaudy, flamboyant lifestyle. He would stop tweeting, stop self-promoting, and relinquish his businesses. The magnitude of his powerful new role and the sheer awe of being behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office would change him.

But septuagenarians worth nine figures (or at least those who say they are) are, generally, loath to change. You may move Donald Trump out of Trump Tower and into the White House, but you can’t take the Trump Tower out of the president. That is particularly true when the president’s wife, Melania, opts to stay in Manhattan with their son Barron instead of moving to Washington, and the president decides to travel to his private Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, six times in his first 11 weeks in office.

Of the 82 days of Trump’s presidency, 21 of them have been spent at Mar-a-Lago. Seventeen of them have been spent on the golf course

As CNN reported, these trips have cost roughly $21.6 million. (That number does not include the substantial sums the Secret Service spends to protect the president’s children when they travel overseas for business trips, as Eric Trump did in January when he flew to Uruguay to promote the Trump Organization. Nor does it include the unknown cost to taxpayers when nearly 100 Secret Service agents escorted the president’s extended family on a spring break trip to Aspen last month.)

anonymous asked:

Do u think the way the AAA industry is currently doing things is sustainable? Though u have explained in other posts about why Day One DLC, microtransactions, and other frowned upon practices exist and how they help developers do u think it's good long term? Also what are your thoughts on how the indie scene is doing financially?

Do I think the AAA industry is sustainable?

At the moment, sure. We’ve seen costs go way up, but we’ve also seen some really large growth in terms of revenue as well. I think that the AAA industry is going to have to evolve and change as time goes on, and I think that there’s definitely going to be some limitations appearing on the big tentpole blockbuster type games, but I also think that publishers are generally savvy enough to change with the times. Those who don’t will die like THQ, Acclaim, and all the others.

Do I think Day 1 DLC, microtransactions, and other “frowned upon” practices are good long term?

Sure. Paid DLC has been a major and consistent source of revenue for as long as iPhones have existed. I view DLC and microtransactions as value proposals. Here is something you might want, and here is a cost to you associated with it. That cost might be “pay $5″, “subscribe to a monthly service”, “preorder and buy this product new from a specific retailer”, “post this to your social media account”, or any of a number of other things. You get to make the choice as to whether the value is worth the cost you pay. If there aren’t enough people willing to pay the costs, then the product fails. The only reason that Day 1 DLC, microtransactions, the season passes, preorder bonuses, etc. are still happening today is because they are still earning money. They exist because there are enough people out there who might not be you are willing to spend their money on these products. I’m cool with other people spending their own money how they see fit. When I work on that kind of stuff, I do my best to make sure that the content they’ll get is worth the money they put in. I recognize that not everybody is going to love it, but almost nothing is universally loved anyway. As long as enough people out there feel like there’s value in paid additional content, I’m cool with it.

What are my thoughts on how the indie scene is doing financially?

I think that the sudden and enormous growth of the indie development scene is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the fantastic availability of tools and technology is empowering people of all stripes to make games and that’s fantastic to me. The more people who try, the more that will succeed, and gamers everywhere will be better for it. We can get more new and fantastic experiences from fresh and innovative designers who aren’t necessarily bogged down by “conventional wisdom”, and I think that’s great for everybody.

Unfortunately, there’s some serious growing pains as well. The biggest issue with such explosive growth is that there really hasn’t been a way to curate and spread the word on most of these new offerings and experiences, which means that millions of players miss out on a hundreds or thousands of possibly great titles. For every Shovel Knight or Darkest Dungeon, there’s hundreds of good to great titles that languish in relative obscurity. I know that we developers would love to believe that our titles managed to succeed entirely (or even mostly) because of our hard work and skill, but the truth of the matter is that a lot of that success stems from being in the right place at the right time to get some lucky promotion somewhere. 

That said, these are good problems to have. It incentivizes the platforms out there to come up with better and more robust solutions for curation, and results in more people getting to find and play more great games. It means that there’s so many great games out there that people are having trouble finding them all. It’s certainly preferable to “indie devs can’t make a living and are dropping like flies.”

Got a burning question you want answered?

Before he was diagnosed with head and neck cancer in 2015, Anthony Kinsey often went without health insurance. He is a contract lawyer working for staffing agencies on short-term projects in the Washington, D.C., area and sometimes the 90-day waiting period for coverage through a staffing agency proved longer than the duration of his project — if health coverage was offered at all.

When Kinsey, now 57, learned he had cancer, he was able to sign up for a plan with a $629 monthly premium because the agency he was working for offered group coverage that became effective almost immediately. The plan covered the $62,000 surgery to cut out the diseased bone and tissue on the left side of his face, as well as chemotherapy and radiation. His share of the treatment cost was $1,800.

If the GOP health plan recently approved by the House becomes law, people like Kinsey who have health problems might not fare so well trying to buy insurance after a lapse.

The Republican bill would still require insurers to offer coverage to everyone, including people who have pre-existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, asthma or even cancer. But it would allow states to opt out of the federal health law’s prohibition against charging sick people more than healthy ones.

GOP Health Bill Penalizes Patients Who Let Insurance Lapse

Photo: Portra Images/Getty Images

The education department is paying a ton of money on security for Betsy DeVos

  • Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is receiving unusual security protection at a big cost to her agency, the Washington Post reported Friday.
  • DeVos — the controversial school voucher advocate and wealthy Republican donor — is costing her department $1 million per month to be protected by federal marshals, according to the Post. Read more. (4/8/17, 6:08 PM)

I know it’s blurry, but this scene keeps making me anxious for Thursday b/c that Southside serpent is grabbing Kevin and Joaquin just has his arms crossed I’m over like “PROTECT YOUR BOYFRIEND” and what are they even doing there?!?!

*It might be Moose not Kevin, but still I’m shook*

Bath Potions

I just wanted to make a simpler post on how to make shower gel spells. They look really pretty and are fun to make and practical cause you can use them any time. Here is a few pictures of mine. (another)

I make these spells to either:

  • Evoke a feeling, put me in a mental state (state of calm, state of clarity, state of alertness to wake up)
  • Attract Something (friends, money, good energy)
  • Banish Something (sheilding, etc)

There’s a lot of other intentions you could do but those tend to be my top 3.

They also look like cute colorful potions and make the bathroom feel more magical.. Aside from the brass cauldron full of drying bath mixes and glitter and powder and strange shit everywhere.

You will need

  1. A bottle of your choice! Glass is the best because it doesn’t leak into the formula and you can reuse it. Squeezy plastic bottles are ok too but glass is preferred. You can get the cool potion-looking bottles at Michaels, AC Moore, Goodwill, wherever. They usually cost $1 each. (Usually $1.50 if they are large).
    If you do buy a glass bottle they have a lot of different shapes and sizes. I use square shapes for protection or stability, round for different mental states or energy, hearts for self love, compassion or attracting love or social interactions, I mean there are many shapes so keep in mind what type of bottle you would like for what spell. If you don’t want to get that complicated then just get the most plain glass bottle possible lol.

  2.  Scentless gel soap. You can get pure liquid castille soap at a few stores, many people love this. I just get a $4 whole foods scentless shower gel brand that works nicely. They used to have this amazing shower gel that was so soft and wonderful at whole foods and I can no longer find it, but it’s called Shikai and it makes your skin feel like angels rubbed themselves on it. I have no idea why I can’t find it anymore.

  3.  (Optional) Oils for the skin. Some oils has its own magical properties but adding argan oil, coconut oil, aloe (not oil, but good for the skin) or olive oil in small teaspoons can help to moisturize the skin or give it a nice glow. Coconut oil is fun cause it separates and leaves a cool milky layer on top and when you shake it the solution is thick and creamy.

  4. Essential oils, fragrance oils, your favorite perfume, flower water, for fragrance. Anything that will help to evoke the feeling or magic you would want. This is a very basic instruction post so its very open ended. Just ingredients for the fragrance. 

  5. Ingredients to help further evoke this magic:  dried herbs, petals, rain water, snow water, crushed ice, decorative glass pearls, seashells, citrus peels, seeds, your breath, eyelashes, black sand, colorful sand, charcoal (great for protection and extracting crap from the skin), home made flower or herb extracts and oils, (great seasonal activity to make fragrance oils from collected flowers and herbs outside), etc. You understand the point. Things that you collect in your craft that’s safe to go on skin and has magical properties. For things like crystals that don’t do well in these types of solutions, use them to charge your solution afterwards by placing them around or on top of the cork.

  6. Optional: Things to give it some presentation such as food coloring, mica powder, glitter (some I have stars or heart shaped glitter in it, its cute and the glitter is too heavy so it rinses off of me).

  7. Your Intent (of course!) When you have all your ingredients gathered in your bottle, they will naturally be separated since oils and shower gel have different weights and textures. When you shake it together fusing them for the first time, make sure your intent is strong, Maybe meditate or take time to focus your energy before doing this!

You can use these things when you need them daily in the shower (High five to those super busy or low energy witches who don’t have the time or energy to do magic everyday!) Usually this can last up to two weeks or if you have multiple, it can last for months so you can feel magical daily by just taking a quick shower with this, plus its way easier than making a bath and using bath salt mixtures (-also to add, I understand sometimes people with low energy have trouble even getting into a shower but when I was in a rush sometimes I would just wash my hands with a solution and feel great).
If you have more time you can pour the whole bottle into a bubble bath! So it works as something for the shower and for a bath! Adding baking soda makes a SUPER foamy fizzing bath. So if you ever need a magical bubble bath you got a cute potion bottle sitting ready to go. They are easy and once you get the hang of making them it becomes really fun too!

  • I have made rejuvenation/calming potions with mint leaves and rain water (colored it a soft green, added light green pearl dust powder)
  • potions to evoke a clear mind with eucalyptus, rain water and sandalwood
  • potions for confidence with honeysuckle, gold glitter, and amber (colored it a deep blue for the throat energy to communicate well). 
  • potions for social attractiveness and attracting good vibes with cherry blossom home made oil and pink heart glitter and sugar fragrance

And then its fun to give them names and write down the recipes in your grimoire (which I have been neglecting to do), usually when I don’t have a name I just call them by what they do like Rejuvination I, Confidence, Clarity, and when I do have a name usually based on how they look and smell I named one Sunburst and the cherry Blossom one Sugar Blossom cause it smells like spring flowers and baked sweets.

I’ve gotten some compliments from this too. Like I have used shower gels to attract friendships or social interactions and people would notice there is an alluring smell and ask about it then I would be like: OH DID YOU MEAN ME?!?! Cause you know, I love it when I smell good ;)  (Also I am a Libra attention seeking ho in social situations)

Anyway I hope this helps. Shoot me questions if you need them to be answered!